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5 Methods to Turn a Sleigh Bed into a Bench

We provide 5 step by step guides to turn your sleigh bed into a bench. We discuss a corner sleigh bench, dining banquette, ottoman, storage sleigh bench and a sleigh bench with armrests.

Sleigh Bed Pros and Cons – A Definitive Guide

We discuss different sleigh bed pros and cons as they relate to style, design, comfort, storage, and weight. We also discuss how to choose a sleigh bed to match your needs.

What Is a Sleigh Bed? A Guide to Different Styles and Sizes

We answer the question what is a sleigh bed by discussing sleigh bed styles, dimensions, and how to decorate a sleigh bed to make it look more modern.

A Detailed Guide to Sleigh Bed Dimensions

We discuss sleigh bed dimensions, sleigh bed mattress sizes, and the heights of sleigh beds. We also give tips and tricks for choosing the right sleigh bed.

How to Disassemble a Sleigh Bed – Step by Step

We discuss how to disassemble a sleigh bed, how to dismantle a storage sleigh bed, and how to remove just the headboard or footboard from a sleigh bed.

Tips to Choose Sleigh Bed Mattress Height

We discuss how to choose sleigh bed mattress height to match room style, sleeper preferences, bed style, headboard and footboard heights, & more.

A Guide To Lift Up Storage Sleigh Bed Varieties and Their Benefits

We discuss different types of lift up storage sleigh beds, lift mechanisms, storage spaces between different sleigh beds, sleigh bed heights & more.

6 Tips to Use Sleigh Beds in a Small Apartment

We discuss different tips to use a sleigh bed in a small apartment bedroom, typical sleigh bed dimensions, and recommend some sleigh bed designs.

Are Murphy Beds Safe? Murphy Bed Child Safety Tips and Tricks

Are Murphy beds safe? We discuss different murphy bed child safety tricks, build-in safety features in murphy beds, and manufacturer recommendations.

Sleigh Bed Height Guide – How to Choose the Right Sleigh Bed Height For Your Needs

We discuss the typical height of a sleigh bed, different variations in sleigh bed height, and how to alter the height of a sleigh bed with different techniques.