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10 Murphy Bed Accessories and Why You Need Them

Murphy beds, also called wall beds, pull-down beds, or fold-down beds, are beds that are hinged at one end in order to be stored vertically against a wall or inside a closet or cabinet. There are some disadvantages when it comes to murphy beds, but they are a very popular option for saving space in small rooms and apartments. For a more in-depth look, take a look at how does a Murphy bed workMurphy bed pros and cons, and the Murphy bed weight capacity guide. If you want a Murphy bed, but think they’re too expensive, take a look to see why Murphy beds are so expensive. Similarly, if you think your ceilings are too low, check out these 5 Murphy beds for rooms with low ceilings. There are also many accessories that you can choose from in order to get the most out of your murphy bed. But what are some murphy bed accessories, and why do you need them?

Valuable murphy bed accessories include moveable book lights, Bedphones to block out noise, a pull-out desk, wall-mounted bookshelves, a sofa on the other side of the bed, ceiling-mounted LED lights, paintings behind the murphy bed, a space heater above the bed, a murphy bed closet, and a wall-mounted fan that can hide inside your murphy bed frame. 

You need these Murphy bed accessories because they will make your Murphy bed more comfortable, maximize the space in your bedroom, and enhance the features that already come with your Murphy bed. You may also be interested to read our article on choosing the right Murphy bed for your tiny home or camper for more ideas. Additionally, our comprehensive guide to Murphy bed mattress size, frame size, and bedding can help you make the right purchase for your home. You also need to know, are Murphy beds safe? Take a look at our related guide to find out.

Below, we will talk about 10 popular murphy bed accessories and explain why they can be useful for you.

1. A Book Light is a Valuable Murphy Bed Accessory that Can Provide Better Lighting for Reading and Other Activities

Clip on light murphy bed accessory.Clip-on lights like these are simple murphy bed accessories that make a big difference when reading or scrolling on your tablet. Image from Amazon.

Numerous studies have shown that reading before bed can help signal to your body that it’s time for rest (for more information on this topic, see this study). Booklights are a great bed accessory if you’re in the habit of reading something before you go to sleep. A book light that you can clip onto your murphy bed can help you focus on your reading or other activities, and you can just push the off button when you’re done. This clip-on book light for murphy beds is our preferred pick.

A book light is an especially great accessory for a murphy bed because you may not have a lamp close by if you use the space around the bed for other things when the bed is put away. If that’s the case, it can be difficult to get enough light if you’re reading in bed, which may contribute to eye strain. For more information about reading in the dark and eye strain, see this study.

2. Bedphones Will Block Out Any Noise from the Bed

Bedphones for sleeping comfortably in a murphy bed.Bedphones can help if your murphy bed squeaks when you move. Image from Amazon.

Bedphones are headphones that are designed to be worn in bed. Not only are they super thin, but they also fit your ear so they don’t get lost in the bed if you toss and turn throughout the night. Headphones like these are a great accessory for any kind of bed, but they’re especially good for murphy beds.

The reason they’re great for murphy beds is that some murphy beds can be a little bit squeaky. Due to having to fold out and put away the bed so often, the hinges and foundation can start to wear out and make noise when you move on the bed. Sleeping with a pair of Bedphones can help block out any noises and help you get a better night’s sleep while still enjoying the benefits of your murphy bed.

3. A Wall Mounted Desk Can Transform Your Murphy Bed Room

Wall mounted desk for a small room.A desk attached to the wall can make your murphy bedroom multifunctional. Image from Amazon.

One of the many reasons that murphy beds are so convenient is that you have free wall space and floor space whenever the bed isn’t in use. While a desk-attached to a murphy bed can be convenient, it is limited in use because you have to keep clearing it. Why not attach a desk to another wall within your room? 

A desk (like this one) attached to another wall in your room can be very practical because you can use it for studying or doing some work during the day when the bed isn’t in use and taking up most of your floor space. 

This accessory is especially useful if your bedroom space is small and you don’t have enough space to put a desk elsewhere.

4. Wall Mounted Bookshelves with Hangers can Maximize Your Space

Wall mounted bookshelf and hanger for a small room or tiny house.Bookshelves can make great murphy bed accessories. Bookshelves with hangers are even more useful! Image from Amazon.

Bookshelves are another common accessory that people choose when they get a murphy bed. The downside of getting a murphy bed that folds into a bookshelf is that you have to remove everything from the bookshelf every time you collapse or open your bed. 

However, with wall mounted bookshelves like these ones, you can make use of another wall within your bedroom and further accessorize the space with hangers so you can also keep clothes and suits there. 

5. A Sofa on the Outside Provides More Seating Options

Sofa murphy bed accessory.A sofa can make your murphy bed more functional and versatile. Image from Alibaba

A lot of people who own murphy beds opt for a sofa on the outside of the bed because it provides extra seating and makes the bed a more versatile piece of furniture. It’s great to have a sofa on the other side of a murphy bed because the sofa takes up less space in the room during the day. Additionally, when the murphy bed isn’t in use, you can give your guests a place to sit that’s much more comfortable than sitting on the bed.

It’s also very easy to install a sofa in this way; you just need to put some wheels under the sofa so that it can be mobile and roll underneath the murphy bed when you decide to pull it down. You can also choose whatever type of sofa you prefer so that it goes well with the decor in the rest of the room.

6. LED Lights Can Improve Your Bed’s Lighting and Decor

Ceiling mounted LED lights for murphy bed room.You may want to install some LED lights above your murphy bed. Image from Made By Mood. You can find simple ceiling LED lights like these ones on Amazon for ~$30. 

Another popular murphy bed accessory is a set of LED lights. LED lights can easily be installed above your murphy bed in order to provide extra lighting and add a bit of atmosphere to your bedroom. Like we mentioned before, it can be difficult to have enough lighting around your murphy bed because you might not have room for a traditional lamp or nightstand next to your bed.

Adding a set of LED lights above the bed can solve this problem and help your bed look cozier and more well-lit. Here are some highly-rated ceiling-mounted LED lights for your murphy bed. There are many different types of LED lights to choose from, and you can choose a set that complements the rest of your bedroom decor.

7. Paintings Behind the Murphy Bed Add a Creative Touch

Paintings for enhancing bedroom decor.Paintings behind a murphy bed can make your bedroom look more interesting. Image from Organizers Direct

Paintings are a great decorative option for any room because of the calmness they can bring, and that’s no exception for a room with a murphy bed. You can easily attach a few paintings to the wall behind your murphy bed when it’s pulled out, and you can make a little space between the wall and the mattress so that they aren’t touching each other when the bed is folded up.

One downside of having paintings behind your murphy bed may be that they won’t be seen when the bed is folded up against the wall. However, when you pull the murphy bed down, they will give the room an artistic, decorative touch.

8. A Space Heater Above Your Murphy Bed Can Make You More Comfortable

Thin wall mounted heater that can be placed within a murphy bed frame.A thin, wall-mounted, space heater can be a great accessory for a murphy bed. Image from Amazon

Winter months can get pretty chilly, especially in larger areas of your home. This might not be as much of a problem if you have a murphy bed in a small space, but if you have a murphy bed in a larger space or in a guest room, this might pose a problem. It can be difficult to fall asleep if you’re freezing cold, so putting a space heater above your murphy bed is a convenient way to quickly raise your room temperature and add warmth to the space. For more information about the relationship between body temperature and sleep, see this study.

If you have children sleeping on a murphy bed, there are many models with safety features that make them ideal for use around children. Some space heaters have designs that are safe to touch, while others include heaters that shut off when they are moved.

9. A Murphy Bed Closet Is a Great Accessory for a Small Space

Murphy bed closet add on.There are many types of murphy bed closets. Image from GoDownsize

A closet and a bed can end up taking up most of your bedroom space, especially if you have a small bedroom. For this reason, a closet that can be combined with a murphy bed is a great space-saving accessory. Because you can place all of your clothes and other items in these cabinets and drawers, this murphy bed accessory is best if you are constantly dealing with lack of space in your room. There are some murphy bed frames that even come with a closet built-in!

The best thing about a murphy bed closet is that, when the bed isn’t in use, people won’t even notice that there is a bed inside: they will just see the closet.

10. A Wall Mounted Fan Can Keep You Cool At Night In Your Small Room

Clip on light murphy bed accessory.A small wall-mounted fan should do the trick to keep your cool inside your small room instead of bulky air conditioners. Hotels use these all the time! Image from Amazon

Air conditioners tend to be too large to install in small rooms. They also usually need a place for hot air to be exhausted and air condensers tend to be too bulky. A simple fan should do wonders for your room. Wall-mounted fans can even be stowed within the murphy bed so you can maximize your wall-space within the room. 

The remote operated fan above has great reviews on Amazon and only costs $80. 

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