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Best hotel mattress

Do you love the feeling of hotel room mattress? The reason is that hotel mattresses use royal and hybrid systems that provide customer support every time for a sleeper (also check 10 great mattresses). So, if you want the best hotel mattress, this guide is for you.

This article will discuss a few of the best hotel mattresses out there.

What Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

Top 10 Best Hotel quality Mattresses

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate

- HD memory foam
- Perfect level of all-night support
- Breathable materials

The true luxury of hotel mattresses

This mattress line from Stearns and Foster has features to make it great for hotels (also check the top-rated mattresses for AirBnB). The mattress begins by offering two different firmness options. Secondly, it comes with organic cotton, natural linen, and wool. Thirdly, it’s hypoallergenic, as it contains an organic green tea extract, which discourages dust mites.

The Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Collection Mattress provide the following features and benefits:

  • – It is made with 100 percent premium coils that provide pressure relief and support.
  • – Ensures that the sleeper gets maximum support
  • – The Lux Estate Collection mattress has the Breathe-Easy System that wicks away heat and moisture. This system is integrated into the cover of the Lux Estate Collection mattress.

Stearns and Foster’s mattresses have a layer of high-density memory foam. It reduces pressure points and improves circulation. Stearns and Foster’s mattresses also come with layers of foam that move the layers above you closer to your body for a more comfortable feel.

Stearns and Foster mattress has 18 distinct pressure points to ease the body from back to front or side to side. Here are some unique features of this mattress:

  • Top wool layers are breathable, wicking heat away from your body
  • Plush pillow top layer is designed to cradle your head and neck
  • The deep-pocketed coil system adapts to your body
  • Indulge HD memory foam for higher support
  • Air vent system to keep the mattress cool and breathable.

This mattress also fits the Adjustable Power Base by Stearns and Foster. Hotels can use them for multiple purposes, like a reclining or regular bed.

In a nutshell For all your guests, this mattress works best. It conforms to the shapes of the individual bodies and makes sleeping a breeze.

Transformation hybrid by Diamond mattress

- Hotel quality mattress
- Highly breathable
- Pressure relief

For restless sleepers and their partners

The Diamond Mattress Transformation Hybrid is a mattress that transforms you from a restless sleeper to a rested sleeper. So, the user can have firm support on firmer days and softer support on softer days.

The Mattress Transformation Hybrid’s unique patented technology allows for various comfort combinations. The mattress features a cooling layer, hyper conductive sparkle foam, micro coil foam, comfort layer, and zone support layer.

The Diamond Mattress Transformation Hybrid is a mattress composed of comfort foam and coils. The hybrid mattress has more versatility than a traditional memory foam mattress.

The Comfort System is an exclusive technology that Diamond uses for their mattresses. It is a high-density memory foam surface that adjoins a high-density polyfoam foundation.

The Diamond Mattress Transformation Hybrid also features cooling layers that help support. The coil spring core adds durability and zonal support.

The patented zonal support layer is exclusive by Diamond Mattress. This allows contoured support to the sleep. It also combines with the 1000s of micro coils to make this mattress motion isolating. Motion isolation means that when one partner moves, the other will not shake on the bed as a side effect.

However, the cooling part is lacking compared to the Stearns and Foster mattress as there is no technology to beat the moisture, and it is also not hypoallergenic. However, you can make it hypoallergenic with the help of the diamond ultra-cool mattress protector. This protector fits the mattress perfectly and is a cooling and hypoallergenic fabric.

In a nutshell The luxury of a hotel mattress that everyone wants. You can get it for your hotel or even for your home. This mattress is perfect for restless sleepers that also have partners.

PlushBeds Natural Latex Mattress

- Certified organic latex
- Organic cotton cover
- Responsive support for proper spinal alignment

A cuddly mattress for your cuddly nights

Plushbeds, the Natural Bliss Mattress comes with the softness of memory foam. Then, it goes on to add the bounce of latex. And finally, it features the supportive comfort of pocketed coils. The mattress comes in a cover made of Tencel fabric, which wicks away moisture for a cool sleeping surface, and is upholstered with a blend of wool and cotton.

The mattress uses an elaborate foam layer and a high-density transitional foam layer. The convoluted foam layer provides great support, while the transitional foam layer regulates your temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

The Plushbeds Natural Bliss Mattress features bamboo-based material, which is gentle on the skin. It has certification from CertiPUR-US. This shows that the mattress is hypoallergenic and ideal for those suffering from allergies.

Plushbeds, the Natural Bliss Mattress is backed with a 100-night sleep trial and a lifetime service warranty. This mattress has an open-cell foam style, memory foam, and viscose fiber.

Plushbeds Natural Bliss Hybrid Mattress is handcrafted to provide the best in luxury and comfort with 2 layers of natural latex and 2 layers of plush, high-density memory foam. The Natural Bliss mattress mixes the best of latex and memory foam for a plushy and natural sleeping experience. The 2 layers of latex offer fantastic pressure relief and a supportive, firm feel, while the 2 layers of memory foam provide a luxurious, contouring feel.

Feel cuddled and comfortable in this mattress. Add the weighted blanker by Plush to your bedding for those chilly nights. The weighted blanket works as a massaging feel and gives even cuddlier effects.

In a nutshell The goodness of latex, bamboo, and memory foam combine to give this mattress the perfect hotel mattress cuddly feel.

Nectar Premier Memory mattress

- Gel memory foam
- Dynamic Support Layer
- Stay-Stable Base Layer

The Nectar uses gel memory foam to provide optimal comfort and cooling.

The Nectar Mattress has all the new features that make it perfect for sleepers. This includes memory foam, gel memory foam, airflow, and cooling.

This mattress has five layers. The first layer is the quilted cool cover that wicks away heat and moisture. The second layer is the memory foam infused with a gel known as the smart layer with Active Cool. The third dynamic support layer bounces back to give you pressure relief. However, we expected something like in the Plushbeds mattress like latex.

The final two layers are the stable layer and the shift-resistant lower cover. These layers come together to combine the other layers’ functionality. Add the Nectar resident serenity quilt to make it even more cuddly and best for hotel guests. The quilt is lightweight, which everyone will love.

The Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress from Nectar provides pressure relief and support for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified.

The Nectar Premier uses gel memory foam. This foam is known for offering pressure relief, cooling, and airflow. The base foam layer in the Nectar Premier mattress provides support for sleepers, while the memory foam and gel foam layers contour your body to help relieve pressure points.

The Nectar Premier is a hybrid mattress comprising a gel memory foam layer and a foam base layer. In addition, the gel memory foam layer of the Nectar Premier mattress offers more pressure relief than a traditional memory foam layer.

In a nutshell The Nectar mattress has features that make it suitable for hotel rooms. The different versions of memory foam make this mattress suitable for everyone.

Puffy Royal Mattress

- Works With Any Bed Frame
- Reflexive Memory Foam
- Suitable for all sleep positions

The cloudlike sleeping experience

The Puffy Hybrid Royal Mattress is a quality hybrid mattress. It combines a memory foam mattress and a high-density base support foam.

The Puffy Hybrid Royal Mattress is extremely supportive, ergonomically sound, and pressure relieving. Furthermore, it comes with excellent cooling technology, which provides a wholesome, refreshing night’s sleep. Puffy Hybrid Royal Mattress users a Hybrid Mattress that’s made up of multiple components in the form of layers.

The first layer is the stain-resistant cloud cover. This top is hypoallergenic and is not home to dust mites and bacteria. The second layer is an exclusive plush foam with a cooling gel to cool the sleeping mattress.

Following these two layers is the fourth layer. This layer is the climate comfort layer. The unique foam in this layer helps remove moisture and makes the mattress resistant to humidity. This keeps it cool and in flow without being stuffy.

Next comes the puffy layer of cloud air technology foam. This is another exclusive foam that provides zonal support. This layer helps in giving shape to the next layer.

The next layer is the individual coils that take shape and the sleeper’s weight. These coils work to stabilize the sleeper and the mattress at the same time. Finally, the base layer is a gripped base cover that helps you move around the bed as much as you want without moving out of place.

Puffy Hybrid Royal Mattress is one of the most popular mattresses on the market. The mattress has motion isolation which prevents and reduces the rotation and movements of the sleeping partner.

In a nutshell Puffy’s unique use of foams makes this mattress one of a kind. This mattress works in cahoots with the pad to be comfortable and durable for a long time.

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

- Soft top layer
- 7 ergonomic zones
- Breathable foam

Custom support. Every. Single. Time!

The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress has multiple layers of breathable support, allowing you to customize your sleep experience to fit your unique body.

The Casper Nova Hybrid mattress has a pleasant, soft, and cool feel and provides firm and plush support. The mattress remains cool throughout thanks to the top quilted and perforated material.

The top layer is the breathable Airscape cover with high airflow to make it soft and aerated. The second layer is continued Airscape, which also helps in protecting the sleeper from overheating. It also works as zonal support in three different areas. This foam is soft under the shoulders to give spine support. It goes on to be firm around the hips, waist, and lower back to keep your spinal alignment intact.

The third layer is another form of zonal support. This layer helps in providing support to seven different zones. This layer is contour cut to give this support. It sinks in the shoulder and stands firmer on the waist, lower back, and hips. This, in turn, helps keep your spine straight while providing support.

The final layer is the resilient spring’s layers. This layer helps give the mattress the right bounce and pushback.

Layers of comfort. Luxurious layers of sleep. The Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress was created to deliver an excellent sleeping experience every night. Make your sleep more elegant with the Hug Body pillow by Casper. This pillow is not only for pregnant ladies. It is for everyone that wants more support throughout their body.

In a nutshell This is a mattress perfect for hotels. The mattress helps provide custom support whenever a new sleeper is on it.

Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress

- 5 zones for support
- Organic and natural latex & cotton
- With attached pillow-top

Enjoy a luxurious sleep with this luxury mattress.

If you want a hotel bed-like feel on your bed, then you are on the right page. This Luxury Mattress has 17 layers of organic materials, including alpaca fiber, cotton, wool, Dunlop latex, and silk.

Temperature management is a strength of the Organic Luxury Mattress. Breezy cotton top, moisture-wicking wool, and alpaca fibers keep sleepers cool and dry. The twisted latex and pocketed coil system further down allow air to move freely.

Avocado offers a softer “plush” mattress with a cushion top comfort layer. Plush surfaces conform to the body and effectively transfer weight, helping sleepers with pressure points.

The standard Organic Luxury Mattress measures 13.25 inches, while the plush upgrade measures 17 inches. If you choose the taller version, you’ll need to purchase deep-pocketed sheets to make it work.

The Organic Luxury Mattress is secured without chemical adhesives by hand-pulling ribbons through its layers. Instead, this Avocado mattress employs tight natural latex for edge support.

Avocado Luxury Plush Pillow complements the mattress. It combines the comfort of a natural latex pillow with two fluffy baffles filled with GOTS organic wool. The Avocado Luxury Pillow is great for sleepers looking for a medium-soft pad to help support their neck, head, and shoulders (also check the top-rated mattress toppers for shoulders pain).

In a nutshell Avocado’s medium firm mattress reduces aches and pains. All the components are organic and free of fire retardants, and the mattress is certified by the German Eco-INSTITUT. You will find the Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress to be a heavenly bed.

Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress

- Premium memory foam
- Airy & spacious feel
- Provides pressure relief

Get comfy with leesa’s bed.

The Leesa original Hybrid is a cutting-edge hybrid mattress by Leesa. It combined high latex foam with separate pocket springs to create its initial bed.

The Leesa is a five-layer all-foam mattress with a balanced feel that blends pressure alleviation and support. This bed is excellent for combination sleepers and tossers with the springy innerspring coils. CertiPUR-US certification is available for the foam layers.

But, first, let’s see what’s on the inside.

  • Mattress cover : The Leesa Original mattress has a striped grey twill fabric cover that improves breathability and softness.
  • Upper layer: the upper layer is polyfoam for ventilation and freedom of movement, giving a soft and responsive surface.
  • Memory foam: memory foam delivers intimate contouring and pressure relief in the Leesa Original’s 2″ transition layer.
  • Support foam (6″): A high-density polyfoam layer at the bottom of the Leesa Original mattress gives stability and longevity.
  • Base layer: There’s a 75-inch foundation support foam layer to keep all balanced and in place.

The Leesa mattress requires a firm foundation for maximum comfort and durability. You may utilize a perforated base with panels no more than 3″ apart, a floor bed or customizable base, or a bunkie board.

Leesa platform bed is the best to go with this mattress. The Leesa platform bed is simple to install and offers the necessary support for your mattress. With wood legs that lock into place, oakwood slats roll out to give a suitable base for your bed.

In a nutshell Edge support indicates how well a mattress bears weight, preventing sinking or drooping when lying or sitting near the edge. The Leesa Original Hybrid has two extra rows of coils towards the border, which helps with edge support. However, if you touch the mattress’s side, you may feel the rings inside.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze°

- Cooling
- Relieve pressure
- Ultra-breathable design

Best mattress for hot sleepers.

The TEMPUR-breeze line’s purpose is to maintain the heat of the “micro-climate” beneath your sheets as low as possible. It is significant since studies suggest that a chilly sleeping environment promotes deeper sleep. Tempur-proprietary Pedic’s cooling technologies accomplish this.

The all-new TEMPUR-PRObreeze uses cutting-edge materials from top to base to keep you cool all night.

The SmartClimateTM Dual Cover System is used on the top layer to provide an immediate cooling sensation. When you lie down, the zip-off cover delivers cool-to-touch comfort. It’s also a machine washable zip-off cover.

When you start to feel the heating effect, the PureCool+TM Phase Change Material pulls heat away from your body.

Finally, the TEMPUR-CM+TM adds a layer of comfort and breathability. The support layers comprise high-quality substances attracting back, stomach, and side sleepers. It comes in a medium all-foam and a medium hybrid version for the same price.

The PRObreeze is a hybrid mattress with over 1,000 innerspring coils and remarkable technologies.

The springy coils in the hybrid option are the fundamental distinction between the mattress types. Spring coils offer more airflow and better support than all-foam mattresses. Rings can also help to extend the life of foam mattresses.

You may use hotel sheets direct bamboo 100% bed sheet with this mattress. These cool sheets are ideal for hot sleepers because they’re thermoregulated to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They’re also sweat-wicking to keep you cool.

The mattress provides sound motion isolation. It helps sensitive sleepers in sleeping undisturbed beside a restless companion.

In a nutshell Thicker memory foam mattresses reduce motion transfer. In addition, because the coils are uniquely pocketed, the hybrid form of the bed efficiently eliminates motion transfer.

Spindle Organic Latex mattress

- 100% organic: latex, cotton & wool
- Comfortable
- Built to last

A good latex option.

If you’re looking for an organic latex mattress, the Spindle could be the one for you. This adjustable mattress has three layers of plush, natural latex for tailored comfort and support.

The Spindle maintains a consistent temperature, similar to other latex models. On the Spindle Mattress, even people who sleep hot are likely to stay calm and dry. The Spindle Mattress contains organic Dunlop latex, wool batting, and organic cotton.

A permeable cotton coverlets airflow into the cushion. At the same time, wool filling reduces heat and wicks away moisture. Latex foam is breathable because of its open-cell structure.

A few customization choices are available within the same “medium” firmness mattress. For example, the Spindle will send you two medium-firm latex foam layers and one firm layer.

Spindle uses a “medium” or “firm” sticker, as well as a “this side up” sticker, to designate the latex layers. This simplifies the setup process and reduces the chances of making mistakes.

Since latex is a naturally excellent material, hot sleepers will want to use a mattress topper made of latex. So they must use the Birch Plush Organic topper. It is a pure Latex-formed mattress topper.

It gives the user tighter stability and an “on top of the bed” experience with minimal contouring. This mattress topper is suitable for stomach and back sleepers.

In a nutshell latex has an inherent suppleness that allows it to absorb motion. Spindle Mattress thickness levels absorb gentle motion. As a result, the quantity of motion imparted is reduced. This level of motion isolation should be enough for most people who share a bed with a partner. Limiting motion transfer increases your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

What Mattresses Do They Use in Luxury Hotels?

Luxury hotels usually use a hybrid mattress that has more than one kind of foam. These usually are memory foam as they contour and come to the original shape. The second kind is mostly coiled springs.

Why Do Hotel Beds Feel So Good?

Hotel beds feel so good because of their use of mattresses. They use luxury mattresses that suit every individual. Moreover, hotels use mattress toppers to adjust the firmness according to the guests. The most common reason they are so comfortable is that they are also cool. They usually use mattresses with some form of cooling and breathable technology.

How Can I Make My Bed Feel Like a Luxury Hotel?

One of the best ways is to invest in a mattress that has hybrid properties. They help cater to most, if not all, the types of bodies and body weights. They are, however, somewhat expensive.

If you do not want to spend that much on luxury mattresses, then you go for luxury mattress tops. They are less expensive than mattresses, and they get there almost entirely.

Are Hotel Mattresses Firm or Plush?

You will see that they are usually plush than regular mattresses. However, they do not cause you to sink into them. The reason is that they use mattresses that have a proper base. These bases bounce bank so that the mattress remains soft, but at the same time, it does not sink the sleeper.

How Can I Make My Bed Like a Hotel?

Hotel rooms use white crisp sheets to make their bed look neat. They also use bedding of neutral colors to give the impression of being neat. The pillows are also fluffed and comfortable.

You can add a mattress topper with hybrid properties or change your mattress entirely for the feels.

Our Recommendation

While there are so many hotel mattresses, there are some things we would like to see in them. We think the custom and zonal support of the Casper Mattress and the cooling gel of the puffy mattress should make for a cool and comfortable mattress. Hotel mattresses should also come with toppers that can change and make the mattress hygienic and more durable.