Best Kids Beds available online – Reviews and Shopper Guide

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Best Kids Beds available online – Reviews and Shopper Guide

Kids beds are marvelous,  they have a wider range of designs which are more colorful and fun. When trying to decide a perfect bed for your child, you have to take into account different factors than when choosing one for an adult. In the case of a grown-up, we want something comfortable and big, however, when searching the ideal bed for a child,  we look for something fun and memorable and that it’s safe enough for a little kid. With so many options, which are the best kids beds that fit our specifications? Which bed would be the ideal one when accounting for quality, safety and amusement? Also, which bed will last the test of time so that you don’t have to keep changing beds as your son or daughter grow up? Stick around to find out in this list of the best kids beds available in retail. Also note that if you are looking for some excellent tempurpedic pillows or memory foam pillows for your kids you might enjoy our guides or our quick pillow selection tools.

What are the Best Kids Beds available online?

#1 Donco Kids Low Study Loft Bed

Best Kids Beds #1

Number one on our list is the Donco Kids Low Study Loft bed. This is one of those beds that has it all. Twin size bed, three drawer chest, roll-out desk and a bookshelf. Everything your kid might need overlapping in one great product. As any awesome loft bed, it saves a lot of space making it ideal for small rooms which is a great addition to my home because my son leaves his toys scattered around if he doesn’t have a lot of space to store them. Additionally, the bookshelf is easily accessible (at just the right height for my kid) and the bed is easy to get in and out of. Plus, the roll-out desk gives my son a place to do his crafts and legos besides being on the floor. But who am I kidding…he spends most of his time on the floor anyway…

It’s not hard to understand why this bed is #1 on our list. It’s just visually stunning and offers too many perks not to be the best on this top.

What we liked:

  • A lot of features.
  • Efficient usage of space.
  • Beautiful design.

What we didn’t like:

  • Takes a while to setup.
  • It’s practical but not memorable for a child. Did you see #5 below? Now that’s a memorable bed for our list of best kids’ beds!
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#2 Big Oshi Contemporary Toddler Bed

Best Kids Beds #2

This fancy bed is definitely destined for a classy kid. With a simple yet beautiful design, Big Oshi spares no expenses on delivering a quality product made from the best materials. And they better be, because the price is quite high! From the picture you might wonder if that opening is too large and if the bed needs longer side railings. But don’t worry since it’s just large enough for the child to crawl in and it’s positioned such that it’s hard for them to fall out. My son had no problem getting in and out of bed nor did he fall out at night. On top of everything mentioned, it’s worth saying that the finishes on the bed are completely non-toxic and it’s really easy to assemble, this is a big plus because is not uncommon for kids beds to be quite a handful when it comes to assembling.This bed is easily our number 2 pick, it has a bunch of pros and the only thing that may make you hesitate about buying the Big Oshi Contemporary Bed is the cost.

What we liked:

  • Eco friendly.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Easy access.
  • Can be converted into a crib.
  • Easy to assemble.

What we didn’t like:

  • Costly
  • Some reviewers on Amazon have noticed that the bed has manufacturing issues (where the screw holes don’t line up or it’s missing a slat). In those cases you should be prepared to call customer service. As with any manufacturing issue, it only affects some lots, not all of them. I had no problems with my kids’ bed.
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#3 DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

Best Kids Beds #3

As we have stated earlier, safety is the norm when thinking about which bed you want your child or children to sleep in. If they are safe enough, bunk beds are always a good option. They save a ton of space and are great for brothers to bond. The DHP Bunk Bed is an excellent example of a safe and great bunk bed for your kids: the ladder is attached making it extra safe, it has a lot of room to prevent kids from bumping their heads and full metal guardrails on the top bed to prevent any major accident. On top of the great security perks this product offers, it also has a nice metal finish and an overall great presentation. Furthermore, the space savings with a bunk bed means that kids have plenty of other places to play with toys. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can fill up a room with a bed, table, bookshelf, and boxes of toys. This bunk bed earns the #3 spot on our list of the best kids beds because it’s a straight forward bunk bed with all the necessary safety features and a small footprint.

What we liked and why this is #3 on our list of the best kids beds:

  • It’s the best of both worlds, a safe bunk bed designed for use by kids.
  • Great looking bed.
  • Sturdy metal frame.

What we didn’t like:

  • Ladder steps are a bit uncomfortable but kids don’t really care.
  • Noisy metal frame. Because its so tall and skinny, the metal frame creaks just a little bit if you keep moving. When your kids are fighting, however, it can become quite annoying.
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#4 De Eekhoorn Kids Teepee Cabin Bed

Best Kids Beds #4

This product is without a doubt the most original design in the list. Shaped like a tent, this bed will appeal to the inner camping spirit within any kid! It’s certainly something that your child won’t forget and it’s highly likely that he will have the coolest bed on the block. Some people might think it’s silly to invest a lot on a kid’s bed when in no-time they will grow out of it. But, having such a unique item is something a child won’t ever forget and that means a lot. Aside of the emotional value that this bed has, it offers space for an extra mattress underneath it, and has a large opening for the kid to climb on. Inside there is plenty of space for a small toddler bed along with several small pillows. This is a great and unique product that gets a well-deserved fourth place among our list of the best kids beds, and it didn’t get any higher because the top 3 are just that good.

What we liked and why this earns the 4th spot on our list of the best kids beds:

  • Memorable design.
  • Short height to the floor so your child can climb down from the bed.
  • Storage space so your kid can store all of his toys!
  • The wooden steps are wide and easy to climb unlike metal ladders (like on the #3 best kids bed above)

What we didn’t like:

  • Pricy
  • Hard to assemble.
  • The storage boxes (for under the kids bed) are bought separately however there are some third party vendors that sell everything as a pack (take a look at the amazon link below for bundle retailers)
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#5 Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed

Best Kids Beds #5

I think it’s always necessary to include at least one race car bed on a top 5 list of bed for kids. Don’t think this is just a bed for boys either! It’s an all-time classic and that’s not random. All kids find the race car bed appealing and you (as the parent) might actually find this bed to fit your requirements. The Delta Children Turbo Race Car is made from molded plastic. This kids bed model has low profile sides for security reasons (my son moves a lot when he sleeps so this feature is really important), it’s rather spacious (able to accommodate a standard twin mattress inside), and it’s easy to re-position due to how light it is. On top of that, the presentation is stunning.  Inside you can fit 1 bed (as seen in the picture). Interestingly the bed also can be bought with a matching toy box which has a ton of storage. Not like the toy box is necessary, it’s just a nice way to add a theme to your son or daughter’s room.

This bed offers a nice theme and make children happy, but it doesn’t offer features to make it stand out from the rest and that’s why it gets the 5th spot on our list of the best kids beds. There isn’t really much to say about it besides its looks.

What we liked:

  • Easy to move around.
  • Amusing for your child.

What we didn’t like:

  • No special features.
  • Really cheap.
  • You can assemble it in 30 minutes.
  • The mattress sits on the floor by default. To raise the bed, an additional box spring (sold separately) is necessary.
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We hope you found the right kids bed for your child by taking a look at our list. If none of these are your style, a simple search for kid’s beds on amazon yields a ton of results. In our list we tried to maximize utility in addition to safety but ofcourse you might have some other requirements as well (such as the having something fun and memorable like our racecar bed which came in 5th place on our list of the best kids beds). Maybe a canopy bed could be right for your child. Or possibly a sleigh bed. Be sure to take a look at these 6 different types of sleigh beds for more information. Also, if you are looking for some nice pillows you might consider a great tempurpedic pillow or memory foam pillow from our other guides.

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