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Air Mattress Weight Limits – A Comprehensive Guide

An air mattress is a mattress that can be inflated with air. They’re great for camping, since they pack easily, or at home if you have lots of guests staying with you. Since they deflate, they’re easy to store and use anywhere. In this article, we discuss air mattress weight limits so you have an idea of what to expect when you travel or move an air mattress around.

Air mattresses vary in the amount of weight they can hold. The weight limit of most single air mattresses is about 300 pounds, while the weight limit of double air mattresses is about 800 pounds. Always check the product details for an air mattress to determine the weight limit before purchasing one. 

The sizes are the same as regular mattresses: twin, full, king, and queen. You can purchase air mattresses that self-inflate, come with a pump, or you have to use your mouth. They are available in different fabrics, like velvet or rubber. Some have multiple pieces to make your sleep more like a regular bed and can be customized to be more or less firm. The taller the mattress, generally the more comfortable it is. On the other hand, thinner mattresses are easier to roll up, store, and carry, so those are great for travel. 

Single Air Mattress vs. Double Air Mattress — Does the height of the bed affect the weight limit? 

The height of an air mattress typically does not affect the air mattress weight limit. The weight limit depends on the construction of the air mattress rather than the height. Most single air mattresses are more suitable for people who are under 300 lbs. 

The weight limit has more to do with the material and construction of the air mattress than with the height. There are single air mattresses that are made from firm materials, such as PVC and vinyl, that are heavy duty so they can withstand more weight.

It also depends on the number of sleepers. A twin bed usually carries up to 300 lbs.  So if two people are sleeping on the same bed, choose a full-size air mattress that can hold between 400 and 500 lbs. Some mattresses hold up to 800 lbs, so you can definitely find one that meets your needs.

Single Air Mattress

A single air mattress is only one piece and is generally cheaper than a double one. The thickness is usually between 4 and 11 inches. 

Typical single air mattresses have a weight limit of 300 pounds. A sleeper who is 300 pounds or more will sag while sleeping on the air mattress or damage it. 

A single air mattress is most suitable for people who do not want to spend a great deal of money or are not going to use it more than a couple of times in a year, or who want to use an air mattress for road trips. It’s great for children over five. Since they are small and it keeps them close to the ground, so if they fall off, they’re less likely to get injured. They usually do not come with an electric pump, but this is exactly the reason why they are good for the outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra accessories.

Single air mattresses are more suitable for people who weigh up to 300 lbs, but there are also mattresses that have more sturdy construction and higher weight limits. However, if you do not have an air mattress made out of firm material, sagging might occur at the top of the weight limit. 

If you want a single air mattress but want it to be more comfortable, consider adding a mattress topper to it.

Double Air Mattress (aka Double High Air Mattress)

A double air mattress usually has two or more chambers and can change firmness based on your preference. They are taller, between 18 and 25 inches. They have a real-bed feel and are more comfortable than single air mattresses. You are not close to the floor so getting up is much easier.

Typical double air mattresses, also called double high air mattress weight limits are between 300 to 800 pounds since they are designed with multiple layers of air chambers and typically accommodate more than one person.

They have a higher weight limit than single air mattresses because of their height, size, and the material that they are made from. Since they are usually made for multiple people, they can hold more than 300 lbs and are made out of firm and durable material. This makes them last longer than single air mattresses.

If you’re worried about an air mattress and your back, get a double air mattress for more support.

  Full Single High Air Mattress Full Double High Air Mattress
Height Range  4-9 in  18-25 in
Weight Limit Range Up to 300 lbs 300-800 lbs
Example product from Amazon Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Airbed Series Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High SupportRest Air Bed
Example product from Amazon price ~$18 ~$70

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How Bed Size Affects Air Mattress Weight Limits

Although it depends on the material whether or not the bed will hold a certain weight, the size of the air mattress also plays a key role.

The weight limit depends on the number of people who will sleep on the mattress. A regular twin air mattress can accommodate up to 300 lbs. A full air mattress can typically hold between 400 and 500 lbs. A king size air mattress has a weight capacity of between 500-600 lbs. 

In general, a twin air mattress is suitable for a single, average weight, sleeper. Choose a larger air mattress if there is more than 1 sleeper or if the sleepers are above average weight.

  Twin Air Mattress Full Air Mattress Queen Air Mattress
Dimensions 38 x 74 in 54 x 74 in 60 x 80 in
Weight Limit Range Up to 300 lbs 400-500 lbs 500-600 lbs
Ideal for one or two people? Ideal for one person For one or two people Two people
Example Product from Amazon  12in Twin Dura-Beam Pillow Rest Mid-Rise Airbed with Internal Pump Full-Size Air Mattress  Intex Queen Dura-Beam Standard Series

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What’s The Weight Limit Of A Heavy Duty Air Mattress? 

Weight limits of heavy duty air mattresses are typically 200-300 lbs more than traditional air mattresses of a similar size. Heavy duty air mattresses use tougher materials such as PVC and Vinyl and have better seams to support heavier weights. 

What sets heavy duty air mattresses apart from traditional air mattresses is that they are made out of special, thick material that is firm enough to hold up to 800 lbs. They are usually made out of PVC or vinyl. To learn more about materials in air mattresses, check out this article from Helix. 

Seam stitching also holds together better in heavy-duty air mattresses than with the traditional ones. 

Heavy-duty mattresses have a higher weight limit since they are specifically made for people who weigh more than 500 lbs who would not feel comfortable on a traditional air mattress.

  Twin Heavy Duty Air Mattress Full Heavy Duty Air Mattress Queen Heavy Duty Air Mattress
Dimensions 39 x 75 60 x 78 60 x 80
Material  PVC, vinyl, virgin vinyl PVC, vinyl, virgin vinyl PVC, vinyl, virgin vinyl
Weight Limit Range Up to 800 lbs  Up to 650 lbs  Up to 800 lbs 
Good for camping? Yes A little big, but could make it work No
Example from Amazon Simmons SB9517PLEXPTW Beautyrest Posture-Lux Express Air Bed Coleman Full Air Mattress Coleman Air Mattress

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Does The Mattress Construction Affect the Weight Capacity?

Mattress construction does affect the weight capacity. The most supportive mattresses are made well so that they don’t sag, deflate, or come undone at the seams.

This is especially important for people who are buying a heavy-duty air mattress. A good-quality mattress will have either built-in air chambers or coils that distribute the air evenly in the bed, making you more comfortable. There are three things to look for in mattress construction: cover air coils, air beams, and chambers.

Air Coils

Air coils are inflatable pillars of the same diameter and are evenly distributed inside the mattress. The more coils there are in the air mattress, the more comfortable it is. For maximum comfort, get an air mattress that has 30 or more air coils. 

Air coils support your body, stop deflating and sagging, stabilize the bed. These coils are filled up with air which makes them stand upright. If they are not evenly distributed, then some parts of the bed will be more saggy and deflated than the others. 

Evenly distributed air coils support air mattress weight limitsAir coils need to be evenly distributed so that no parts of the bed sag. Source: Amazon.

Air Beams

Air beams are similar to air coils. The only difference is that air beams are thin ribs that lie across the mattress to give you more support. The beams go along the bed and are of the same width. They are all connected so if the bed deflates a little, it will be evenly spread out and won’t sag.

Air beams provide vertical support that prevents an air mattress from sagging.Air beams line the mattress to keep the bed from sagging. Source: Amazon.


Some mattresses are divided into two indifferent chambers, each having its own valves. Chambers add a supportive rib in the center of the mattress, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed. Sometimes, the chambers have their own air coils and beams to provide extra support and firmness. You might have to fold the chambers individually when storing your mattress. 

This is also one of the key differences between a single and a double air mattress. A single one has only one chamber whereas the double has two or more, and sometimes each one has to be separately inflated. For tricks on how to inflate an air mattress, check out our article. Also, make sure to take a look at our guide to air bed valve replacement too.

Air chambers can include beams and coils in multiple layers. Sometimes, an air mattress has two chambers for extra support. Source:

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What Weight Limit Should I Look For When Shopping For A New Air Mattress?

Luckily, there are a lot of air mattresses to choose from. It depends on what you’re looking for in an air mattress and what you want to use it for.

For a single person who plans to sleep regularly on the mattress, choose a twin-size mattress that holds up to 300 lbs. For two people or one overweight sleeper, choose a full-size air mattress with a weight limit of 400 to 500 lbs. For sleepers that weigh more, choose a king of queen size air mattress with a weight limit between 600 and 800 lbs. These mattresses are usually double high and rarely come as single rise types.

One thing that people usually forget to include when buying an air mattress is the weight of the bedding. A sheet set for a queen-size mattress is about 2 lbs. However, if you’re going to cover yourself with a thick blanket or quilt, then you should add another 20 lbs at least.

Count the weight of two people and the weight of the bedding, including the blanket and quilt, and you will be given your total weight. Make sure that your air mattress at least matches, or preferably exceeds the total weight.

Follow this when purchasing an air mattress so you get one that is perfectly suitable for your weight and purpose:

Formula for determining total air mattress weight capacity needed for your needsUse this formula to determine the weight capacity of an air mattress necessary to accommodate your guests.

Do Air Mattresses Need Special Lightweight Bedding? 

The weight of most bedding is between 2-5 lbs. Heavier bedding such as weighted blankets can weigh up to 50 lbs. Determine the weight capacity of the air mattress and ensure that the total weight of the user and the bedding doesn’t exceed the weight capacity of the air mattress. 

However, if you want an air bed but you are right at the weight limit, lightweight bedding is an option. Lightweight bedding is made out of linen, cotton, or bamboo. Microfiber is also a possibility.

  Twin Size Normal Bedding Material Twin Size Lightweight Bedding Twin Size Heavy Bedding Material
Dimensions 39 x 75  39 x 75 39 x 75
Bedding Material Cotton, polyester, rayon Linen, bamboo, cotton Cotton, wool (for blankets
Weight ~2 lbs Less than 1 pound ~ 15 lbs
Product Example from Amazon Utopia Bedding Twin Bed Sheets Set Mellanni Twin Sheet Set Bedsure White Twin Size Comforter Sets

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