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Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal, who wins this mattress comparison?

With easy access to information for everyone, the customers now require specific products according to their choice in everything. Selecting the right mattress is not different in this scenario.

To cope with this challenge, the mattress makers do extensive R&D before launching their products. As a result, most of the mattresses available in the market provide multiple benefits simultaneously.

The same is the case with the Puffy Lux and Royal Mattresses which are extensively analyzed in this article.

Comparative Table to Choose Between Puffy Lux Vs. Royal Mattress

  Puffy Lux Mattress Puffy Royal Mattress
Best For – People who have dust allergies.

– People with back problems

– All sleeping styles.

– Cool sleepers

– People who prefer gel-based foam

– Perfect for reducing pressure points out of the body.

Trial Period 101 Nights 101 nights
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Price Range $1749 – $2449 $ 2099 – $3449

The Key Differences Between Puffy Lux Vs. Royal Mattress

Who The Puffy Lux Mattresses Best For

Best for…

People with allergies: Different kinds of allergies are common around the world. One of the most common is the dust around mattresses and the surrounding area, which can result in dust mites. These dust particles can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people, resulting in difficult sleep. The Puffy Lux mattress is exclusively designed with a hypoallergenic cover to reduce allergic reactions (also check the top-rated bed sheets for allergies).

People with back pains: The high-density foam in this mattress especially supports the spine, thereby reducing back pressure. Further, the American Chiropractic Association endorsed this mattress as one of the best for reducing back pain.

May not be Best for…

People with budget: All the latest technologies used in the mattress and 6 high-quality foams with different features will dent the budget. So, if you have a limited budget, this mattress might not be your best option (check 10 amazing mattresses under $1,000).

Who The Puffy Royal Mattresses Best For

Best for…

Cool sleepers: The Puffy Royal is specifically for cool sleepers. The special foam infused with highly advanced cooling material keeps the heat retention minimum. On top of that, the Cloud Air technology elevates the coolness, reducing night sweats for consistent sleep. Furthermore, the hybrid technology in the mattress keeps the smooth airflow throughout the mattress for a comfortable sleep for a long time.

People with back pain: The catch for Puffy mattresses is that chiropractors recommend them all (also check the top rated mattress toppers for back pain). The same is the case with the Puffy Royal. This means you can enjoy the optimal temperature of your bed and total body relief simultaneously. The pressure relief in this mattress is not limited to the back. Instead, it covers the whole body. This mattress gives all sleepers a plush feeling, so no more tossing in the bed throughout the night.

May not be best for…

People who do not prefer a high mattress: The overall height of this mattress is on the higher side compared to other mattresses available on the market. This is due to the seven layers used in making this mattress. For some customers, this mattress size placed on their foundation might not be suitable. In that case, the Puffy Royal is not an appropriate option.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Puffy Lux Vs. Puffy Royal Mattress Features


The Puffy Lux mattress gives you 12 reasons to buy this mattress. Most of these reasons are the overall high-quality construction of this mattress. From the inception of the mattress, the 7″ base layer is a hybrid of both foam and coils. This foam is of high-quality material, making it dense enough for good support. The coils have a special body adaptability function that contours with your body.

Puffy lux vs Puffy royal comparison

This base is topped by the company’s unique climate control foam, which has an anti-humidity feature. This layer makes sure that there is no moisture in the bed while you sleep. 3rd layer making the entry into the bed is the signature cloud foam for optimal relaxation and maximum recovery. On top is the cooling gel-infused 4th layer, which is also breathable.

All these layers are protected with a perfect fit bottom base cover with the ability to cover all your toss and turn. On top is the strain-resistant, hypoallergenic plush cover making the whole bed a perfect resting place.

If you are looking for the best from Puffy, you have to go for the ultimate bedding experience with a Puffy ROYAL mattress. This ergonomically designed mattress is the perfect example of support and comfort that is expected from a mattress. The immaculate combination of 7 layers is the reason behind the royal feel. From the bottom, the mixture of high-quality, dense foam and contouring coils is the perfect base for a phenomenal mattress.

Further, the base provides the perfect edge support while sitting on the mattress. The next layers are Cloud Air and Cloud Comfort foams. The former layer is for full body support with its sculpting technology. The lateral layer is anti-humidity foam for moisture extraction and temperature control. The reflexive memory foam is exclusively for extra contouring and recovery. The cooling elevating layer is next in line with cooling gel-infused foam.

To keep all the features intact, the perfect fit bottom cover and anti-strain and hypoallergenic top cover are used, making it the Royals of mattresses.


For the best Puffy Lux mattress experience, it is essential to have a precise firmness level. The mattress will not be softer when there is a mixture of foam and coil. This combination needs to be precise, as too much will make the mattress uncomfortably hard, and too little will result in slagging.

Keeping this in mind, the company has designed the mattress on a medium-plush level of firmness. This level is more inclined towards firm level than soft level. Because this firmness level can bear the isolated weight of the layers and absorb the pressure when the mattress is used, this is important for its longevity.

The Puffy Royal has a similar structure with a slight change in firmness level. Although it has seven layers, the mattress is ranked Ultra-Plush on the firmness scale. This means the soft portion is more than the firm portion. The isolated weight of the layers is inevitable, but with the addition of memory foam, the pressure is divided equally throughout the mattress, even when in use.

Puffy lux vs Puffy royal differences

Motion Isolation and Edge Support

The Puffy Lux is not precisely designed to cut off the motion transfer. However, the mattress’s ergonomics are designed so that individual sleepers can find their perfect spot on the bed. The Cloud foam is added explicitly to the whole structure of the bed to provide ultimate comfort to the sleeper. Once the pressure is released from the sleeper’s body at a specific angle of the choice, there will be minimum movement throughout the night.

For edge support, the mixture of foam and coils are adaptable to contour the body and is specially designed for the perfect edge support for the sleeper.

The same is the case with the Puffy Royal mattress, which is not specifically built for motion isolation. However, the perfect harmony of all the beneficial layers of foam provides so much comfort that once you are tucked in, there will be no need for unnecessary movement.

The hybrid of foam and contouring coils is commonly used for the overall body support with the addition of edge support. Edge support is important for easy in and out movement and to keep the structure of the mattress intact even after many uses.


Puffy specializes in providing temperature-controlled and cooling effects in its mattresses, especially in the case of their Lux mattress. The whole theme of this mattress is to focus on pressure release from the body and provide a cooling effect while sleeping (check 10 great cooling mattresses for hot sleepers). This is achieved through a particular foam layer infused with cooling gel. The anti-humidity layer is added to take the coolness to another level, which wicks away all the moisture and keeps your body cool. Further, the breathable cover on top and the foam and coil-based bottom keep the air ventilation active at all times.

In Royal, the company took the coolness altogether to another level. The foam and the coil-based bottom are the beginning of it. Then the anti-humidity plays its part in extracting any moisture away. Then the breathable memory foam keeps the temperature intact. Next up is the specialized gel-based foam layer to enhance the coolness. And in the end, the breathable plush cover takes all the benefits of layers. It provides the ultimate “Royal feel” to the sleepers.

Position and Body Type

Most of the mattress makers in the market do not focus on any specific sleeping position or body type. This gives them a wide customer range who can enjoy the mattress of their choice. The same is the case with both the Puffy Lux and Royal mattresses. The ergonomics of both mattresses are designed so that any sleeper with any sleeping posture can fully enjoy all the benefits of the mattress. The overall size of the mattress, thanks to numerous layers, is good enough to cater to any body size for a more extended period of use.

Everyone deserves a better sleep no matter what the size is. Instead, people who are heavily built are more in need of cool and pressure-relieving sleep. That’s why both of these mattresses and the other best quality mattresses ensure that coolness and pressure relief are always the number one priority in making a mattress.

Both of these mattresses have a foam and coil hybrid, making them a strong base for the mattress. They can resist pressure upon use; that’s why the user gets a night of better sleep and the extra edge support from the mattress.

Price Range

Puffy has developed a niche market with its top-quality product with many benefits. To enjoy that, you have to pay the price, much more. The quality is inevitable in both of these mattresses as they both have won numerous awards for the best mattresses.

Although a considerable investment is required to get any of these mattresses, considering the quality and after-sales services, it is a positive investment return (check 10 best selling mattresses under 2,000 dollars). Further, these prices are still competitive with other products available. If a buyer has a budget of $3,500 for a mattress, the deciding factor is the specific need rather than the price.

If still, it is expensive, the company has introduced an installment plan of 18 months at a 0% interest rate to ease your budget and make you a lifetime owner of the Puffy mattress.

Mattress Type Puffy Lux Puffy Royal
Twin $1,749 $2,099
Twin XL $1,799 $2,199
Full $2,049 $2,899
Queen $2,249 $3,149
King $2,449 $3,449
Cal. King $2,449 $3,449


The Puffy Lux and the Puffy Royal are top-quality mattresses to consider if you plan to get your next mattress for your bed. They have unique designs and features to attract customers. If you are not fond of memory foam, then the Puffy Lux is the right choice. But if you want the ultra-luxury experience, go for the Puffy Royal. Both of them have good after-sales services. The deciding factor, in our opinion, will be the price you are willing to pay for a mattress.

If you have the budget to buy a Puffy mattress, then why not go for the ultimate experience and buy the Puffy Royal. If you are short of budget? No Problem, the installment plan by the company has got you covered.