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Air Bed vs. Sleeping Pad – How To Choose The Right One For Your Needs

We compare using an air bed vs. sleeping pad by looking at cushioning, insulation, portability and ease of use, for indoor use and for camping.

What to Do If an Air Bed is Not Inflating – Step by Step

We discuss what to do if an air bed is not inflating, what to do if the pump malfunctions, how to check for holes, and how to repair these holes with a repair kit or hot glue gun.

Air Bed Alternatives — the Complete Guide

We discuss air bed alternatives such as rollaway beds, futons, Murphy and sofa beds, for home use, as well as hammocks, camping cots, sleeping bags, self inflating and foam sleep pads, for camping.

Common Air Bed Dangers and How to Fix Them

We discuss 7 common air bed dangers and their solutions. These include back pain, toxicity and surface of the material, sharing the air bed, temperature regulation, comfort, and safety for infants.

15 Bookcase Bed Ideas to Add Utility to Your Bedroom

We discuss 15 clever bookcase bed ideas including bookcase dividers, unique headboards and footboards, as well as bed frames and speciality beds with specific storage options.

Can You Use an Air Bed on an Adjustable Bed? A Detailed Guide with Pros and Cons

We discuss using an air bed on an adjustable bed by looking at how an adjustable bed works, air mattress compatibility, as well as pros and cons.

Choosing Between an Air Bed vs. Memory Foam Mattress for Camping

This article discusses the differences between air bed vs. memory foam mattress for camping. We look at portability, durability, comfort, design, and suitability for different camping trips.

How To Lift An Air Bed For Camping — A Complete Guide

We discuss how to lift an air bed for camping, a variety of air bed risers and alternative methods, and the reasons to lift an air bed while camping.

Steps to Replace an Air Bed Bladder & How To Find The Right Air Bed Bladder

In this article we explain how to replace an air bed bladder, how to select the right air bladder for your mattress, and the difference between air bed chambers vs. air bed bladders.

How To Deflate An Air Bed – A Step by Step Guide

In this article we discuss how to deflate an air bed using a foot pump, manually by hand, and using a vacuum cleaner. We give easy to follow step by step instructions for each method.