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Ghostbed vs Sleep Number, which one is the best rated?

Buying a mattress is never an easy task. With the bedding market flooded with choices, it’s hard to find one that ticks all the boxes. The GhostBed bedding brand provides a wide variety of mattresses (check the top rated mattresses). With their exclusive range of bedding, they ensure quality keeps exceeding. Providing 20-25 years of warranty to its customers, GhostBed is loved by millions.

The Sleep Number is a bedding brand that implements comfort with innovation. Movement and temperature control and recording data are some of the enhanced features out of the many brilliant ones.

Comparing the two mattresses will give you a refined idea of what you will look forward to, whether you want to go for all foam layers or all foam and some technology to feel and sleep great.

Comparative Table to Choose Between GhostBed Mattress and Sleep Number Bed

  GhostBed Sleep Number
Best For Seeking value for money Innovation admirers and extreme pressure relief
Trial Period 101 Nights 100 Nights
Warranty 20 years 15 years
Price Range $662 – $1,533 $2649 – $4599

The Key Differences Between Ghostbed and Sleep Number

Who The Ghostbed Is Best For

Best for…

Price Conscious: It is best for those seeking some value for money. If you need to buy a good mattress, but remorsefully you are tight on the budget, this is for you. GhostBed offers discounts to its consumers all around the year.

Side sleeper: The mattress is a composition of three different types of foam. The latex foam layer on the top is responsive, and side sleepers will enjoy the pressure relief because of the latex foam layer (check 10 amazing for side sleepers).

Heavy sleepers: If you weigh more than 200 pounds, the memory foam, the second layer, provides extra cushioning. It helps your body relax and compresses in just the right places. It helps the curves of the body, which apply pressure to sink in, and the foam takes the necessary shape without exerting pressure. It is a great mattress for overweight people.

Back sleeper: Depending on your body weight, the mixed foam provides alignment for a back sleeper. All foam offers great support to the spine. The multiple foam layers respond productively to the back sleepers.

Hot sleepers: the latex foam keeps the mattress well ventilated (check the top rated cooling mattresses for hot sleepers). The memory gel foam ensures the mattress remains cool throughout the night. The latex does not let the heat build-up under your body.

May not be best for…

Strict Side Sleepers: The latex foam layer is well supportive to side sleepers but not comfortable in the long run. If you spend the whole night sleeping only on your side, you will have stiff shoulders and neck (check the best selling mattresses for shoulder pain).

Light Sleepers: This is not the best mattress for you if you wake up even at the slightest disturbance. Though the mattress layers are all foam, there is no motion isolation. The latex and memory foam layer provides some extra softness which does not retain the movement (check 10 good mattresses for light person).

Who The Sleep Number Mattress Is Best For

Best for…

Any side sleeper: You can easily adjust the firmness number of your side of the bed. With the built-in technology, the mattress can go from very soft to very firm just by switching the variables. Whether you want to sink in and feel cradled or need support for acute back pain – adjust (check 10 amazing mattresses for back pain). The mattress can provide all the softness and support desired.

Different types of sleepers: The Sleep Number 360 m7 bed is designed to provide customized support. It is not all for one for every side of your body or the varying sizes of partners. The bed senses your presence, so you won’t have to toss and turn to look for a comfortable position. It adjusts to your comfort level – from gentle to firm – to help relieve pressure.

Hot sleepers: Sleep just right with this mattress and its cooling ability. It absorbs excess heat and releases it as you lose body temperature throughout the night. Hence, neither you nor your partner has to be uncomfortable on a hot summer night.

May not be best for…

Tight on Budget: Sleep Number mattresses are expensive! They have incorporated innovative technology within their mattresses; hence they are pricey (check 10 top-quality mattresses under 2,000 dollars). The ability of the mattress to adjust automatically to its sleeper’s requirements makes it exceptional and expensive.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Ghostbed Vs. Sleep Number Mattress Features


The Ghostbed is an 11inch thick mattress. It comprises three layers of different foams. The first layer is 1.5 inches of latex foam. The foam is very responsive and porous.

Ghostbed vs Sleep Number differences

The layer below it is made of memory foam. The 2-inch gel memory foam is great for accommodating the side and back sleepers. The cooling gel in the memory foam layer acts as a coolant for hot sleepers. It aids in keeping the temperatures down because foams retain the heat.

The third and final layer is 7.5 inches of HD Polyfoam. It is there to provide more support and durability. The thick foam does not make the other two types of foams sag and loses their ability to provide comfort. It even makes the overall mattress durable and long-lasting.

The cover of the mattress is fixed and made of polyester and viscose. This keeps the cover dust free and makes it easier to clean. The material resists spills, and you get a mattress that can be easily maintained.

The Sleep Number 360 m7 mattress has the brand’s usual air chambers on both sides. However, the added advantage is the 5 inches of memory foam. And it is not any ordinary memory foam but is the cooling type. The layer is incorporated withEnergetic foam.

This mattress gives you the classic memory foam sensation and innovative bed attributes. Out of the total 11 inches, the 5 inches of memory and Energetex foam provide the perfect body contouring. It gives the usual sinking into comfort feel, but you can adjust the angle of your mattress.

The smart bed responds to your movements to make adjustments to your mattress. The digital data gets recorded on your smartphone, letting you get your sleep insights.


The GhostBed Classic is designed based on three different foam types. The latex foam on top is porous and very responsive. The second layer, the good-quality memory foam, has its features.

The point is that the mattress is conclusively medium firm because of the multiple foam layers. Maybe even a little over medium, but not at all complicated. And because of the supportive poly foam at the bottom, the mattress is not very soft to lay on.

The latex supports lightweight individuals and provides a reasonable firmness to their bodies. On the other hand, the memory foam is felt by heavyweight individuals and gives them medium firmness.

The Sleep Number m7 has a top layer of memory foam, so the firmness is as expected. But here’s the twist. The Sleep Number’s innovative technology lets you adjust your firmness. You and your partner can enjoy varying firmness despite laying on the same bed.

Ghostbed vs Sleep Number comparison

Alternatively, your partner can vary the firmness on their side as well. And that’s just not it! The Smart Adjustability further records and adjusts the firmness. It tracks how you move around during sleep and which position you like and adapts to the firmness accordingly.

Motion Isolation and Edge Support

The multiple foam layers have a uniform structure throughout. The edges are usually expected to provide support, but no extra feature is added. So if, for example, your bed foundation or frame does not have edges, then do not rely on the mattress to be supportive. Instead, the edges will be only as useful and supportive as they normally can be.

One thing is for sure, GhostbBed Classic does not provide motion isolation. So your partner needs to be a sound sleeper if you are restless. But since this mattress is comfortable, there will be less tossing and turning at night.

The Sleep Number mattresses are the epitome of innovation for comfort. Your mattress is digitally monitored from head to toe as to which corner or edge is in use. The Smart Sleep adjustability works accordingly to grant a perfect sleep every night. There is no space or argument regarding any edge support, as the mattress is entirely adjustable.

Moreover, the larger-sized mattresses have two separate chambers for you and a partner (check the top rated mattresses for couple). Both ends work individually to contour and adjust to your sleeping habits. Thus, motion isolation is a given as every individual on the mattress has its own bed chamber.


GhostbBed Classic is an all-foam mattress, so one may worry about heat retention. Foams do tend to absorb body heat and make the sleeper feel warm. However, the memory foam layer is infused with a cooling gel that does not heat the foam (also check the best selling cooling mattress toppers).

The latex is a porous structure that does not let heat escalate. Any heat radiated from your body gets spread out and passes through. The latex foam does not keep the heat from warming you, and the gel memory foam reduces the heat intensity. Overall, your bed is neutral as far as temperature is concerned.

Sleep Number’s 360 m7 is one of the most appreciable smart beds. It features SleepIQ technology that regularly adjusts to create the best sleep experience. It has layers of advanced temperature balancing materials that absorb and release heat. The area beneath and surrounding your body remains cool. Their smart technology also makes sure that you don’t get cold feet. The feet area appears a bit warmer than the rest of the body areas, so you can sleep longer.

Position and Body Type

The GhostbBed Classic is supportive for back sleepers. The combined foam layers provide great support to the spine. The various curves of your body are well braced, and your body does not sag. The different foams blend well to provide the correct firmness and softness to a back sleeper.

There is no harm in mentioning that even side sleepers will be well entertained. But it is recommended only if you are an inconstant one. Things may be a little sore if you spend your entire night sleeping on your side.

However, heavyweight sleepers enjoy access to memory foam and benefit from its features. As far as a petite person is concerned, the only advantage you can avail yourself of is the fitness of the latex. The responsive latex foam does not let the lightweight person sink in but gives them a comfortable base. But bulky sleepers push through the latex, and the memory foam gives them pressure relief.

Featuring the exclusive SmartTemp technology in the Sleep Number’s m7 mattress. The two individually adjustable comfort layers support any side sleeper. With the dual-zone memory foam mattress topper, this bed brings the ideal balance. The mattress offers comfort and support to your lifestyle.

And with smart adjustability, this mattress can well support any position. Since the firmness adjusts according to your sleeping habits, we believe any position and body type will find its custom comfort.

Price Range

The GhostBed Classic Mattresses have prominent layers of foam, and the brand provides a 20-year warranty. Keeping all the aspects in mind, a little expensive figure can be expected for this mattress. However, GhostBed pleases its customers with year-round discounts and a 101-night trial duration. On that account, the incentives outdo the price issue.

But when we move on to compare GhostBed with Sleep Number, the prices vary drastically (check 10 amazing mattresses under $1000). Of course, you can expect a Smart Bed to be expensive. Still, the improvement in sleep quality is remarkable and one of a kind. A bed adjusting to firmness, temperature, and pressure on its own is appreciable and innovative enough to cost more. However, there is no harm in investing in one as long as you feel that this is the mattress you need.

Sizes GhostBed Sleep Number
Twin $662
Twin XL $767 $2649
Full $907 $2924
Queen $977 $3099
King  $1,187 $3799
California King $1,204 $3799
Split King $1,533 $4599
Flex Top King $4599
Split Cal King $4599
Flex Top Cal King $4599


One thing is for sure sleeping comfortably at night determines your activeness the next day. Hence what you sleep holds great importance and consideration. So, when we compare the GhostBed and Sleep Number, it is not just deciding between mattresses. It’s how you prefer to spend your nights for the next 10+ years. So, whether you want to stay within a budget or go overboard – don’t compromise on your sleep and health.