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10 Bookcase Bed Nook Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look Cozy

According to various surveys and studies, the average person in the US spends around 11 hours in the bedroom per day. This includes seven hours of sleep and four hours to relax, watch TV, or nap during the day. So, it’s important that your bedroom is a comfortable space. In this article we discuss bookcase bed nook ideas to make your bedroom more cozy. 

Ideas for setting up bookcase bed nooks include: creating a window nook, setting up a bookcase bed nook in a wall, building a bedroom box, and adding stairs to a bookcase bed. These ideas enable the bookcase bed to synergize with the room to improve utility and decor.

Spending time in a well-designed and cozy bedroom will make your entire day more enjoyable and productive. Making your bedroom not only snug but functional is key to creating a perfect area for you. Luckily, bookcase bed nooks offer plenty of storage space and make your bedroom look even cozier.

What is a Bookcase Bed?

It is not always that easy to keep things organized when living in a small apartment, since they do not offer enough space to store your belongings while still having easy access to them. Storage beds are an easy way to make the most of your tiny bedroom space.

A bookcase bed is a type of storage bed that features a headboard that’s an actual bookcase. In some cases, bookcase bed frames include additional storage drawers that are ideal for storing items such as bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets, pillows, and comforters, but you can put anything that fits in them.

Bookcase beds are pretty versatile. They offer plenty of storage space and are incredibly functional. Because they are bigger than a regular bed, bookcase beds act as focal points in almost every bedroom they’re in. If you put them in a corner, making a nook, it creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for lounging, sleeping, or working in. If you want to make it really comfortable, you can look into getting a mattress topper. Also, if you choose to get one, make sure to read our related article explaining how to reduce mattress topper smells. These tips and tricks might help save you some stress in the long run.

A bookcase bed offers storage and includes a bookcase built into the headboard A bookcase bed offers plenty of storage compartments and is an ideal option for small bedrooms that lack storage space. Source: Amazon.

Types of Bedroom Nooks

A nook is an alcove, recess, or corner that is separated from the rest of the room. Nooks are typically created along the room walls and also include windows, making them even more intimate.

A nook is named based on its location and purpose. For example, a breakfast nook is near the kitchen and used for eating, while a reading nook could be in an office, and a sleeping nook is usually in the bedroom. While nooks are typically small and cozy spaces that offer a warm and secure atmosphere, they can also take up an entire room. Bookcase bed nooks often feature shelving, enabling you to effectively store some of your belongings. Bedroom nooks are ideal for those who enjoy relaxing or reading a book after a long day.

When creating a bedroom nook, consider the bedroom size, design, and personal preferences. There are three common types of bookcase bed nooks: bedroom corner nooks can make a great reading spot, “bed in a wall” nooks enable a bedroom to also serve as an office, and bedroom window nooks help create usable space in large bedrooms. 

Type 1. Bookcase Bed Corner Nooks Can Make a Great Reading Spot

A bookcase bed corner nook is an area that has been transformed from a typical bedroom corner to a cozy and more welcoming spot. One option is to put a corner bench and a table inside the nook. If you lack storage space in your bedroom, consider getting an ottoman bench instead of the regular one. A great use of a bedroom corner nook is to make it a reading spot. If you work from home, you can also convert your corner nook into a home office. Bedroom corner nooks can also serve as a place to put on makeup if you have a small bathroom. You can make a bedroom corner nook into anything you want it to be.

Throw pillows are an easy way to decorate a bookcase bed corner nook. Get pillows that match the overall design of your bedroom and tie in color accents within the room. Decorative pillows will help make the corner feel welcoming. Along with having an aesthetically pleasing look, throw pillows enable you to feel comfy while reading a book or resting inside the corner nook.

Bedroom corner nooks are suitable for both large and small bedrooms. You can easily create a corner nook in your bedroom as long as you consider the overall size of the room. In a small bedroom, you can accommodate a tiny nook that serves as a makeup spot or a table for your laptop. A small makeup table could easily fit into your bedroom corner nook. A larger bedroom can fit an entire computer table and your PC with all its accessories.

Type 2. “Bed in a Wall” Nooks Let You Use Your Room as Both a Bedroom and an Office

Wall nooks are often referred to as alcoves, which are enclosed spaces with three walls. You can install a bed in an alcove and make a “bed in a wall” nook. When installing a bed in the wall nook, the space is converted into a snug sleeping or resting place. A typical bed in a wall nook includes shelving to use as extra storage space.

A bed nook in a wall can be set up in literally any room. If you don’t have an alcove, you can use curtains to create the idea of three walls around you. In bedrooms, wall nooks separate the bed from the rest of the room. The nook is used as a sleeping or resting area. If a wall nook with a bed is built in a guest room, the space can be used as a reading nook when you do not have any guests.

Typically, wall nooks are decorated with curtains or a light fixture. If the nook includes shelves, you can also put some decorative items, such as small figurines, books, or even plants, to make the area aesthetically pleasing. If you want to decorate your bed, you should also consider adding some pillows and a matching comforter. These throw pillows are both cute and comfortable.

Wall nooks are one of the most optimal space-saving solutions. If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, you can use a wall nook to make your bedroom and home office in the same room by splitting the room into two parts. This way, you can utilize the nook as your sleeping or napping area and the rest of the room can be converted into a home office. If you really want to save space for your home office, you can use a murphy bed. Check out our ideas on how to maximize space in small spaces with a murphy bed. Wall nooks can also be set up in large spaces.

Type 3. Bedroom Window Nooks Help Create Usable Space in Large Bedrooms

A bedroom window nook is an area with a window that’s separated from the rest of the room. This type of nook adds personality to a bedroom. Typically, bedroom window nooks include a comfy couch, some bookshelves, and reading lights.  A window nook is ideal for relaxing, reading a book, or just enjoying the view. If you install a cushioned couch in the bedroom window nook, you can even take a nap while enjoying the cozy atmosphere. If you have some guests staying over, you can also convert the nook into a place for them to sleep.

Like the other types of nooks, the easiest way to decorate is by adding some pillows. If the nook is set up in your kids’ bedroom, you can also use their favorite toys and put them in an easy place to grab. You can also attach lighting to the windows. Finally, fill up the bookshelves with decorative items to add a touch of personality to the entire bedroom.

Window nooks are typically set up in unused areas of rooms, they’re not great for small bedrooms. If you only have one window, a nook will block light into the rest of the room. It’s better to use window nooks in big bedrooms with multiple windows to create more usable space in the room.

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10 Bookcase Bed Nook Ideas for Bedrooms

For those who are enthusiastic about making their bedrooms look and feel cozier, we will discuss 10 exciting bookcase bed nook ideas that are easy to implement. To make things even more explicit, we will share detailed instructions on how to set up different bed nook ideas.

Ten bookcase bed bedroom nook areas are: create a window nook for your bookcase bed, set up a bookcase bed nook in a wall, build a “bedroom box” for your bookcase bed”, add stairs to your bookcase bed nook, add curtains to your bookcase bed nook, create a Lego-inspired bookcase bed nook for kids, create an attic nook for your bookcase bed, set up a plant-filled bookcase bed nook, assemble a well-lit bookcase bed reading nook, or construct a bookcase bed nook that doubles as a couch.

Idea 1. Create a Window Nook for Your Bookcase Bed

To create a window nook for your bookcase bed, you’ll need the following things: a large bedroom with at least two windows (pick one for the nook), a bookcase bed, extra bookshelves, and two identical storage cabinets or dressers. 

It’s easy to set up a window nook with square walls. If you want to use a curved space, talk to a professional about building custom furniture that will fit into your space. It’s a more expensive option, but might be available to you depending on your budget. 

To create a window nook for your bookcase bed, move the bed directly under the window. As bookcase beds often include a storage headboard but no footboard, you will need to get an extra bookshelf and place it at the foot of the bed. If you want to add your own headboard to make your bookcase bed, check out our step-by-step guide on attaching a headboard. If you have the room, you can add extra bookshelves on top of the bookcase bed and do the same for your DIY footboard. However, make sure these bookshelves are properly secured to the wall so that they do not fall on you while you’re sleeping, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes. You can learn more about securing bookshelves from FEMA. Finally, get two identical storage cabinets or dressers and put them on each side of the bed. Make sure the dressers are flush to the bed or adjacent walls so it looks like one large piece.

Window bookcase bed nook idea A window nook for a bookcase bed offers a cozy sleeping spot and extra storage area, allowing you to make the most of your small bedroom space. Source: Décor Pad.

Idea 2. Set Up a Bookcase Bed Nook in a Wall

If you want to sleep in a cozy nook, consider setting up a wall nook for your bookcase bed. To do so, you will need to get: a bookcase bed, lumber, measuring tape, a saw or table saw, a power screwdriver and screws or a hammer and nails (be sure to research if you need screws or nails and the correct size), paint and a paint roller, extra bookshelves, and reading lights. You also need to have basic woodworking skills. If you don’t have that experience, hire a professional to help you. 

To get started, position your bookcase bed against the wall. Take accurate measurements of the height of the wall and the length between the two walls. You’ll use this to know how long to make your lumber, but keep in mind the size you want the opening to be. Use a saw to cut the lumber accordingly. If you have access to a table saw, that will be easier to use to cut to the right length, but make sure you have a good understanding of table saw safety. You can use a hand saw, but the measurements will not be as precise. Then, use some hammer and nails to attach the lumber to the bookcase bed and the wall. Make sure your nails are long enough to hold the planks in place. To give the nook a more sophisticated look, paint the planks before attaching them so they match with the bookcase bed.

To fill up space inside the nook, consider adding some bookshelves, but make sure they are safely installed. Finish up by adding a few reading lights to make it a cozy, usable space, day or night.

For more information, Wilding Wallbeds can teach you more about setting up a bookcase bed properly. Similarly, you might also find interest in our 5 steps to dress up a platform bed too. Make sure to check out our related article to find out.

A bookcase bed built into a wall nook A bookcase bed in a wall nook enables you to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the bedroom. Source: Reddit.

Idea 3. Build a “Bedroom Box” for Your Bookcase Bed

A great way to store small items is to use bedroom boxes. You can create a bedroom nook for your bookcase bed with bedroom boxes. Materials needed are lumber, a measuring tape, a saw, screws and a screwdriver, paint and a paint roller, bookshelves, and a storage cabinet. 

To set up a bedroom box nook, place your bookcase bed so the headboard is against the narrower wall. To give the nook a box-like appearance, use lumber and build an actual box around the bed. Or you can use bookshelves and storage cabinets instead to fill the space if you don’t want to build anything. The idea is to fill up empty spaces on both sides of the bed so that the nook area looks like another room within the bedroom. If you find you need a little more height to your headboard, be sure to take a look at our step by step guide explaining how to raise the height of a headboard too.  

If you want small boxes around the perimeter of the opening, you’ll need to secure them to the wall using screws. Make sure you have the right size. If you want to build the boxes, you’ll need a hammer and nails to build the boxes first. You can paint the boxes to match your bed for a clean aesthetic. If you don’t want to build the boxes, you could buy these cute small boxes from Krigen.

A bookcase bed inside a bedroom box. Building a bedroom box is an ideal way to transform your sleeping space into a cozier and more welcoming area. Source: iDesignArch.

Idea 4. Add Stairs to Your Bookcase Bed Nook

To add stairs to your bookcase bed nook, you’ll need ready-made stairs or lumber, screws and a screwdriver, and paint and a paint roller or brush. If you can find ready-made stairs that match the height of your bookcase bed, you can use them directly. If not, you will have to utilize your woodworking skills and make stairs on your own. Get some lumber and attach them in a way that you get sturdy steps. Make sure you get both screws and lumber that were built to withstand your body weight. To make the stairs cohesive with your room, use the paint that matches your bed. Do not underestimate how difficult it is to build stairs. If you have no woodworking experience, hire a professional. 

To add stairs to your bookcase bed nook, you should use some screws and a screwdriver. For your safety, you need to secure the stairs to your bed frame. 

Here is a beginner’s guide by Training Hands Academy on how to build a basic set of stairs.

A bookcase bed nook with a ladder Adding a ladder to a bookcase bed nook will make it look like a tiny room within the main bedroom. Source: Dwell.

Idea 5. Add Curtains to Your Bookcase Bed Nook

To add curtains to your bookcase bed nook, you’ll need curtains, a curtain rod with brackets, a pelmet box, measuring tape, and screws, and a screwdriver. If you don’t have much experience with DIY or woodworking and do not want to hire a professional, adding curtains to your bookcase bed nook is a great option. All you need to do is get a regular curtain rod with brackets, like this one and attach your curtain to it. To hide the rod, you can use a pelmet box. This will allow you to create a more private area inside the nook and add a touch of luxury to it. If you don’t know how to hang curtains, Crate and Barrel can help you figure it out. 

A bookcase bed nook made out of curtains Adding curtains to your bookcase bed will create a warmer atmosphere inside the nook. Source: Homes & Gardens.

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Idea 6. Create a Lego-inspired Bookcase Bed Nook for Kids

To create a Lego-inspired bookcase bed nook for kids, you’ll need a bookcase bed, legos, paint and a paint roller, and an extra bookcase. If you’re setting up a nook for a kid, it’s easy to give it a Lego-inspired look. Bookcase beds already feature compartments, so you just need to paint them in a bright color. You can use the same color for all shelves or paint individual shelves in different colors to match different legos. You can place another bookcase right next to the bed to store some of your kids’ toys or decorations. You can even glue Legos, like these colorful ones, to the edges and make fun designs for extra pop.

Lego inspired bookcase bed space A Lego-inspired bookcase bed nook is ideal for those who want to set up a fun and exciting bedroom for kids. Source: Sebring Design Build.

Idea 7. Create an Attic Nook for Your Bookcase Bed

To create an attic nook for your bookcase bed, all you’ll need is an attic and a bookcase bed. Attics are already cozy, making them a great place for a nook. Creating an attic nook with a bookcase bed is pretty easy. Just be sure to order parts that can fit through the entrance to your attic. Do not assemble the bed or bookcase before it’s in the attic or it might not fit. You may need to order a custom-made bookcase bed for this to work.

A kid friendly bedroom nook As kids adore small cozy spaces, an attic bookcase bed nook can be a great reading or play place for them. Source: HGTV.

Idea 8. Set Up a Plant-Filled Bookcase Bed Nook

To set up a plant-filled bookcase nook, you’ll need extra bookshelves and lots of plants! If you love plants and know how to take care of them, consider setting up a plant-filled bookcase bed nook. This nook will make plant lovers feel even more relaxed and snug when spending time inside. All you need to do is install some bookshelves and get low-maintenance plants, such as cacti or tiny succulents. You can also decorate your nook with flowers and larger plants, just know that it will require more work. If you don’t have a green thumb but like the look of plants, you can always get artificial plants that only require you to remove dust once in a while.

Use plants to decorate a bookcase bed space Decorating your bookcase bed nook with plants is perfect for a green thumb. Source: Pinterest.

Idea 9. Assemble a Well-Lit Bookcase Bed Reading Nook

If you want to assemble a well-lit bookcase reading nook, you’ll need reading lights, extra bookshelves, and books! Window nooks might have enough light during the day, but if you want to read in the evening or before bed, you’ll need some reading lights. You can get some small, cute lamps and put them on the shelves, or you can install wall-mounted reading lights, or LED light reading strips. Finish up by filling the bookshelves with books you want to read and you’re ready to go.

Lighting can bring out a nook space from the rest of the room. Use windows to your advantage. Decorate your bookcase bed nook with lighting to create a more welcoming atmosphere and have enough light to read your favorite book. Source: One Kindesign.

Idea 10. Construct a Bookcase Bed Nook That Doubles as a Couch

If you want a bookcase bed that doubles as a couch, you’ll need: a bookcase bed, a bunch of throw pillows, and any other decorative items you want. To build a bookcase bed nook that doubles as a couch, you don’t have to use a sofa bed. Instead, put a regular bookcase bed in your nook. Use a lot of throw pillows so that the bed looks like a couch and is easier to sit in. You can also fill the shelves with little figurines or other decor to give the nook a more casual look. Whenever you want to go to bed, just remove the pillows.

Bookcase bed and couch combination nook! A bookcase bed nook that doubles as a couch offers plenty of storage space and a resting/napping spot during the day. Source: Pinterest.

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