What’s the Weight Capacity of a Bunkie Board? How Much Weight Does a Bunkie Board Hold?

In a nutshell, Bunkie boards are flat boards that are made out of wood cut to the exact size of your mattress and placed right underneath it. You can even use a bunkie board under a foam mattress. For an in-depth guide, take a look at our article, what is a bunkie board. Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find all types of Bunkie boards, in all sizes, thicknesses, and materials. If you have some free time, you can even make your own DIY Bunkie board; it’s not too complicated.

Typically, a Bunkie board’s weight capacity is 250 lbs. Metal Bunkie boards can hold up to 500 lbs and have a higher weight capacity. Plywood Bunkie boards have a lower weight capacity of approximately 150-200 lbs.

A popular option today is the IKEA Bunkie board, because the company offers a variety of options in all sizes and thicknesses, and at very affordable prices. Some popular choices that you can find are memory foam box springs and twin Bunkie boards. 

What a Bunkie board does is essentially replace a box spring. People who opt for Bunkie boards are usually owners with mattresses that depend on such springs. The basic and minimal design of the Bunkie board maintains the low profile appearance of the mattress, but also protects and supports your mattress. For more detailed information, take a look at can a bunkie board replace a box spring or can a bunkie board replace slats.

The weight capacity of a Bunkie board depends on two things: material and construction. Metal boards, obviously, are sturdier than wooden ones. 

What’s the Weight Capacity of a Bunkie Board?

The weight capacity of a Bunkie board is based on its construction and the material of which it’s made. For example, a metal frame with metal rods and slats will support weight better than a metal frame with plywood slats.

A Bunkie board’s average weight capacity is 250 lbs. Metal Bunkie boards can typically hold up to 500 lbs, and plywood Bunkie boards can typically hold 150-200 lbs.

Another sturdy construction material for Bunkie boards is hardwood. This material can support high loads without bending and is more eco-friendly than metal, which is the reason it’s growing in popularity.

The weight capacity of the Bunkie board isn’t all you should worry about; the bed will also have a weight capacity that needs to be considered, since the bed and Bunkie board are connected with one another. 

Bunkie Board Name and Link (on Amazon) Weight Capacity Bed Name and Link (on Amazon) Weight Capacity Bed Type
Mayton 0.75-Inch Vertical-Mattress Support Wooden Bunkie Board 200 lbs Zinus Shawn 14 Inch Metal SmartBase Bed Frame 1200 lbs Platform bed
Spring Coil Fully Assembled 2 Inch Foundation Bunkie Board 250 lbs Max & Lily Solid Wood Full over Full Bunk Bed 400 lbs Bunk bed
Zinus Gulzar Easy Assembly Quick Lock 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board 320 lbs  Abode Full-Size Loft Bed Metal Frame 300 lbs Loft bed
Zinus Victor 4 Inch Quick Lock Box Spring 450 lbs AmazonBasics Foldable, 18″ Metal Platform Bed Frame 300 lbs Bed frame (metal)

Notice how the weight capacity of both the bunkie board and the bed are important to consider. If your bed can only hold 300 lbs, a bunkie board with a 450 lb weight capacity will not be useful. 

How Does the Material of a Bunkie Board Affect the Weight Capacity?

How much weight can a bunkie board hold - wood holds less than metal.Wood Bunkie boards have lower weight capacity than metal ones (Image from Amazon)

Bunkie boards can come in various material types.The most popular are plywood, particle boards, solid wood, steel, and metal Bunkie boards. Bunkie boards can be made out of wood, metal, or even cushion.

The material a bunkie board is made of, can affect its weight capacity. Metal Bunkie boards with steel frames have the highest weight capacity and are the most durable. Wooded Bunkie boards have lower weight capacity and can lose capacity due to warping, and cushioned Bunkie boards have the lowest weight capacity.

A metal Bunkie board is mainly built with steel frames. This means that it is able to support much heavier weight than other types of Bunkie boards. On the other hand, it can be very heavy even though it is very durable – some can weigh up to 40 pounds. Some metal Bunkie boards even come with a quick-locking system that makes the assembly process easier.

Materials like plywood, particle board, and solid wood aren’t as weight resistant as steel, because materials made of wood are sensitive to moisture and can change shape, thus changing their weight capacity. This can also affect the longevity of the Bunkie board.

Although steel has better weight-bearing capacity than other Bunkie board materials, make sure that the design of your bunkie board isn’t misleading you. For example, a Bunkie board made of thin steel wires or tubes probably won’t be able to hold its shape over a long period of time, and will need to be replaced. In contrast, a Bunkie board made of solid steel bars (like this one) will be able to hold much more weight for a longer amount of time without needing to be replaced.

Cushioned bunkie boards (like this one) have the lowest weight limits. These products are essentially a mattress supports and often only 1 to 1.5 inches thick. A ‘mattress support’ helps to prevent a mattress from sagging or warping but isn’t designed to hold the mattress by itself. When a bunkie board has a low weight limit, you will need another mattress foundation like a box spring underneath the bunkie board. Take a look at our complete guide to mattress foundations vs bed frames and our article on bunkie board alternatives for more ideas.

Does the Size of a Bunkie Board Affect the Weight Capacity?

The weight capacity of a twin size bunkie board is lower than a metal bunkie board.Twin-size Bunkie boards like this one have a lower weight capacity than larger Bunkie boards (Image from Amazon). 

Bunkie boards don’t come in only one size. Determining which Bunkie board will best fit and support your mattress is as simple as referring to your mattress’s size – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen or King or Cal King – and finding the Bunkie board with the same dimensions.

The size of a Bunkie board affects the board’s weight capacity. Twin-size Bunkie boards can hold up to 150 lbs, while XL Twin-size has a capacity of up to 250 lbs. Queen- and king-size Bunkie boards can hold up to 450-500 lbs, depending on the bed the board is put on.

Sleeping on a Bunkie board that is too small could result in quick deterioration of your mattress’s construction and support, while a Bunkie board that is too large may look out of place or make it difficult to get in and out of bed. 

Remember, as we mentioned above, the size and material aren’t always the crucial factor when it comes to the weight capacity of the Bunkie board; the bed itself also plays a big part.

Are There Bunkie Boards for Heavy People?

If you choose the right bed frame with a high weight capacity, you can add almost any type of Bunkie board you want for additional support.

There aren’t a lot of Bunkie boards that are made specifically for heavier people, because the bed frame itself is much more important than the Bunkie board when it comes to weight capacity. However, steel, one-piece Bunkie boards are recommended for heavier people.

Bunkie boards that are made out of steel are the strongest of all the Bunkie board options you can find (here’s a highly rated steel bunkie board). Unlike other types of Bunkie boards, steel Bunkie boards do not come in the form of a solid sheet. Steel Bunkie boards are made of steel slats that are held together by a steel frame. This makes them extremely practical for heavier people.

Just like a slat platform, steel Bunkie boards have gaps between the slats, but may come with a thick fabric cover. Because of this, steel Bunkie boards can bear the most weight, and are a great option if you plan on using them for the upper part of a bunk or loft bed.

If you’re buying a Bunkie board to support a heavier person, consider one-piece designs, as they have fewer weak points.

Product Name and Link (from Amazon) Weight Capacity Approximate Price
Olee Sleep 14 Inch Foldable Dura Metal Platform Bed Frame 450 lbs ~$80
Zinus Lorelei 12 Inch Platforma Metal Bed Frame 400 lbs ~$90

Are Bunkie Boards with High Weight Capacities More Durable?

There is a direct correlation between a Bunkie board’s weight capacity and its durability.

Bunkie boards with higher weight capacities are more durable. Usually, wooden and plywood Bunkie boards don’t have the durability that steel and metal Bunkie boards can offer.

If you’re searching for a durable Bunkie board, choose a metal one because:

  • It can last for years
  • Its coated metal isn’t very susceptible to moisture
  • It can offer you excellent support for years (meaning that even the most expensive board eventually pays off)
  • It’s good for heavier individuals or couples

How Do I Make a Bunkie Board Sturdier / Stronger?

If you have noticed that your Bunkie board is getting weaker, then it might be the right time to strengthen it.

You can make your Bunkie board sturdier and stronger by tightening its bolts, adding washers, and filling any gaps between board and bed frame or between the board’s slats.

To make a bunkie board sturdier, follow these steps:

Step 1. Inspect the Bunkie board and how the Bunkie board is connected to your bed frame.

Get a screwdriver or a wrench and tighten all the bolts or screws as much as you can. You can even add washers between the bolts and the bed frame to make the bed sturdier and stronger for sleeping. Here is a detailed guide to fixing a squeaky bunkie board.

Step 2. Fill in any gaps caused by warping or old slat designs

If there is some space between the edges of the Bunkie board and the bed frame, you can fill the gaps with old fabric (such as socks) to make the space between the sides of the boards and the bed frame smaller. 

Also, if your Bunkie board has slats, and the width between the slats is more than two inches, you should fill those gaps with old fabric or corks. Filling these gaps and creating less space between them can help make your Bunkie board sturdier.

Example Bunkie Board Weight Capacities

Now, let’s take a closer look at bunkie board beds when it comes to weight capacities. 

Product Name and Link(from Amazon) Weight Capacity Approximate Price
Zinus Annemarie Solid Wood Bunkie Board 110 lbs $75
Zinus Gulzar Easy Assembly Quick Lock 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board 230 lbs $55
Classic Brands Attached Solid Wood Bed 150 lbs $80
Acme Queen Bunkie Board 80 lbs $45
Signature Sleep Ultra Steel Bunkie Board 280 lbs $100

Zinus Annemarie

This Zinus Bunkie board is a great pick. It has it all: durable materials, a supportive surface, and a reasonable price.

The Zinus Bunkie board has a high enough weight capacity to hold a bulky bed or serve as a foundation for your mattress.

The slats on this Bunkie board look pretty durable and may work as an additional supportive layer, if your current bed foundation begins to wear out.

Metal Bunkie Board – Zinus Gulzar

The Gulzar Bunkie board is made of high-quality steel, so you can expect long-lasting durability and great support for your mattress. 

This steel Bunkie board has great weight capacity and can easily add durability to your existing bed frame.

The spacing between slats on this board may seem wide, but people haven’t reported any problems with this. If your weight is more than 250 pounds, we recommended you use this Bunkie board with a thick mattress; otherwise, the mattress might sink too deeply under your weight, resulting in uneven support.

Wood Bunkie Board – Classic Brands Extreme

The Classic Brands Extreme Bunkie Board works great with any mattress type and is able to withstand heavier weight without cracking or breaking, which is rarer with wooden Bunkie boards.

Due to the quality wood this Bunkie board is made of, it’s strong and sturdy and has average weight capacity.

Bunkie Boards for Kids – Acme

This Bunkie board is a great purchase for a kid’s bed, as it’s made of durable plywood.

Plywood has a lower weight capacity than other wood types, so this Bunkie board doesn’t hold a lot of weight (up to 150 lbs), but it is ideal for children.

The Acme is a Twin-size Bunkie board; you can use it for your kid’s bed to upgrade the supportive properties of the bed frame.

Heavy-Duty Bunkie Board – Signature Sleep

This board is made of steel and has two halves that slip into each other, making it incredibly sturdy. The design of this Bunkie board ensures a more stable surface and can hold the weight of a latex mattress with you on top without bending. If you are looking for a Bunkie board for heavier people this is probably the best option.

The most important feature of this Bunkie board is that it’s made of heavy-duty materials, meaning that it’s capable of resisting bigger loads than other models, and has a higher weight capacity.

Take a closer look at the bunkie board cost guide here. We’ve also written an article about our favorite bunkie boards, here. Additionally, you may find our article, how long do bunkie boards last informative.