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Best mattress for heavy people

Different mattresses come with different material compositions as well as firmness and thickness (check the top-rated mattresses). These attributes make a mattress comfortable for different people with different body types.

You should seriously consider your sleep surface according to your body weight. If you weigh over 230 lbs., you should go for a mattress with a higher firmness level ranging from 7 to 9, and it shouldn’t come with any cushioning layers.

There are many other contributing factors. We have listed all of them in this post. So let’s start with the top 10 mattresses for heavy people.

What’s the Best Mattress for Overweight People?

Top 10 Mattresses for heavy/fat people

Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress

- Organic cotton & Merino wool
- Hypoallergenic cover
- For all sleep positions

Luxurious mattress featuring recycled and featuring materials for good sleep.

Leesa is one of the most popular companies manufacturing various bedding accessories, and the Leesa Legend hybrid mattress is one of them. This luxurious mattress features recycled and natural materials that give you a good night’s sleep.

This mattress comes with merino wool and an organic cotton cover. This sustainable and beautiful cover is exceptionally soft. In addition, this organic cotton cover also helps to maintain temperature; no matter the season, you will enjoy a comfortable sleep.

The Merino wool is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria with natural wicking traits for controlling temperature. The comfort layer makes the mattress breathable and presents a responsive foam for comfortable sleep.

The top layer of the Leesa mattress comes with premium foam that offers medium to firm support. This support is perfect for heavy people because it gives you a brilliant bounce and hug. Furthermore, it features two spring layers, including pocket springs. These springs offer incredible edge-to-edge support.

The micro coils also provide superior support to our shoulder and hip while stabilizing responsive foam virtually. It removes motion transfer and offers additional comfort, durability, and support. The Leesa legend hybrid mattress is accessible from twin to cal king sizes.

Many heavy people need heating pads to relax their sore muscles, but Leesa doesn’t offer these kinds of bedding accessories. However, the GhostBed Venus Williams Legend mattress would be a better option because the FIR therapy is infused in the mattress to stimulate your oxygen plus blood flow. So, you don’t need to use any extra mattress topper for active recovery.

In a nutshell Leesa legend hybrid mattress is the best mattress for heavy people because it can be accessible from medium to firm support. This hybrid mattress features edge-to-edge support, motion transfer, controlling temperature, aligning your shoulder and hips, and offers you a comfortable deep sleep.

GhostBed Venus Williams Legend

- Gel memory foam
- Ultra-cooling cover
- Superior comfort & durability

Advanced sleeping technology with infrared designed for performance & recovery.

Ghostbed Venus Williams Legend mattress comes with a FIT layer with a blend of FIR (far infrared) minerals. These minerals absorb the body heat and reflect the light of far infrared back to you for a night of deep sleep.

The best feature is that heavy people don’t need to use additional heating pads to relax their sore muscles. In addition, because the FIR therapy stimulates blood and oxygen flow via light power, this is one of the best and safest ways to recover your body after a long working day.

This mattress is intelligently engineered with four layers that offer incredible comfort and support. The fourth layer is made with high-density foam for long-lasting support. And this high-density 8-inch base foam is and mattress for fat people.

This mattress has three layers of cooling for a comfortable, good night’s sleeping experience. Those layers include a cooling cover, Venus FIT, and gel-infused memory foam. Another good thing is that your purchase comes with a 25-year warranty.

You can separately purchase Ghostsheets, GhostProtector, GhostPillows, and much more to enhance your comfort and support.

This Ghostbed Venus Williams Legend mattress offers twin xl to California king sizes. Still, if you want only a twin-size mattress for clean and comfortable sleep, then the MOLECULE 2 AIRTEC mattress should be your priority. And you can use GhostBed bedding accessories on the mattress for additional comfort.

This legendary mattress is a good option to increase rejuvenation and enjoy an active lifestyle. It is ideal for all types of sleepers because the medium to firm support delivers balanced contouring and comfort at the same time.

In a nutshell This 12-inch Ghostbed Venus Williams mattress comes with high-density 8-inch base foam, gel memory foam, and advanced far infrared technology. This is specially designed for delivering high performance and recovery. Due to cutting-edge construction, you stay comfortable and calm and wake up like a champion.

Molecule 2 Airtec mattress

- Airtec™ foam
- Antimicrobial treatment
- Cool sleep surface

Eco-friendly AirTech foam offers a calm and clean sleeping surface.

A combination of a clean and relaxed sleeping environment is an essential key element that enhances your restorative stages of sleep. That is why the company merged the power of Microan with air-engineered technology for creating MOLECULE mattresses. As a result, the mattress helps you sleep cool, comfortable, and clean.

It comes with an advanced cover that increases airflow. It is also infused with a Microban treatment that prevents the growth of stain and odor-causing mildew, mold, and bacteria. Additionally, it is infused with powerful and natural crystal combinations that promote cell function, enhance oxygen consumption, and recover your body while you sleep.

It has a 3D geometric precision-contoured surface with 5-zone for a self-adjusting and hyper-targeted support to your whole body. So, this MOLECULE 2 AIRTEC mattress is the best actress for heavy people.

It has a firm base that provides spine healthy spine. So whether you are a heavy-weight person or not, it doesn’t matter. It provides excellent support. The breathable materials promote heat transfer and airflow for comfortable sleep.

This eco-friendly MOLECULE 2 AIRTEC mattress offers a limited lifetime warranty. However, the Ghostbed Venus Williams Legend mattress gives you only a 25-year warranty. Thus, this MOLECULE AirTech mattress is more durable and provides a cooling and cleaning sleeping experience.

The good thing is that your purchase comes with two free pillows that enhance your comfort and give you more supportive sleep. It is also accessible from twin to California king sizes, so you can pick as you want. On the other hand, MOLECULE also offers additional bedding accessories like sheets, comforters, mattress toppers, and much more. 

In a nutshell MOLECULE introduces the latest proprietary known as AirTech that provides the buoyant latex feel and responsiveness but with a significant level of durability. These unique traits help relieve pressure from your heavier parts and give you a relaxed, clean, and comfortable deep sleep.

Naturalform Refresh Mattress

- With patented pressure relief
- Firmness controls
- Naturally Breathable

Adjustable firmness with pressure-free air zones for deep sleep.

NaturalFoam Refresh mattress has more than 42 air zones on each side that help relieves pressure. The pressure-free technology also provides you with excellent spinal support. In addition, it distributes body weight and keeps your spine in its natural position.

If you are facing morning pain due to sleep discomfort, this NaturalFoam Refresh mattress relieves your common sleeping conditions. In addition, it gives you a comfortable and supportive deep sleep throughout the night.

The top cover of the mattress helps you to stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. This is because of the Australian wool material used to construct the top cover of the mattress. Furthermore, this cover is removable, so you can easily remove it for machine wash.

Additionally, the comfort layer features 3-inch CertiPUR-US foam that delivers ergonomic support under your lower back, waist, hips, and shoulder. This lux hybrid foam makes it durable and soothing. It also regulates temperature to control your body temperature.

The best feature is that you can adjust the firmness level. The firmness level is a crucial factor that supports and contours your body. Therefore, you should purchase the best mattress according to your body type. However, the NaturalFoam Refresh mattress removes this confusion and allows you to adjust firmness.

This Refresh mattress is available in all sizes and introduces a new size known as Olympic queen. No other in our list offers you this size. However, this is a little bit expensive compared to the MOLECULE 2 AIRTEC mattress.

In a nutshell NaturalFoam Refresh mattress is the best all-in-one mattress where you can adjust firmness. Pressure-free technology relieves pressures and gives a supportive sleep. The top cover is breathable and moisture-wicking.

Emma original

- #1 selling in all Europe
- Perfectly balanced for all body types
- Medium-firm range

Designed for all types of sleepers with cooling and optimal support.

The Emma Original mattress is designed and engineered to support all types of sleepers and types of bodies. In addition, the company uses zoning sleep technologies where a firm zone is placed in the middle of the mattress that provides ideal support to your hips and spine.

In addition, the softer zones at your head side and feet for supporting your shoulders relieve pressures and give your spine a proper alignment. A velvety soft Airgocell foam contour and adopt each body shape, making it breathable, moisture and climate regulating.

The Emma Original mattress comes in medium to firm support that protects your body from sinking and sagging. The top cover of the mattress is made with 1% elastane and 99% polyester. This material makes it breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The good thing is that this cover is machine-washable and removable easily.  

It is also available from twin to California king-size mattresses so that you can opt according to your bedroom. The HRX foam features cutting and zoning technologies for support, alignments, and counter-pressure.

Emma is also offering various bedding accessories for enhancing your comfort. Those accessories include pillows, protectors, sheets, and beds, so you can purchase them separately according to your preferences. This mattress also covers a 10-year warranty.

No hypoallergenic or organic mattress cover is available, not included or sold separately. So, if the organic cover is your preference, you can pick our third best MOLECULE mattress.

In a nutshell The Emma Original memory foam mattresses are engineered and designed for all types of sleepers. Whether you are sleeping on your back or stomach, it will give you proper support. Additionally, the supreme, durable base layer distributes weight equally, reducing pressure and giving you edge support.

Transformation hybrid by Diamond mattress

- Hotel quality mattress
- Highly breathable
- Pressure relief

Best for stomach and back sleepers with a natural sleeping experience.

Transformation Hybrid mattress by Diamond Mattress is one of the best mattresses for fat people. The hybrid coils permit more airflow in the top layer of material that keeps the bed cool and fresh. In addition, these individual coils stop motion transfer between partners and offer personalized support

Additionally, all individual coils offer personalized support and contouring to reduce tossing and pressure points. It is also CertiPUR-US which makes it eco-friendly. Finally, multiple bedding accessories are available: pillows, frames, protectors, and more.

So, you can opt as your preference. You can pick a waterproof protector with adjustable pillows for supportive and comfortable sleep. It is accessible in all sizes, from twin to California king. The good thing is that there is an option to select firmness levels from firm, plush, and medium.

Consequently, firm support is perfect for heavy people because it evenly distributes weight and provides a comfortable night’s sleep. This mattress also covers a 20-year warranty and delivers long-lasting comfort and support.

Multiple mattresses available in the market give the option to adjust firmness like the above NaturalFoam Refresh mattress. However, this Transformation hybrid by Diamond Mattress asks you to select firmness before purchasing. Then, the company will make it the best according to your firmness preference. 

In a nutshell Transformation Diamond mattress has a hybrid design to boost blanched comfort. This construction contours your body into its natural shape. So, you can achieve a supportive and comfortable posture while sleeping. You can also choose firmness level, and firm support is ideal for fat people.

Puffy Luxury mattress

- Hotel comfort
- Hybrid quality
- Good with all bed frames

Perfect for back pain due to the hybrid design that gives additional stability and support

If you are a heavy person suffering from back pain, then the Puffy Lux hybrid mattress should be your priority. This mattress features innovative high-density foam that provides spine support. In addition, it also reduces multiple stains from your pressure points.  

The proper alignment and additional support high-density foam mattress remove your back pain. The company also uses a cloud stain-resistant cover that is easy to take off and wash to remove germs and dirt.

A premium quality memory foam comes with a coils base that adapts your body weight and provides additional stability and support. There is also a cooling cloud layer designed to temperature optimal for comfortable sleep. This cooling mattress controls temperature and gives a consistent fantastic good night.

On the other hand, the puff company also manufactures many bedding accessories, including blankets, comforters, pillows, mattress pads, protectors, toppers, and much more. You can separately purchase one of them to enhance your support and comfort. Your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty along with a pillow, protector, and sheet set without any cost.

This 12-inch high-density Puffy hybrid mattress gives you a lifetime warranty. However, other brands offer a full 25-year warranty, like the Ghostbed Venus Williams mattress. So, with the Puffy Lux hybrid mattress, you can sleep in completely stress-free and blissful comfort. 

In a nutshell Puffy hybrid mattress comes with a hypoallergenic cover, which reduces allergy triggers. It stops the buildup of dust and dust mites in the bed. High-density foam is perfect for those sleeping who have back pain. Because it provides proper support and minimizes stains from your pressure points.

Plushbeds Eco Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress

- 100% natural latex
- Supportive PlushFoam Core
- Soft cotton cover

Fully customized, organic, supportive, affordable hybrid mattress

A supportive core of the Eco Bliss hybrid mattress is certified by CertiPUR, known as poly foam. This poly foam provides a supportive and comfortable feel while resisting body impressions and sagging.

Additionally, the company uses 100% natural latex during its construction, which offers a brilliant, buoyant sensation and a good night’s peaceful sleep. The top cover of the mattress also reduces pressure from your sore points and gives you a deeper sleep. This is because of the super stretchy cotton fabric.  

It is accessible in all sizes so that you can pick according to your bedroom size. The unique feature is that you do not just select the firmness, but you can also select the mattress height. Mattress height plays a significant role in providing a supportive base. This mattress is available in three heights 12, 10, and 8 inches.

If you are a heavy person, you should purchase a 12-inch height with medium to firm support. However, the Transformation Hybrid by Diamond Mattress and the MOLECULE mattress also allow you to choose firmness level, but you cannot select the height. Here, you can completely customize your mattress according to your body type.

In a nutshell The Eco Bliss Latex mattress is made with natural 100% latex, certified supportive core foam, and cotton stretch cover. It is available in all sizes, from twin to California king. You can also choose the firmness level between medium or medium to firm. You can also select your mattress height like 12-inch, 10-inch, and 8-inch.

Nectar Premier Memory mattress

- Gel memory foam
- Dynamic Support Layer
- Stay-Stable Base Layer

Best for all sleeper styles with firm support that increases comfort

The top cover of this mattress comes with a poly-blend cover that features cooling and heat-wicking technology. A 3-inch gel-infused memory foam layer comes with phase change material. This layer drops your body temperature and keeps you cool while sleeping.

Another 3-inch dynamic, supportive layer is equipped with adjusting dynamic foam for relaxing your body and giving you a deep sleep. Finally, the main 7-inch sturdy foam layer ensures support and comfort. The last lower cover is shift resistant; it will not slip down or stick with your mattress. 

Nectar is one of the most popular companies that manufactures the best mattress along with its accessories. Those accessories include mattress protectors, waterproof covers, cotton sheets, comforters, weighted blankets, cooling pillows, and more. Thus, you can purchase them separately to enhance your comfort and support.

The Nectar does not give any option to customize your mattress according to your needs. You have to purchase it as it is. Just choose the appropriate size from twin to California king size.

On the other hand, the Eco Bliss hybrid latex mattress is fully customized. You can customize its height and firmness level and choose its size.

The good thing is that your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. So, you can enjoy comfortable, supportive, cooling, and breathable sleep throughout the night. You will get up in a fresh mood and start your active day without any sore muscles.

In a nutshell The Nectar Premier mattress is made with gel-infused memory foam that meets your body shape and contours it into the natural body posture. A comfort layer also cradles you and gives you a comfortable and more supportive deep sleep.

DreamCloud Premier mattress

- Memory foam and innerspring coils
- Luxury cashmere-blend cover
- Pressure-relief comfort layer

Hybrid design contours your body into a natural shape and luxurious sleep.

The top cover of the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress is made with cashmere-blend fabric that gives you luxurious sleep with a soft tactile experience. In addition, the 1-inch high-loft memory foam cradles you while sleeping.

On the other hand, another 1-inch supportive layer comes with soft foam that gives you a plush feeling. The best thing is that a 2.5-inch luxe memory foam targets your comfort. It provides ideal support, relieves pressure, and gives you comfortable and better sleep. 

It also provides an additional supportive layer that reduces the motion transfer. And the individually wrapped coils promote airflow and support your contours and curves. Plus, multiple bedding accessories are available, including a weighted blanket, quilt, cover set, contour pillow, and more. So, you can separately purchase them to enhance your support and comfort.

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress comes with a 14-inch height, and if you want 8 or 12 inches height mattresses, you need to purchase the other best mattress from our list. The Eco Bliss hybrid mattress is offered to pick heights from 8, 10, and 12 inches.

In a nutshell The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress comes with six layers that deliver a transformative rest with a luxurious feel. The gel-infused memory foam contours your body and relieves all pressures from your sensitive points. Additionally, innerspring coils provide additional support that correctly aligns your spine, neck, and shoulder.

What Mattress Firmness is Best for Heavier Sleepers?

The ideal mattress firmness that you should consider for heavier people ranges from 6 to 10 on the firmness scale. But it is better to make a decision based on your body weight.

If you weigh more than 230 lbs, the best option for you to go for is a mattress with a firmness of around 7 to 8. This way, your mattress will be able to stay highly responsive no matter what sleeping position you prefer to go to.

What Mattress Types Are Best for Heavier/Larger Sleepers?

You have to make sure that you go for a mattress with a firmness level ranging from 6 to 10 if you weigh more than 230 lbs. But if you weigh up to 400 lbs, you should consider going for a mattress at least 10 inches thick. For people weighing more than 400 lbs, a 14-inch mattress is an ideal choice.

Buying mattress thickness and firmness is not the only thing you need to consider to tackle your overweight. You also have to consider the overall density of your foam. Heavier people should consider going for high-density foam with multiple layers.

What’s the Best Sleeping Position for Overweight People?

If you weigh over 230 lbs, it is important that you try to sleep on your side. This is the best sleeping position that you should consider.

Research has shown that overweight people develop sleep apnea problems if they sleep on their back.

And when they sleep on their stomach, it tends to hurt their back. So, the ideal sleeping position for them is to sleep on their side.

Do Mattresses Have a Weight Capacity?

Yes, mattresses do come with a weight capacity. If you go for a standard mattress, you will see that it will support a sleeper up to 250 lbs. The overall weight capacity for two sleepers on such a mattress will be 500 lbs.

The mattresses made for heavier people are developed with additional intentional weight limits. Hence, if you weigh more than 250 lbs, you should also consider your mattress’s overall thickness and firmness.

Mattresses that are 14-inch or thicker and have a firmness level of more than 6 will be suitable. Such a mattress can even support up to 400 lbs and even more.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend going for mattresses with a higher firmness level and thicker size. You can go for a hybrid mattress that features multiple layers. But consider going for mattresses with a thicker support base and almost no cushioning layers.

There are numerous brands you can look to buy. You can consider buying Leesa, GhostBed, Molecule, and other brands. Mattresses from these brands come with different layers and have thick mattresses with a proper support base.

Mattress for heavy people FAQs

What firmness is best for a heavy person?

If you weigh more than 230 lbs, you should consider going for a mattress that should go for mattress firmness that ranges from 6 to 10 on the firmness scale. Consider going for mattresses with minimal cushioning layers but a strong support system. Such a type of mattress will be the ideal option for heavier people.

Which mattress is best for the overweight?

A mattress with high-density foam layers should be the best option to consider for heavy people. Hybrid mattresses are a good option as they come with multiple layers. Just consider going for a thicker support base, and you can omit mattresses with those cushioning layers.

Is a firm mattress better for a heavy person?

A firm mattress is ideally suitable for heavy people. However, if you tend to weigh over 250 lbs, look for firmer mattresses as they provide ample support. They also ensure adequate spine alignment and will resist sagging in the long run.