The Best Trundle Bed – Reviews and Shopping Guide

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The Best Trundle Bed – Reviews and Shopping Guide

Although you like having guests staying over at your home, it is always unpleasant when you’re caught off-guard. Not having ample bed space for your visitors can result in a lot of stress as you frantically look for an appropriate couch or go into your garage to get some sleeping bads so your guests can stay for the night. This is why trundle beds and other space-saving bed options are surging in popularity. A trundle bed is is a bed that has two single-sized mattresses. One mattress is stored underneath the other, where it’s placed on an inbuilt bed frame with casters. Whether you like hosting a ton of sleepovers for your kids or have relatives that love to visit all the time, a trundle bed can ease your hosting life. It’s a perfect addition for a guest room! Take a look at our comprehensive guide to trundle beds for more information on trundle beds.

However, as you search for a trundle bed, you are going to come across a vast range of trundle beds on the market. Some are designed to double up as day beds. Others just serve as standard beds and are fitted with a headboard and footboard. And the best part is, they can be used with any type of mattress; be it an innerspring or memory foam mattress. Let’s now dig in and find out the best best trundle bed.

What’s the ‘ Best Trundle Bed ‘ available online?

#1 The Orlando Full Size Trundle Bed

Best trundle bed #1

You can easily expand your sleeping options with this full size trundle bed from Atlantic Furniture. Apart from increasing your options, the Orlando Full Size Trundle bed will completely transform your guest’s sleeping experience. It’s fitted with everything they need to enjoy a good nights sleep, allowing them to wake up fresh and energetic and ready to hang out with you! This trundle bed can accommodate any mattress, although we recommended an 8-inch twin size mattress. Also, there is no need to worry about buying any additional support for the trundle mattress. In the Orlando trundle bed, the mattress is supported by a slat system which is shipped along with the bed, thus eliminating the need for getting a foundation or other mattress support. What’s more, this piece of furniture is crafted from eco-friendly hardwood, which is pretty durable. Needless to say that this trundle bed will provide you and your guests years of service. We also like how easy it is to put this trundle bed together. You only require a few minutes to set up the Orlando trundle. The only drawback is that it does not come with the mattresses or bedding…you’ll have to purchase them separately.

So based on all of these points above, we’ve rated this as the best trundle bed available because it’s straight forward, comfortable, and has everything your guests/you need. Curious about how to make a trundle bed more comfortable?

Things we like

  • Easy assembly
  • Durable
  • Convenient

Things we do not like

  • Expensive compared to other items on this list of the best trundle bed (s)
  • For some reason, a lot of people on amazon said that they received a bed that either didn’t fit together or that their bed was broken. Clearly the manufacturer has some out-of-box failures to handle. So don’t feel shy to return it if it doesn’t work for you! Nonetheless, it’s a great bed and if you don’t get an out-of-box failure, you will love this bed.
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#2 Homelegance Daybed with Trundle

Best trundle bed #2

If you’re looking for a trundle bed that can double up as a daybed, Homelegance has got you covered. This is the #2 best trundle bed that we know. This daybed is fitted with a trundle underneath, which means that you should set aside enough space for rolling out the trundle. Just like the Orlando above, the Homelegance day bed is made of solid wood, making it a sturdy and durable unit. You will also find wooden slats for the mattress support system. These do a good job securing the mattress in place; hence, guaranteeing you and/or your guests additional comfort. The entire frame has been lined with a light gray polyester fabric, giving it a touch of class and elegance. Thanks to this finish, the Homelegance trundle will match perfectly with your interior décor. Of course, this can also be a negative since you need to match the upholstery to the decor of your room.

The Homelegance daybed with trundle makes an excellent addition even for your living room since it can double up as a couch. The twin-sized bed can easily accommodate adult guests who decide to sleep over at your home. And, when they aren’t sleeping over, you can neatly tuck the trundle underneath and use it as a couch.

But, this trundle does not come with a mattress, which means that if you really want to use it as a trundle bed, you’d have to purchase the mattress separately. On the brighter side, you can also use the trundle as a storage drawer. If you’re lacking enough storage space, you can store linens, clothes and any other household items.

Things we like

  • Trundle has casters for easy access
  • Versatile- the trundle can be used as a bed or storage unit
  • Stylish design

Things we do not like

  • Mattress is not included in package
  • Difficult to assemble and this is really the killer — why it isn’t rated as the #1 best trundle bed on our list.
  • Comes in 2 boxes and so you might need to chase Homelegance if your shipment is incomplete
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#3 Coaster Fine Furniture Mission Style Day Bed with Trundle

Best trundle bed #3

As its name suggests, this is one of the finest pieces of furniture that you can invest in. The Coaster bed features a sturdy wooden bed frame, which adds to its overall durability. It is designed to offer a cozy resting place for daytime leisure (used as couch) or a comfortable spot for sleeping at night (when used as a bed with trundle). You will also be pleased with the handy roll out trundle that is tucked underneath the daybed. With this trundle, you can accommodate two friends or relatives for the night. The only thing to be cautious about is to leave some additional space for the trundle to roll out (and for someone to pull it from the middle) particularly if you’ve set the daybed in a small room. To support the mattress, Coaster Home Furnishings used rigid orthopedic wooden slats for both the day bed as well as the trundle. It’s a pretty solid bed and a great #3 on our list of the best trundle bed (s).

The main thing we like about this daybed with trundle is that it’s practical, robust and versatile enough to accommodate two twin mattresses. It means that it provides two handy sleeping surfaces large enough to be used by adults. What’s more, this trundle bed comes in a variety of color designs, from which you can choose. If you decide to go for the white shade, this makes it an excellent addition for a little princess room. In black, the bed blends in perfectly with the modern interior of a guest room.

The majority of customers gave the Coaster Fine Furniture positive ratings. They particularly like the three spacious storage drawers positioned right below the trundle. You can use the trundle in your child’s room, and store his toys, footwear and clothes in these handy drawers. If used in a guest room, you can use the drawers to store towels, linens and other essentials.

Things we like and why we said it’s #3 among the best trundle bed list

  • Comes with three spacious drawers
  • Available in black or white color
  • Manufacturer provides free replacement parts

Things we do not like

  • Pricey
  • Similar to the Orlando, above, this bed has some out-of-box failures. So if you notice damage or missing boxes, make sure to report them quickly and get your replacements
  • Another issue might be the paint. Make sure you take a look at all the components to ensure that it’s as well-made as you expect.
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#4 DHP The Tokyo Metal Frame Daybed and Trundle

Best trundle bed #4

A sturdy and durable metal frame makes the DHP trundle bed one of the most sought-after pieces of home furniture (among the people who want trundle beds, haha). The trundle also has a brushed bronze finish, which complements the curved lines on the headboard and footboard nicely. Overall, the DHP daybed and trundle mimics the look of Victorian elegance. Positioned beneath the daybed is a roll-out trundle, which is fully retractable thanks to the inclusion of casters. The mattress has been supported by solid metal slats. DHP daybed and trundle give you two complete bunks for a cozy and invigorating night’s sleep. The bed and trundle can both accommodate a twin mattress, although you’ll have to purchase the mattress separately. And even though you’ll spend more purchasing the mattress, you get to choose one based on your tastes and preferences.

If you will be using the trundle to lounge with relatives or friends, you should look into its load capacity. DHP trundle is designed to hold a maximum weight of 225 pounds, meaning that it will struggle to hold two average adults. I’m not sure why the weight limit is so low and I was afraid to try it out with more than 1 person sitting. However the main bed can comfortably hold 2 people with its 400 pound weight limit.

The nice thing about this trundle bed is that it has a handy backrest. All you have to do is to cover it using a blanket or stack some pillows to transform it to a cozy couch where you can read from, watch movies from or simply relax.

We also like how easy it is to assemble it. Setting up this daybed will only take you a couple of minutes. And thanks to its retro design, this trundle fits perfectly in a living room or bedroom.

Things we like

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Multifunctional use
  • Interesting victorian design

Things we do not like and why it’s rated at the #4 spot on our list of the best trundle bed (s)

  • The casters on the trundle bed are not durable
  • Why is the weight limit on the trundle so low? 225 pounds, really?
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#5 Poundex Full Bed

Given its exquisite design, the Poundex Full Bed is one of the best additions for any bedroom. It has a sturdy and durable build, which means you will use it for years to come. Poundex full bed features a hardwood frame, which is upholstered with faux leather. The two not only make this trundle secure but also fashionable. Keep in mind that the mattress is supported by about 12 wooden slats. This support system secures the mattress in place while keeping it well-ventilated. However, this isn’t a unique feature compared to other beds listed on this guide. The upper section of this furniture can hold a full size mattress, providing a sufficient sleeping space for two adults. If you have a relative or friend sleeping over, you simply pull out the trundle to get additional sleeping space. That’s what we find interesting. Whereas the other beds on this list tend to hold 2 twin mattresses, this Poundex bed holds a full + twin. Ofcourse, that makes it more of a “bed” rather than something you might put in your living room (like a couch/bed hybrid). Also, the Poundex full bed boasts a handy backrest, which you can lean on when watching a movie or reading your favorite novel. A soft filling has been used to line this backrest, giving you additional comfort. We completely expect you to have some pillows though. This pillow guide might help you determine what kind of pillows to purchase.

Things we like and why we listed it as the #5 best trundle bed on our list

  • Has a faux leather and hardwood design
  • Twin size trundle to accommodate any mattress of your choice
  • Very easy to set up

Things we do not like

  • Slightly more expensive than other trundle beds
  • Not really designed for use in the living room. So it’s less versatile than other beds on our list
  • Has wood slats rather than the metallic “slats” of the DHP listed above as the #4 best trundle bed
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The Bottom Line

When you have limited space, but need additional beds for sleeping, a trundle bed is just what you need. Although often small, a trundle slides in nicely underneath the top bed, and it can be pulled out to provide an extra sleeping surface. Some trundle beds can even double up as storage units. Our mattress buying guide will be valuable if you plan to get a mattress to fill out the trundle / main bed space. For a bedroom (guest room or kids room) you might also consider getting a loft bed / bunk bed because it provides similar space savings in a different form factor.

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