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6 Tips to Use Sleigh Beds in a Small Apartment

We discuss different tips to use a sleigh bed in a small apartment bedroom, typical sleigh bed dimensions, and recommend some sleigh bed designs.

Are Murphy Beds Safe? Murphy Bed Child Safety Tips and Tricks

Are Murphy beds safe? We discuss different murphy bed child safety tricks, build-in safety features in murphy beds, and manufacturer recommendations.

Sleigh Bed Height Guide – How to Choose the Right Sleigh Bed Height For Your Needs

We discuss the typical height of a sleigh bed, different variations in sleigh bed height, and how to alter the height of a sleigh bed with different techniques.

How to Replace a Sleigh Bed Footboard – Step by Step

We discuss how to replace a sleigh bed footboard, how to determine footboard dimensions for your replacement, and how to find a footboard supplier.

Sleigh Bed Comforter Ideas & Tips/Tricks for Decorating A Sleigh Bed

We discuss different sleigh bed comforter ideas such as tufted, boho, and other styles. We also discuss alternate strategies like skirts, slipcovers & more.

How To Replace Sleigh Bed Rails – Step by Step

We discuss how to replace sleigh bed rails, when you should replace vs. fix sleigh bed rails, types of sleigh bed rails and some other tips/tricks.

6 Simple Sleigh Bed Decorating Ideas with Tips and Tricks

We discuss different sleigh bed decorating ideas such as fabric details, upholstery, & more. We also discuss how to make a sleigh bed more modern.

What To Do if a Bed Skirt Is Too Long – Tips and Tricks For the Perfect Fit

We discuss what to do if a bed skirt is too long and how to fix a long bed skirt using tailoring, hemming, seaming, using bed risers, and other tricks.

Sleigh Bed vs. Panel Bed: Which Is the Right One For You?

We discuss different methionine selective bioconjugation techniques utilized for protein antibody, polymer, or surface conjugation with step-by-step instructions.

Does a Sleigh Bed Need a Box Spring? A Guide with Tips & Tricks

We discuss when a sleigh bed needs a box spring, how mattress materials affect this decision, and how to cover a box spring to match sleigh bed styles.