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10 Bed Skirt Alternatives & Their Pros and Cons

We discuss different bed skirt types, bed skirt alternatives, comparisons of bed wraps vs. bed skirts, and DIY options in this detailed article.

Quick and Easy Bed Skirt Hacks to Elevate the Look of Your Room

We discuss different bed skirt hacks such as wrap arounds, DIY, fitted sheets, and more that can be used instead of traditional bed skirts.

A Guide to Bed Skirt Styles and 10 Interesting Ideas

We discuss different bed skirt styles such as gathered, tailored and layered bed skirts. We also discuss how to match colors and provide 10 ideas for bed skirts.

How To Choose a Mattress Topper For a Lumpy Mattress

We discuss how to choose a mattress topper for a lumpy mattress, reasons that mattresses are lumpy, and how thickness and density need to be balanced.

10 Tips to Make a Hotel Bed Firmer and More Comfortable

We discuss tips to make a hotel bed firmer and more comfortable including an analysis of products that can be transported on a car vs. a plane.

Can You Buy A Pillow Top For Your Mattress? Yes! And Here’s How…

We discuss whether you can buy a pillow top for a mattress, how to choose a pillow top, benefits of pillow tops vs. memory foam, and more.

How to Fix a Lumpy Mattress Topper – Step by Step

We discuss how to fix a lumpy mattress topper by assessing why your topper is lumpy, using plywood and pillows, smoothing techniques, and more.

Simple Steps to Make a Comfortable Truck Camping Bed

We discuss how to make a comfortable truck camping bed by choosing the right shell or tent, mattress, pad, and bedding. We also discuss accessories for additional comfort.

How To Make A Dorm Bed More Comfortable – 10 Tips and Tricks

We discuss how to make a dorm bed more comfortable with tips like using bed risers, choosing the right mattress topper and the right bedroom policies.

How to Choose a Mattress Topper for Camping

We discuss how to choose a mattress topper for camping with tips for car camping, backpacking, and using a sleeping bag with a mattress topper.