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What’s the Weight of a Mattress Topper? And How to Choose The Right Weight For Your Needs

We discuss what the weight of a mattress topper is, how it is affected by density and thickness, and how to choose and return a mattress topper.

How to Fix a Mattress Topper That’s Too Warm

We discuss how to fix a mattress topper that’s too warm by increasing ventilation, changing density, and modifying bedding. We also provide examples of cooling mattress toppers that are available online.

How to Hold Down a Mattress Topper – 10 Simple Tips / Tricks!

We discuss how to hold down a mattress topper and prevent a mattress topper from sliding off a mattress using: holders, non slip mats, fitted sheets & more.

How to Choose a Mattress Topper for a Heavy Person

We discuss tips to properly choose a mattress topper for a heavy person by choosing the right thickness, density, and materials to support the weight.

Mattress Topper Types: The Ultimate Guide

We discuss different mattress topper types including toppers with different materials, thickness, density, and functions like motion isolation.

How to Choose A Mattress Topper for A Hospital Bed – Tips/Tricks

We discuss how to choose mattress toppers for hospital beds that are pressure relieving, have the right density, thermal regulation, and the right accessories.

How to Roll Up A Mattress Topper – Tips and Tricks

We discuss how to roll up a mattress topper, store it, unroll it, expand it, and tips for different materials like Latex and Memory Foam.

Is your Memory Foam Mattress Topper Not Expanding? Here are Tips to Fix It

We discuss reasons your memory foam mattress topper is not expanding, tips and tricks to make the mattress topper expand faster, and how to store a topper properly.

How to use a Mattress Topper to Soften a Bed with Tips and Tricks

We discuss how to use a mattress topper to soften a bed or mattress. Topics include natural softening, softening Nectar and Tempurpedic mattresses & more.

How to Secure a Mattress to a Murphy Bed with Mattress Straps?

We discuss how to secure a mattress to a murphy bed with mattress straps, how to secure mattress covers onto a murphy bed, and murphy bed pillows as well.