Best Platform Bed with Reviews and Shopping Guide

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Best Platform Bed with Reviews and Shopping Guide

What is the one thing in the world that everybody needs? It’s sleep! Young or old, you need rest if you want to be fit enough to go about your routine activities. More specifically, failing to get proper sleep can impact your overall health adversely. A good bed can make the difference between a productive day and a completely useless day where you are just day dreaming and being unproductive (although, sometimes that happens even after good sleep for me. haha). A platform bed is a bed frame consisting of a headboard, footboard, and wooden slats for supporting the mattress. Platform beds vary from traditional beds in that they allow for the mattress to be placed on top of them directly. It means that you don’t need to add any foundation or box spring. Most platform beds sit lower to the ground than conventional bed frames. As such, you should consider your optimal bed height before going for a platform bed. Here we review the best platform bed available for purchase along with its competitors. If you are looking for a great mattress to go along with your bed, or pillows, you should consider some of our other guides (linked as part of the text).

Note: We also have some guides for your guest room and children’s rooms. So feel free to explore!

What’s the best platform bed?

#1 Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

Best platform bed #1

The Zinus Upholstered Platform Bed is a naturally-simple platform bed featuring a classic design, which we don’t think will go out of style anytime soon. The dark grey upholstery helps to add a soft-to-touch appeal to the already elegant piece. To help you save on cost, this platform bed comes with a headboard, frame and ten wooden slats, which provide an excellent mattress support system. Zinus also gives you an option of a matching footboard for just $20. But this footboard is more of a luxury item that keeps your bed looking neat by allowing you to tuck in your bed sheets….it’s not a necessity. This platform comes in a twin, full, queen and king sizes. As a bonus, the king-sized one sits 14 inches off the surface, allowing you some extra storage space under the bed. With other frames, the bed sits 8 inches off the ground.

We love how simple it is to set up this platform bed. One particular buyer remarked that it’s not easy to get such a quality bed for less than $300. Another thing you’ll notice about Zinus platform bed is that it’s noticeably quiet and it doesn’t creak when you move around at night. These are the reasons why we rated this as the #1 best platform bed on our list.

Things we like

  • Sturdy construction
  • Enables your mattress to last longer
  • Easy assembly
  • Reasonable pricing

Things we do not like

  • The middle support system is not the best
  • Poor shipping can result in damaged parts
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#2 DHP Dakota Platform Bed

Best platform bed #2

If you’re looking for a platform bed that has an exceptional, elegant leather look but is still affordable, the DHP Dakota faux leather platform bed fits that bill. Similar to the Zinus above, this platform bed comes in a range of size options: twin, queen and full sizes. You can also choose from brown, black or white faux leather. We like that it has a faux leather padding on the headboard and side rails. This upholstery gives the bed a premium look and feel. You will also find metal rails, which add to the overall stability and durability of this platform bed. Another key highlight of this bed are the 24 wooden slats that guarantee optimal comfort without having to purchase a box spring. There’s very little spacing between the slats for a mattress to push through so this adds to your comfort.Thanks to the leather construction, this platform bed is easy to clean. DHP recommends using memory foam and coil mattresses with this bed, although that doesn’t mean that other mattresses won’t work well. Even though this platform bed looks really classy it doesn’t break the bank. The faux leather upholstery is detailed, featuring button tufts and padding that give it a chic look. If your bedroom looks a bit plain, this platform bed will help transform it. Based on these multiple reasons, we thought that it deserves the #2 spot on our list of the best platform bed available online.

Things we like

  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a headboard
  • Classy design

Things we do not like

  • The assembly is slightly difficult
  • Some people have reported having the headboard break off or the bed completely collapse. This might be because they didn’t assemble the platform bed properly or because they received some defective units. We had no issues with our bed.
  • Durability seems lacking in some units that are shipped from DHP
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#3 Fujian Modern Platform with 2 Night Stands

Best platform bed #3

The Fujian is the perfect platform bed for young families that have kids. The reason for this is that it can accommodate up to three sleepers because it has a ton of space. The bed frame is made from solid high-quality oak which is durable and long lasting. They’ve added a wood veneer finish to the wood to make it look high end and also to increase the product’s life so that it lasts you for several years. The veneer finish also helps dampen any creaking noises and it increases the wood’s resistance to insects that can end up damaging it.

Along with the platform bed, you get two free night stands which you can detach at any time if you don’t plan to use them. We really like these because they match the platform bed and it looks like a complete set in the bed room. Plus it’s a nice location for a few lamps and for storing books, alarm clocks, etc….. whatever you’d like. I know it’s more of a novelty to use these night stands along with the main bed, but why not attach them? Unless ofcourse if you have space limitations. And that might actually be the one reason not to purchase this platform bed…it only comes in a king size. You can’t get anything larger or smaller than the king.

I’m suprised at how few reviews the Fujian has on amazon, but nonetheless it’s a great bed – no creaking, plenty of space, offers a very grand look to your bed room.

Things we like and why this was rated #3 on our list of the best platform bed competitors

  • Highly-durable
  • Great aesthetics
  • Fitted with night stands

Things we do not like

  • Pricey
  • Only comes in a king size and with the night stands it takes up the whole room so make sure you have plenty of space.
  • Slightly bulky- it weighs 350 lbs because it is made of solid wood
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#4 Impera Modern-Contemporary Platform Bed

Best platform bed #4

You might be wondering what this picture is showing even though we are describing a platform bed. Well, some of the most exciting features of this platform are the attached lights that come along with the bed. The two-tone headboard is fitted with two night lights, which come in handy when you want to get up in the middle of the night. They’re beautiful and also extremely useful. You don’t need additional lamps in the room to move around at night because these are bright enough.

For a platform bed to serve its intended purpose, it should be strong, durable, and resilient. Although pricey, the Impera platform bed features a reliable, premium-grade construction. The headboard is metallic and that makes it pretty durable…you don’t need to worry about it falling over. The metal finish also gives the bed a sleek, modern look. The bed is made from solid wood and coated using a lacquer material. Lacquer is great for preventing any moisture from being absorbed into the wood and it also prevents dampening/rotting. Plus, it’s resistant to termites and other wood-burrowing pests.

In addition to the platform bed, you also get storage units located underneath the bed. And, you get a walk-on platform which makes it really easy to get in and out of bed. As you can imagine, this is a pretty high end bed and it looks grand, sleek, and modern.

On the flipside, the Impera platform bed costs a lot. It’s a high-end platform bed, featuring a state-of-the-art design and tons of attachments, which explain its high price tag. Of course, this also means that the customer service is amazing and since this is a one-off investment (the bed will last for years) we thought that it deserved the 4th spot on our list of the best platform bed.

Things we like and why this is included in our list of the best platform bed online

  • Multipurpose- comes with night lights and storage drawers
  • Makes efficient use of space
  • Stylish design
  • Platform to walk-on to your bed

Things we do not like

  • It’s heavy (>600 lbs). This makes it challenging to install because everything will be shipped to you in boxes and you’ll need to move them into your bed room.
  • Incredibly expensive
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#5 Murray Platform Bed

Best platform bed #5

If you’re not looking to spend too much, the Murray platform bed by Leggett & Platt Home Textiles is also an excellent option. At #5 on our list of the best platform bed competitors, we added this one because it has everything you really need without any of the additional features of the more expensive beds above. It’s made of eco-friendly plantation hardwood, which is complemented with a 7-step finish of two material options: mahogany or black. We really like the minimalist design of the Murray platform bed. Although some shoppers may not like this, the design helps it to blend nicely with a range of room styles. By minimalist, I mean that this platform bed is not meant to be used with a headboard, so it looks simple. I think it will appeal to shoppers looking to minimize clutter in their bedroom. In my case, it gives me much more room to throw about my clothes…so I’m not sure how much de-cluttering it actually helped with, haha. We also really like that the wood colors on this bed bring out a nice homey feeling.

Nonetheless, despite its minimalist design, the Murray platform bed is fully capable of supporting you and your mattress. This is thanks to the side rails, center rail and cross slats. The bed is also a great option if you have room accents that restrict you from using certain bed setups. For example, if your rooms have low-profile windows, which are blocked by high bed frames, this bed will be the only thing that works for you because it doesn’t have a tall headboard that comes with it.

Things we like

  • Fits well in all rooms…even oddly-designed rooms
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to put together

Things we do not like

  • Get some slip resistant mats because the bed will slide on hardwood
  • Works better with thick mattresses. Due to the height of the frame, the bed won’t allow a mattress + box spring.
  • There isn’t much space between the floor and the bed so you can’t store much underneath
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The type of bed that you use can make or break the entire look of your bedroom. Some bed frames are designed to make rooms feel cozy while others feature a bold and modern style. Platform beds come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors, so they can be fit to any room design. Depending on whether you choose the Zinus above (the best platform bed according to us), or one of its competitors, you might get a completely different look in your bedroom. And the best part is, you don’t have to invest in box springs or other mattress foundations as these beds have their own support system. We hope that you’ll consider the beds from our review of the best platform bed online. Also note that these beds don’t come with any mattress. So we highly recommend that you take a look at our mattress and pillow guides.

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