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Do you need a box spring? Learn more in this post

Do you need a box spring? In-Depth Guide

After reading this article you will be able to answer the question ‘Do you need a box spring?’. Key topics that we discuss include: What is a box spring? What are the pros and cons of box springs? What are alternatives to box springs? What kinds of mattresses need a box spring? What kinds of beds need a box spring? Will my mattress warranty be void without a box spring?

Trundle Bed Mattress Size banner image

Trundle Bed Mattress Size (s)- Info, Tips and Tricks

In this article we discuss: What trundle bed mattress size fits trundle frames, What frame sizes do trundle beds have, How much floor space do trundle beds use, What sheet sizes do trundle beds use, and How much do trundle beds cost

How does a trundle bed work

How does a Trundle Bed work? – A Quick Guide

In this article we discuss several topics related to how to operate a trundle bed. After reading this article you will know how a trundle bed works. Topics covered include: What does a trundle bed look like? How to close and lock a trundle bed? How to pull out the trundle bed and set it up? How to pop up a trundle bed? How to lower a trundle bed?