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Best mattress for shoulder pain, some good options we tested

Your shoulders are the most moveable joints in your body, and it has different individual components to support an advanced range of motion. It also means this joint is prone to different pain-inducing issues.

Therefore, you have to be very careful on your sleep surface to keep it out of any pressure, especially if you are a side sleeper. To help you with that, we have developed a list of the best mattresses for shoulder pain (also check 10 great mattresses).

What is the Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain in 2022?

10 top rated Mattresses for Hip and Shoulder Pain

Naturalform Garden Mattress

- Back & joint pain relief
- Spinal alignment
- Merino wool cover

The mattress features hotel comfort with 16 different pressure-free patented air zones.

The Garden Mattress by NaturalForm comes with that hotel comfort that you are looking for, and it is combined with air zones that keep the sleep surface pressure-free as you lay on it.

This mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, and you have the peace of mind to try out the mattress and make the bed comfortable with it. It is available in various sizes, from Twin to split king and Calking. Therefore, you can buy one for your bedroom or your kids’ room and purchase one for your guest room (also check 10 amazing mattresses for childrens).

Moreover, you can include an adjustable base in your purchase and a foundation to make yourself even more comfortable. One of the best features of this bed is that you can adjust the firmness according to your needs and sleep preferences.

Whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this mattress will serve pretty well for you (also check 10 top-rated mattresses for stomach sleepers). This mattress can provide pressure relief, and it is also naturally breathable. So, if you are a hot sleeper, it will work well.

In a nutshell The Garden Mattress by NaturalForm is a good option to treat your shoulder or any other pain. You can adjust the firmness level of this mattress according to your sleep preferences and can conveniently tackle those pressure points in your body no matter what your sleep position is.

Naturepedic Serenade Organic Mattress

- Superior design
- Organic latex
- High-performance synthetic fiber

A safer organic mattress that has a hybrid design featuring organic latex.

The Serenade by Naturepedic is an organic mattress made of healthy materials and has a hybrid construction. It has organic latex in its design that provides exceptional pressure relief.

Apart from the latex comfort layer on the top, this mattress also features encased coil design in its base layer that helps the sleep surface contour well to your body.

If you compare it with the Garden Mattress by NaturalForm, you will see that it has an entirely different construction because this one is a hybrid. Of course, it will be higher in price, but you won’t have to compromise in terms of quality. 

But if you’re looking for a mattress that doesn’t cause any skin allergies, want something healthier for your home, and don’t want to deal with any off-gassing problems, then this mattress is the best one for you. 

Unlike the NaturalForm Garden Mattress, it has no adjustment features regarding firmness. But this mattress does come in two different firmness options. You can either go for a firm or medium-firm mattress. This mattress is also GOTS, Made-Safe, and GreenGuard certified, so you won’t have to deal with chemicals.

It is also available in different sizes ranging from Twin to Cal King. But if you are looking for a split Cal king or split king, you will have to look for other options like the Garden Mattress.

In a nutshell The Serenade Mattress is a top choice for anyone looking to treat shoulder pain and wants a hybrid mattress in their bedroom. There are two different firmness levels available, and it is entirely made of organic materials, so it won’t cause any skin allergies either.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

- Recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors
- High-end mattress
- Organic latex

Chiropractors and orthopedic specialists highly regard the organic latex mattress.

This mattress is handcrafted with organic materials and doesn’t involve any chemicals. It is indeed an excellent option for anyone who has to deal with skin sensitivities or off-gassing issues.

This mattress is GOTS, and GreenGuard certified, just like the Serenade Mattress by Naturepedic. As the comfort layers feature latex, this mattress conforms well according to your body shape and will provide excellent pressure relief, just like the Serenade.

Another advantage of the Botanical Bliss is that it is available in various sizes, from Twin to split Cal king.

It is available in two different firmness levels, just like the Serenade by Naturepedic. So, there is no firmness level adjustment as it is available in the Garden Mattress by NaturalForm.

But one thing how the Botanical Bliss has differentiated itself from the above two that we have mentioned above is that you can go for three different thickness levels. You can either go for 9 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches according to your requirements.

And despite all the options available that you can choose from, you still get a pretty decent deal on your mattress.

As this mattress provides exceptional contouring, it is an excellent option for side sleepers. This mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty, unlike the Garden Mattress by NaturalForm, that only comes with a 10-years warranty. And still comes with a 100-night sleep trial, just like Garden Mattress by NaturalFrom.

In a nutshell The Botanical Bliss is a quality organic mattress made of natural ingredients. It is available in different sizes and offers a lifetime warranty with a 100-night sleep trial. 

Layla Hybrid Mattress

- Copper infused memory foam
- Excellent edge support
- Anti-microbial

The hybrid mattress by Layla features memory foam and coil springs and offers tremendous conformance.

This hybrid mattress by Layla is another top option if you are after a hybrid mattress to treat your shoulder pain. This one is a good option for you if you don’t sleep hot because its comfort layer features memory foam. Apart from that, you can purchase an adjustable base with this mattress (also check 10 great mattresses for adjustable bed).

You can even add high-quality bedding accessories to go with this mattress too. You can purchase bamboo sheets or can also go for a down-alternative comforter.

This mattress has a double-sided design. It means you can use it on both sides. This is the feature that makes it unique from the options that we have listed above.

Moreover, this mattress also comes with exceptional edge support. So this mattress will not lose its shape any time soon.

In a nutshell The Layla hybrid mattress is a memory foam that provides extraordinary conformance with its comfort layers, and you won’t have to deal with any issues regarding support, thanks to its coil base. The double-sided mattress can be used from both sides, and hence you can continue to use it for a long time to come

Puffy Mattress

- Best selling USA
- All Sleep position
- Hotel comfort

This mattress works with any bed frame and is ideal for all sleep positions.

Puffy mattress is one of the best regarding high breathability and conformance. It is available in different sizes. But if you are looking for split sizes, you need to look elsewhere because it is not available in split sizes, just like Layla and Naturepedic.

With this mattress, you can also purchase different bedding accessories, including a pillow, a protector, and a sheet set, all free of cost, so you are getting a pretty good deal here.

This mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, just like the Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds. And the best thing is that it works with any bed frame and is an ideal option for all sleepers.

Thanks to the thick base layer, this mattress provides plenty of support and comfort. And that is exactly why a mattress is an ideal option for all types of sleepers. Furthermore, it is an excellent option to share with your partner because it guarantees motion isolation too.

The 5-layer design of this mattress is pretty extraordinary, and every layer continues in different ways to wick moisture and heat. It means you will always have the cloud-like feel when you are on the Puffy Mattresses.

However, this mattress comes with a medium-firm design, and there are no different firmness levels you can choose from as some other brands like PlushBeds and NaturalForm offer.

In a nutshell Puffy Mattress ensures better isolation and offers excellent full-body support. The breathability of this mattress is off the charts, and it is an ideal option for all sleep positions.

Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress

- Organic cotton & Merino wool
- Hypoallergenic cover
- For all sleep positions

This memory foam hybrid offers excellent edge support with its dual-layered string and micro coils.

The Legend by Lessa is a unique hybrid mattress with a memory foam comfort layer just like the Layla hybrid mattress, but it has two layers of coils in its innerspring base.

If you are a side sleeper and you have to deal with plenty of shoulder pain, this mattress will surely come in handy for you. The mattress has a medium-firm feel, and you will feel pretty relaxed.

This mattress comes with a mattress cover made of sustainable organic cotton and is highly breathable. It will wick moisture and enable you to sleep all night comfortably.

Lessa Legen is not available in split sizes, but it is available in all other sizes, just like Layla and others that we have mentioned above. You also can add an adjustable base or foundation to your purchase of this mattress. A platform bed can also be bought to make it an ultimate comfort package for you.

This mattress won’t cause skin allergies or off-gassing problems as you use it. It is CertiPUR-US certified, and you can purchase a range of different bedding accessories. You can go for a quality sheet set, premium quality foam pillow, or even a hybrid pillow if you are looking to sort things out for your shoulder pain.

In a nutshell Leesa Legen is a good-quality memory foam hybrid with dual coil systems. It is an excellent option for side sleepers. You can even go for an adjustable base and a mattress topper to make your sleep surface as comfortable as ever to treat that shoulder pain. 

Transformation hybrid by Diamond mattress

- Hotel quality mattress
- Highly breathable
- Pressure relief

Eco-friendly, cooler sleep with excellent pressure and shoulder relief.

The DiamondMattress introduced the Transformation Hybrid mattress that delivers superior pressure relief, edge support, and no motion transfer. Additionally, both coils and top layers circulate the air and keep you cool while sleeping.

The individual coils give you personalized contouring and support for removing painful pressure points and minimizing turning and tossing at night.

Both Leesa and Layla mattresses come with a combination of foam and coils for enhancing comfort, like the Transformation hybrid mattress.

This hybrid mattress by DiamondMattress is available from twin to California king sizes, just like the Leesa and Serenade mattresses. It is available in all three firmness levels plush, medium, and firm. However, in the Spindle mattress, you can adjust the foam layers to adjust its firmness for customized comfort.

The company offers multiple bedding accessories that increase support and help relieve pressure for shoulder pain sufferers. In addition, those accessories include an adjustable base, cooling pillow, waterproof mattress protector, and ultra-cool mattress cover. You can separately purchase for a luxurious feel.

In a nutshell The Transformation hybrid mattress comes with a hybrid design that gives you balanced comfort. This balanced comfort contours your body into a natural shape and relieves your shoulder, neck, and back pain (also check 10 amazing mattress for back pain). It is made with foam and coils that reduce motion transfer and gives you undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Futon Shop Organic CocoMat

- Pressure relief
- Anti-microbial & dust mite resistant
- Organic coconut coir

Fully customized eco-friendly mattress, suitable for all sleepers.

Futon coconut mattress is a unique mattress as compared to all mattresses. It allows you to customize each layer according to your required comfort and support. Another best thing is that it is suitable for all types of sleepers.

If you’re suffering from back stiffness or pain, this Coconut mattress protects your spine. Many mattresses are available to adjust the firmness, just like the Garden mattress and Spindle latex mattress.

However, in the Coconut mattress, you must choose the top and bottom layers before placing your order. Soft, medium, and firm firmness options for 2-inch organic latex layers. This is a good thing you can select as your requirements.

On the other hand, you can purchase additional bedding accessories like a cotton blanket, organic cotton sheets, pillows, and much more to enhance your comfort. This is a hybrid mattress, just like the Naturepedic Serenade mattress.

This hybrid mattress is made with Coconut coir certified by OEKOTEX and natural Dunlop latex. This combination keeps you cool and also relieves your pressure from sore points. You can create your customized mattress for an excellent sleeping position.   

In a nutshell The Coconut Futon mattress is the best-customized mattress made according to your requirements. You can enjoy great fitness at the top and bottom that support and comfort your shoulder pain. This organic mattress is hypoallergenic, mildew, and dust mite resistant for enjoying natural comfort.

Spindle Organic Latex mattress

- 100% organic: latex, cotton & wool
- Comfortable
- Built to last

Latex mattress with unique firmness adjustable design for supportive sleep.

Spindle latex mattresses are one of the best organic mattresses that offer a supportive surface. The top surface conforms to your body with less sink. It also helps to remove pressures from your shoulder and hip areas. It contours your body into a natural shape.

The best thing about the Spindle latex mattress is that it comes with 3 layers of latex foam. One layer is soft, the second layer is medium, and the last layer is firm. Thus, you can adjust the firmness level by adjusting the required firm layering, just like the NaturalForm Garden mattress.

This latex mattress is available from twin to king-size only. However, if you have a largesize bed, then you can choose a split king or California king from the NaturalForm Garden and Botanical Bliss mattresses.

This mattress comes with only a 10year warranty, but other Puffy and Botanical Bliss mattresses have a lifetime warranty. Consequently, the top cover of the mattress is covered with organic cotton that is certified by the GOTS, just like the Avocado and Botanical Bliss mattresses.   

The company uses all synthetic materials during its construction, making it a highly breathable mattress for you. This mattress contours your body. Pls, give you a supportive and comfortable good night’s sleep (also check 10 great comfortable mattresses). For enhancing your comfort and support, you can separately purchase bedding accessories

In a nutshell The Spindle latex mattress has a unique design that provides you with three-layered mattresses. Those 3 layers come with soft, medium, and firm firmness levels. So, you can adjust its layering according to your sleeping position, support, and comfort

Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress

- 5 zones for support
- Organic and natural latex & cotton
- With attached pillow-top

Certified, handmade organic materials for motion isolation and support

The Avocado organic mattress is one of the best mattresses if you are having shoulder pain. It is constructed with 100% organic materials, and all are certified and safe. This is a hybrid model that is a combination of natural latex and pocket coiled, just like the Naturepedic Serenade mattress.

It is also available in all sizes, from twin to split king sizes like the NaturalForm Garden and Botanical Bliss. It also comes with soft and medium firmness, but you can pick the Garden mattress to enjoy adjustable firmness.

The Avocado is much more expensive than all mattresses, but it is the best value for money. This happens due to 100% organic layers, comfort, and support and is highly certified. No mattresses above can compare their comfort and support for shoulder pains.  

On the other hand, your purchase also comes with a 1year trial and 25-year warranty. However, the Botanical Bliss and Puffy mattresses cover a lifetime warranty due to their durability and reliability. The company also offers you multiple bedding accessories to enhance comfort.

Those accessories include foundation, power base, pillows, and other pocket sheets. Furthermore, Avocado mattresses are certified by GreenGuard Gold for low emission, just like the Botanical Bliss mattresses.

Many hybrid memory foam mattresses lack essential support and cause neck and shoulder pain. But the Avocado organic mattress is made from latex foam with pocketed oil, providing incredible support to your shoulder and neck.

In a nutshell A combination of organic latex and pocket coils makes this mattress a luxury and more supportive one. The Avocado luxury mattress is highly certified and comes with a hypoallergenic top cover, so suitable for sensitive people. These mattresses are also available in medium and soft firmness.

What Mattress Firmness Is Best for Shoulder Pain?

If you prefer to sleep on your side, you must ensure that you don’t go for firm mattresses. These firm mattresses have hard surfaces and can put your shoulder out of alignment.

As a result, the joint starts to hurt, and you will also feel pain in your other pressure points, such as your hips and ankles. Therefore, if you prefer to sleep on your side and are dealing with shoulder pain, then you need to sleep on a softer surface that ranges from 4 to 6.

So, the ideal sleep surface for you would be plush to medium-firm. If you have a mattress with a harder surface, you can go for a softer mattress topper or for supportive pocketed coils that can offer better body conformance.

Can A Mattress Cause Shoulder Pain?

Yes, if you tend to sleep on harder surfaces with a firmness level of over 6 and prefer to sleep on your side, then your shoulder is not getting enough conformance. As a result, your shoulder will go off the alignment, and your joint will start to feel pain.

It happens because the irritated structures begin to compress, and your joints begin to hurt. And if you don’t do anything to improve the alignment, this shoulder pain will begin moving towards your neck. Consequently, your neck will start to hurt as well.

Therefore, it is better to go for a softer mattress right away to ensure better conformance. Your best option is to add a soft mattress topper and make the sleeping surface more comfortable.

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Hip and Shoulder Pain?

If you are dealing with hip and shoulder pain, you need to go for softer mattresses. You need to look for better conformance and comfort. In such a scenario, you should consider using a memory foam mattress or hybrid.

But you can also add a memory foam mattress topper on your firm mattress if you are a combination sleeper and need support. But your primary cancer should be looking for a surface that gives you plenty of pressure relief and contouring. So memory foam mattresses are pretty good for this.

But if you tend to sleep hot, consider using gel-infused memory foam mattresses. They are excellent when it comes to temperature regulation, and they are excellent for pressure relief and contouring too.

How Should I Sleep If My Shoulders Hurt?

If your shoulder hurts, you can sleep on your other side if you prefer to sleep on your side. But you can also sleep on your stomach or your back.

You can place a bottom pillow that supports your shoulders and a top pillow that can support your neck. You can even hug your pillow as it will keep your top shoulder in an open position.

Moreover, you can tuck your pillow high up under your arm. You can also try to sleep on your back and nest small pillows under your shoulder. Your morning shoulder pain is caused by body flatness during the night.

Why Are My Shoulders Sore When I Wake Up?

If you don’t have any history of shoulder pains, then your sleep position is the most usual culprit behind this joint pain.

If you tend to sleep on your side and it results in your rotator cuff tendons or your shoulder bursae pinched, you will wake up with a pain in your shoulder.

Maybe you slept directly on your arm, or your elbow is closer to your headboard than your shoulder. Then, in the canaries, you will wake up with shoulder pain.

You can poop out your head a little using a pillow can help, and you can also do some icing and immobilize your shoulder. It will help you in reducing your shoulder stiffness and discomfort.

Should Shoulders Be on Pillow When Sleeping?

Your pillow should only be thick enough to create that straight line from your neck to your head down to your spine. In other words, you should not place your shoulders on your pillow, which will create stress on your shoulder blades.

It will cause your lower back to go out of alignment. So, ensure you only place your head and neck on your pillow, and both should be straight with your spine for the ideal sleeping posture. And it is also applicable if you prefer to sleep on your side.

Our Recommendation

You can explore a range of options when looking for the best mattress for shoulder pain. Make sure that high conformance and low firmness are your top priorities.

There are different brands that you can consider going for. These include the likes of NaturalForm, Naturepedic, PlushBeds, and others. These mattresses keep your body posture adequately aligned.