Air Bed Costs – a Complete Guide

Air beds make an amazing alternative to regular beds for both indoor and outdoor purposes, and the great thing about them is that their varying prices can meet any budget. There are many factors that affect the air bed costs including the size, the quality, the brand, as well as special features that might make one air bed totally different from another. 

Average air bed costs range from $18 to $380. The size of the air bed, the quality, the brand, the materials used, and special features, are all factors that affect the price. For example, an air bed that is larger, made from TPU, and has a built-in pump, will cost more.

If you are about to purchase an air bed, this article is just for you. We provide you with a complete guide to the cost of air beds and the determining factors, to help you make the right choice.

Average Price of Air Mattresses by Size

The size of the air bed is one of the first factors that affect how much it can cost. The bigger the air mattress gets, the more expensive it becomes. 

The average price of an air mattress varies by size. Twin-size can cost from $20 to $120, full-size from $18 to $240, a queen size from $35 to $319, and a king-size from $50 to $380. The prices differ greatly according to the quality, the brand, and the durability of the air mattresses.

Air beds come in different sizes ranging from twin to king-size, and each has its own price range. Prices can also differ according to their special features such as whether or not the air bed has a built-in air pump or not. Here is an in-depth comparison: 

Twin Size Air Mattress

Twin-size air beds come at different prices ranging from $20 to $120. A twin-size air mattress without a built-in air pump, like this one can cost around $33, while an air bed with a built-in pump like this one can cost around $77. 

Twin size air mattresses like this one, cost a little more as they have built-in air pumps.This twin-size air bed comes with a built-in air pump and costs around $75. Image source: Amazon.

Full Size Air Mattress

The price of full-size air beds can range between $18 and $240. Special features definitely push the cost up, so if you need a full-size air bed with a built-in pump like this one, you will pay around $76, while a full-size air mattress without a built-in pump, like this one, can cost $18. 

Air bed costs are lower when they don’t have special features, like this full size air bed that doesn’t have a built-in pump.This full-size air mattress without a built-in pump costs around $18. Image source: Amazon.

Queen Size Air Mattress

Generally speaking, queen-size air mattresses range from $45 to $319. A queen-size air mattress that doesn’t have a built-in pump, like this one, can cost around $35. If the mattress comes with a built-in electric pump, like this one, it can cost $100 or more. 

Air bed costs are higher if they have a built-in pump. For example, this air bed with a built-in pump in costs around $66 more than one without.This queen-size air mattress has a built-in electric pump and costs around $100. Image source Amazon.

King Size Air Mattress

King-size air beds come at different prices ranging from $130 to $320+. A king-size air mattress with a built-in pump like this one costs $90 while it can cost ~$50 for one like this, without a pump.

Although having a built-in air pump is more convenient, the difference in price between an air bed with a built-in pump and the same size air bed without one usually exceeds the price of a separate air pump like this one. Shopping around and buying an air mattress without a built-in air pump and buying a separate one, could save you quite a large amount of money. This money could be used on air mattress accessories as mentioned in our article about how much an air bed is.

Here is a comparison between buying an air bed with a built-in pump and one without, but bought with a separate air pump for inflatables:

Size Of Air Mattress Estimated Price of Mattress With A Built-In Pump Estimated Price of Mattress Without Built-In Pump Estimated Price of Pump Estimation of Total Cost &Total Saving
Twin Englander Twin Size Air Mattress w/ Built-in Pump~$100 Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Airbed Series~$35 Etekcity EAP1-RC Rechargeable Electric Air Mattress Pump ~$30 Total Cost:~$65&Total Saving~$35
Full  Beautyrest Posture Lux Air Bed Mattress~$130 Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Airbed~$20 Etekcity EAP1-RC Rechargeable Electric Air Mattress Pump ~$30 Total Cost:~$50&Total Saving~$80
Queen EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress~$100 Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Airbed Series~$35 Etekcity EAP1-RC Rechargeable Electric Air Mattress Pump ~$30 Total Cost:~$65&Total Saving~$35
King Intex Dura-Beam  King Size Air Mattress w/ Built-in Pump~$90 King Size Air Mattress~$50 Etekcity EAP1-RC Rechargeable Electric Air Mattress Pump ~$30 Total Cost:~$80&Total Saving~$10

If you’ve recently purchased an air bed and find that you need to return it, make sure to read our step-by-step guide on how to return an air bed for some helpful information. Before you do, however, make sure to read our related article explaining what to do if an air bed has a lump to help troubleshoot this potential problem.

Average Price of Air Mattresses By Material 

Air mattresses have evolved in recent times and are being manufactured from materials that are more durable and versatile. These different materials do, however, affect the prices of air mattresses. 

The average price of air mattresses is affected by the air bed material. Air beds made of TPU are the most expensive. Air beds made of PVC and Rubber tend to be cheaper. TPU air mattresses cost between $80 to $350, PVC air mattresses cost between $25 to $240, and Rubber air mattresses cost between $10 to $80. 

In our article about common air bed dangers and how to fix them, we explain more about the materials used in air bed manufacturing. Below we take a closer look at the three main types of materials used:

Material 1. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastic is one of the most common materials used for air beds. PVC air mattresses are relatively affordable depending on their features, design, and size. The price of PVC air beds ranges from $25 to $240. PVC materials are known to be water and fire-resistant as explained in this paper about PVC and Fire from Envorinex. PVC materials are also known to be durable and puncture-resistant. That’s why most heavy-duty air beds are made of PVC materials. However, with the advancement of technology, there are now other materials used for air mattresses that have proven to be suitable, such as rubber and Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU).

Material 2. Rubber

Rubber comes right after PVC in popularity as a material for air beds. It is characterized by being a very flexible and durable material, as explained in this article from Air Beds Unlimited about vulcanized rubber air beds. The price of rubber air beds ranges from $10 to $80 which makes them more affordable. However, for heavier weights, PVC is a better option than rubber and is more durable. You might be confused about why rubber air mattresses are so cheap. 

Even though rubber is actually more expensive than PVC to create, the fact that rubber air mattresses are less popular than PVC increases the cost of PVC air beds. 

Material 3. Thermoplastic Urethane TPU

Thermoplastic Urethane is one of the best materials introduced into air bed manufacturing. It has become quite popular nowadays, as TPU materials are lighter and more durable than PVC or regular rubber. TPU is more resistant to puncturing and abrasion. That’s why TPU air beds are the most expensive air beds on the market with prices ranging from $80 to $350. They are also eco-friendly and less toxic than rubber and PVC. This article from Hexpol, a manufacturer of TPU, explains more about what TPU is.

Air Bed Material Average Price Range Example of Air Bed
PVC $25 to $240 EnerPlex Twin Air Mattress
Rubber  $9 to $28 Antares Box Single Rubberised Cotton Bed Air Mattress
TPU $80 to $350 Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel

Price of Heavy Duty Air Mattresses

The price of heavy-duty air mattresses is higher because they are designed to carry heavyweights. They are made from durable materials like PVC and are longer lasting. An average heavy-duty air mattress costs between $85 and $380 dollars.

Heavy-duty air beds are manufactured to carry heavyweights. The term is used to refer to air beds that can carry over 400 pounds as we explain in our article about how to choose an air bed that holds 400 pounds or more. There are many special features that might cause heavy-duty air beds to be more expensive than regular air beds besides their ability to carry heavyweights. These features include special heights and multiple air chamber designs. More often than not, people who want heavy-duty air beds also need the bed to be higher than normal and longer for tall individuals. Heavy-duty air beds are available in 12, 18, and 24-inch heights, and the higher the bed, the more expensive it is. These higher air beds are referred to as double-tall air beds. The special features of these beds are not available in regular air beds. 

Air bed costs are affected by their height and durability as in this heavy-duty air bed.This heavy-duty air bed can hold up to 650 pounds, is 24 inches high, and sells at $340.

Image source: Amazon.

Cost of Air Mattress Accessories

While considering the price of an air bed, you also need to take into consideration the kinds of accessories that you’ll need to use with your air mattress. 

Factor the cost of mattress accessories into the purchase price of an air mattress. Choose items such as an air mattress cover for protection, an air pump for inflating, a frame for support, and a topper for extra comfort and insulation. Buying these air mattress accessories will cost from around $60 to $150. 

Accessories for air beds are items such as an air pump (if your air bed doesn’t have a built-in air pump) covers, frames, and toppers. All these accessories will definitely incur extra costs. Here we list accessories and their costs. 

Air Mattress Covers

Mattress covers are very important for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They help to protect the air mattress and create an insulating layer between your body and the surface of the mattress. An air mattress cover like this can cost you $32. 

As you know, PVC materials that air beds are made from, do not regulate temperature effectively. This can cause discomfort in both hot and cold weather. Using an air mattress cover will mean better temperature regulation and moisture absorption, depending on the materials that it is made from. For more tips and tricks, we discuss how to fix an air bed that is cold in another article.


If you have decided on an air bed without a built-in pump, you will need an external pump to inflate and deflate the mattress easily. An electric air pump like this will only cost around $10. You can also get foot or hand pumps which are usually less than $10, but you need to know that they take more time and effort to use, as explained in our step-by-step guide on how to inflate an air bed.

This electric air pump is very handy to fill any inflatables used in and around the home. This electric portable air pump works well for inflating an air bed that doesn’t have a built-in one. Image source: Amazon.


A bed frame like this, is a practical way to set up your air mattress for long-term use in your home, and costs around $184. If you are purchasing an air bed to use as an alternative to a regular bed, a bed frame will work very well. It creates a feeling of sleeping on a real bed, but a more comfortable one. In this article we provide some great tips and tricks for air bed long-term use.  A bed frame is not suitable for camping as it is not portable enough to travel with easily.  


Mattress toppers like this are very useful for indoor and outdoor use and cost around $35. A topper adds more cushioning to your air bed and makes it much more comfortable for you to sleep on. An insulating topper will also be perfect to solve the problem of poor temperature regulation in air beds, especially for outdoor use. Toppers add a soft layer that can grant you a comfortable night’s sleep compared to sleeping on the mattress directly. Read our article that compares mattress toppers vs. mattress covers, to see how they differ and whether you need one or both of these accessories.

Air Mattress Accessory Benefit Is This Item Necessary? Example 
Cover Temperature regulation and waterproof protection Yes, for temperature regulation Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector~$20
Air Pump Inflating the mattress Yes, for inflation Electric Air Pump~$10
Frame Raises the air bed off the floor, adds support, is convenient for long-term use No, you can place an air mattress on the floor Amazon Basics Foldable, 14″ Black Metal Platform Bed Frame ~$95
Topper Extra cushioning and better temperature regulation Yes, usually you want one for comfort and temperature regulation Pure Brands Mattress Topper~$35

Be sure to also take a look at our related article explaining how to reduce mattress topper smells. This can really help save you some stress when you bring your new mattress topper home. And, if you’ve decided that an air bed may not be the best choice for you, be sure to take a look at our comparison of an air bed vs. sleep number to give you another alternative.