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Bed Types

What is a murphy bed

What is a Murphy Bed? 20 Pg. Q & A. Ultimate Guide.

What is a murphy bed? Murphy beds are also called wall beds, pull down beds, or fold-down beds. They are designed to be vertically stored against the wall or inside a closet/cabinet when not in use. When required for use, murphy beds are lowered and used. Frequently you might have seen murphy beds in hotels as alternatives to the main beds used in bed rooms. Typically murphy beds have thinner mattresses and do not have box springs. Usually they utilize flat tops or have wire meshes to hold up the mattress. Box springs tend to be too heavy and cumbersome to be stowed away easily. Read more…

Canopy bed comprehensive guide

Canopy Bed Pros / Cons, Curtains, & More – A Comprehensive Guide

Canopy beds are a non-traditional bed that includes posts and curtains for additional privacy. In this article we discuss several topics related to the uses of canopy beds, shopping for canopy beds, and even making your own.

Minimalist platform bed

How to Raise a Platform Bed ? Pros and Cons? – Guide for All Questions

An in-depth guide to platform bed features, modifications, benefits, and more. Key topics that we cover include: platform bed storage, sizes, common questions about lifts and risers, high profile and low profile platform beds, and comparisons vs. normal beds with box springs.

What is a Loft Bed, Bed Ceiling Height, Loft Bed Sex & More – A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide to loft beds including information on maximizing safety, choosing the right loft bed, increasing space usage, and other useful tips. We also discuss what is a loft bed, loft bed ceiling height, loft bed sex, & more.

Best Platform Bed with Reviews and Shopping Guide

Are you looking for a new platform bed? We’ve compiled a list of platform beds and rated the best platform bed along with its top competitors. We’ve analyzed pros/cons, features/benefits, and what makes one platform bed better or worse than another.

Best Kids Beds available online – Reviews and Shopper Guide

Shopping for an excellent bed for your child? Here’s a list of the best kids beds available in retail online. We take a look at the pros/cons, styling, features, and benefits of multiple beds while maximizing safety and utility.

Best Loft Bed with Reviews and Shopping Guide

Loft beds provide an interesting alternative for saving space and for affordable living. In this article we describe the best loft beds available in retail and discuss their pros/cons, features/benefits, and more.

The Best Trundle Bed – Reviews and Shopping Guide

Trundle beds are versatile pieces of furniture. They can double up as couch + bed (for your living room) or as a combination of full bed + twin bed (for your guest room). Here we discuss the best trundle beds available in retail and their pros/cons and features/benefits.