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Best mattress for menopause, 8 good ones we recommend

Menopause can make it difficult for you to sleep at night and result in severe symptoms like pains, night sweats, or the fluctuation of estrogen levels. For people suffering from menopause, getting your hands on the best mattresses is important. 

Although it won’t eliminate the complete symptoms of menopause, it will promote a better sleeping experience with enough airflow and a complete pressure-relief effect. 

To help you get sorted, we have listed some of the best mattresses for menopause.

What Are the Best Mattresses for Menopause?

Top 10 Mattresses for Menopause

Leesa Original Mattress

- Soft and breathable
- Memory foam
- Comfort and support
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A premium quality mattress for menopause

The original hybrid mattress has 789 springs and extra airflow that works well with the entire body. The mattress features premium memory foam over the top layer, offering better alignment, especially during menopause. 

After menopause, you are basically in need of a pressure relieving effect with a mattress. The edge support in this mattress gives you a comfortable, supportive feeling (check 10 top rated mattresses with great comfort). With this mattress, you also get alternative firmness. 

The best thing about this mattress is that it comes to the hundred-night mattress trial with a 10-year warranty for the users. It is 100% handcrafted for users. The best thing about this mattress is that it features a memory foam that works well with your body, keeping you properly aligned during sleep and allowing you to indulge in a refreshing night’s sleep. 

This mattress’s premium manufacturing offers a high-performance sleep experience with a pressure relieving effect over the back, hips, and shoulders.

Moreover, it features a spring core support, which is highly mobile and durable, working well with all sleeping positions and body types. 

The top layer of this mattress comes with a stylish seamless cover made using the signature cool knitted cover. Then comes the memory foam layer, which is the recovery layer that works well with the body with a pressure-relieving effect. 

Third comes the comfort layer, which is highly responsive to the entire body that keeps you cool, comfortable, and breathable throughout sleep. 

Next comes a responsive, supportive layer with pocketed springs that is stable and durable. Lastly, there is a base support layer featuring the high-density memory foam base with its extreme durability and signature support. 

In a nutshell Overall, this is a great choice for all sleeping positions and body types with pressure relieving effect.

Emma original

- #1 selling in all Europe
- Perfectly balanced for all body types
- Medium-firm range
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A budget-friendly mattress for hot flashes

Next comes the Emma original Mattress, which is also a great choice for people who are seeking mattresses for menopause. This mattress is extremely supportive and durable and has a 365-night free trial and a 10-year warranty. It is one of the best mattresses without any compromise on quality, especially for budget-conscious sleepers. 

Get your hands on this mattress because it is great for combination sleepers, whether you are a stomach, side, or back sleeper (check 10 amazing mattresses for stomach sleepers). It is great for all pet lovers and the sole sleepers. This world’s number one mattress is recognized for providing pressure-relieving effects, comfort, motion isolation, and edge support.

It is certified to offer you a different sleeping experience, featuring ergonomic zones with more than a hundred supportive points distributed evenly all over the mattress. 

The optimal design of the mattress releases all the pressure over your back and shoulders. No more pain in the mornings when you sleep on this mattress. 

The open-celled foam in this mattress provides a cool sleeping experience when compared to traditional memory foam mattresses, and its ultra-breathable nature with moisture-wicking cover keeps you cool during the summers.

This mattress is designed in such a way that it offers motion isolation technology. It absorbs all movements, resulting in a disturbing sleeping experience.

The layers of these mattresses include ultra-breathable covers that are temperature-regulating in nature, keeping you free from sweating. This mattress’s cloud plush comfortable layer comes with infused graphite, which controls the body shape, supporting you throughout the night. 

The dependable cooling is similar to the premium foam particle cool technology, which ensures better airflow. The motion isolating and ergonomic design with low memory foam in this mattress enhances the zone support with proper alignment of the spine, supporting the neck, shoulders, and hips. The motion isolation technology of this mattress allows you to sleep comfortably with your partner. 

Next comes the pressure relieving as well as contouring memory foam layer, holding you in shape during sleep without any sagging or sinking effect with even distribution of body weight (also check 10 great mattresses for overweight people). 

In a nutshell The enhanced support and stability of this mattress are what you need the most for menopause. Emma’s durable base prevents you from having restless nights, allowing you to indulge in a blissful sleeping experience.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

- Recommended by orthopedic & chiropractors
- High-end mattress
- Organic latex
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A luxurious mattress for menopause

Plush beds’ botanical bless organic latex mattress is handcrafted within the USA and features certified organic latex and GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic wool is also used in this mattress with fine quality. 

Moreover, it is green guard gold certified and is recommended by specialized orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors for a luxurious, soothing sleeping experience. 

No more discomfort during sleep as this comes with superior pressure relieving effect and support. You can indulge in a mesmerizing sleeping experience with a hundred-night trial and lifetime warranty. 

This brand allows you to choose the size according to your preference, ranging from twin-to-twin XL, full queen, king, cal king, split king, split queen, and split cal king. There is also two different firmness levels medium and medium firm. 

Apart from that, there are three different height levels which you can choose from, ranging from 9 inches to 10 inches to 12 inches. During their offers, you can also purchase bedding at minimal prices, which goes well with this mattress. 

The organic materials used for manufacturing this mattress help in a healthy sleeping experience. The moisture absorption technology with an extra airflow in this mattress keeps you cool throughout the night without herbicides or pesticides. Keep yourself breathable throughout the night with ultimate support while sleeping on this mattress.

In a nutshell The layers of this mattress are designed to give you precise supportive pressure relief and comfort. Overall, this is one of the best latex mattresses and best mattresses of the year and is also one of the best luxurious mattresses, especially for menopause.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

- Copper infused memory foam
- Excellent edge support
- Anti-microbial
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A hybrid mattress for people with menopause

The Layla hybrid mattress is a stunning mattress for menopause. This mattress is a perfect mix of coil springs, memory foam, and a mesmerizing swagger effect.

The best thing about this mattress is that you get a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty covering the same permanent compression and loss of mattress shape. It is made using materials like polyester, viscose rayon, and lycra. The coils in this mattress over the edge include 16-gauge coils, while in the center, there are 14-gauge coils. 

You can also add a base like an adjustable base or a platform bed with a mattress, which makes it extra comfortable. 

Apart from that, you can also buy Layla sleep bamboo sheets or an alternative comforter that keeps you comfortable throughout the night. The memory foam of this mattress is infused with copper with flippable firmness. The flawless mattresses made using the wrap coil system support the entire spinal alignment while keeping you cool and clean throughout sleep. 

The superior support and flexibility of this mattress fit well for the entire body. The ultimate support and comfort with this memory foam-infused mattress is a great choice for addressing the sleeping needs of the stomach, back, and side sleepers. The cool cover with a zip to clean this mattress with sleeping handles makes it a lovable choice for all users.

In a nutshell Overall, this mattress is considered the best one for you to buy online and is one of the best hybrid mattresses. You get a firm and a soft mattress in this one mattress, which is the right fit for all your sleeping needs. It is extremely supportive, plush, and soft, which you can flip according to your preference.

Amerisleep AS5

- Luxurious mattress
- Pressure Relieving (great for back pain & circulation)
- 20-year warranty
20 years
Trial period
100 nights
Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress for menopause

The Amerisleep As5 mattress is another stunning mattress that combines memory foam for a pressure-relieving effect with ultimate support. This memory foam mattress works well for combination, side sleepers, and heavy sleepers, offering you the ultimate supportive and comfortable night’s sleep experience. 

It is awarded as one of the best overall soft mattresses and the best ultra-plush mattresses for all sleepers. 

This all-foam mattress can also be combined with a base, such as a frame platform or bed, to improve the ultimate support of the smartest. Indulge in a better sleeping experience with this eco-friendly mattress, which keeps you cool throughout the night, enhancing the sleeping experience. 

This breathable, cool mattress with a refreshing cover will relieve all your pressure points. It is manufactured using fiber, which transfers energy, drawing away all the heat from your body. The sleeping surface of this mattress keeps you 7 degrees cooler.

The most stunning feature of this mattress is that it is made using a plant-based bio-pur material with an open cell design that allows enough air circulation. 

Sleep sweat-free without tossing and turning movements with the improved circulation with this mattress. Keep yourself cold throughout the night with the breathable nature compared to the traditional foam and open cell design, which drives away all the moisture. 

The eco-friendly design allows you to indulge in a healthy sleeping experience, which makes it a great choice for hot sleepers and menopausal individuals.

In a nutshell With this mattress, you get responsive nature with the eco-friendly materials used for the manufacturing of this mattress. This mattress resists mold, dust mites, and mildew, making it the ultimate choice amongst customers.

GhostBed Classic

- Gel-memory & aerated-latex
- High-density support foam
- Breathable & plush knit cover
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A combination mattress for menopause

The GhostBed ‘s classic gel memory foam and latex mattress are comfortable for people with menopause. It is one of the stunning mattresses that stands 11 inches tall and has four comfortable layers. The latex with gel memory foam makes it a non-allergenic choice for all the cool sleepers. 

The breathable plastic cover with a high-density supportive foam makes it extremely comfortable for the users. The optimum balance and long-term supportive nature of this mattress makes it a great choice. Get rid of all your back pain and shoulder pain (check 10 amazing mattresses for back pain). Stay cool throughout the night with the gel memory foam that transfers all the heat from the sleepers.

The memory foam core support mattress provides spinal alignment with total elimination of back and hip pain, relieving all stiffness in your body (check 10 amazing mattress toppers for hip pain).

The GhostBed also offers a limited-time flash offer where you can get luxurious pillows with 10 years of mattress protection. You can also add a bed frame with a mattress, which includes an all-in-one foundation or an adjustable base. This mattress comes with a 101-night sleeping trial with a 20-year warranty. 

In a nutshell Sleep cool and comfortably with this award-winning mattress. The high-density memory foam mattress keeps you super relaxed. The medium firm level with minimum motion transfer with this mattress makes it an exceptional choice for all types of sleepers.

Naturepedic Chorus Organic Mattress

- Superior Design
- Certified Organic
- Universal Comfort

An organic mattress for menopause

Next comes the Naturepedic organic mattress, a safe and healthy choice for users. It is simply comfortable and is exceptionally loved by its users. The exceptional comfort of this mattress, combined with its organic quality, makes it extremely comfortable for users. The layers of this mattress include organic cotton fabric with organic wool as well as a filling in the quilt. 

The second layer is a 1.5-inch micro coil comfortable layer. The third layer includes organic cotton batting, while the fourth layer comprises supporting coils. The encasement features organic cotton filling and organic cotton fabric. The healthy materials used in their production are luxurious and soft to the touch, conforming to the body shape and sleeping position. 

The mattress is luxurious and soft to the touch, which confirms well with the body shape and sleeping position. The temperature Regulating property keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. This mattress bounces well and confirms well with the body. This mattress will ensure a healthy sleeping experience. 

The plant-based materials used for the manufacturing of this mattress protect you against harmful chemicals. The supportive coils in this mattress offer proper postural alignment to the users with a balance of support. The body-contouring effect with this mattress’s comfort and motion isolation technology offers excellent breathability with heat dissipation features. 

In a nutshell The universal comfort makes you feel just right, especially for menopausal individuals wicking away all the moisture. The micro-comfortable layer keeps you comfortable dissipating all the heat. The exceptional design and superior manufacturing with certified organic and non-toxic materials make it an ultimate choice amongst buyers.

Sweetnight Dreamy Memory Foam Mattress

- Three Firmness Levels
- Affordable
- Perfect for every bed frames
Exclusive : 5% off with the code NUT5

A customizable mattress choice for menopause

You can choose between sizes ranging from queen to king and queen, available in different heights ranging from 10 to 12 inches. This product is available with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty with free shipping. 

The best thing about this mattress is that it is available in 3 different levels, with a soft feel over the head and a medium-firm feel over the tail. It is a great choice, especially for individuals with shoulder and back problems. 

The support over the targeted areas with a pressure-relieving effect keeps you cushioned throughout the night, relieving the shoulder pain and back pain. 

This gel memory foam-infused mattress will improve your sleep quality. Controlling and confirming the effect of the mattress keeps you comfortable and supportive throughout the night. 

Next comes the motion isolation technology, which is exceptional in this mattress, isolating your partner’s movements and allowing you to indulge in an undisturbed sleeping experience. The three main features of this mattress include a breathable gel top layer with a seamless cover and an ultimate reduction in pains and aches.

Lastly, this mattress is made using eco-friendly materials certified for being healthy and safe. 

In a nutshell The economic design of this mattress with innovative layers and medium firm with soft preference makes it the ultimate choice amongst users. The reduced heat and enhanced comfort allow you to indulge in a blissful sleeping experience with relaxed muscles and overall posture.

How Can I Sleep Better During Menopause?

It is critical to adhere to a sleeping schedule, sleep regularly, and avoid napping in the evening or afternoon.

What Is the Best Bedding for Menopause?

The best bedding for menopause is the soft one and is made using breathable fabric. You need to choose the bedding made using natural fibers like silk, linen, or cotton. Such fibers come with moisture-wicking properties allowing you to stay asleep and make you feel fresh.

How Can I Stay Cool in Bed During Menopause?

You can stay cool in bed during menopause while wearing light, loose clothing, allowing you to stay cool. Make sure to remove the layered dressing and keep your body temperature cool. Choose fiber sheets compared to synthetic ones, which are more breathable, allowing the entrapment of heat from a body, and keeping you cool at night.

Do You Need a Softer Mattress as You Get Older?

Your mattress needs the right type of firmness, especially for your aging body and joints. The quality and comfort layers, especially the memory foam mattresses, keep your spine properly aligned. Extra soft mattresses have a sinking and sagging effect, which can be havoc on the entire body.

Is A Memory Foam Mattress Good for Old Age?

Yes, the memory foam mattress is a great choice for old age because it offers enough support to the overall body, relieving your pain completely. The mattress’s materials help relax your joints and muscles, allowing you to sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

What Kind of Mattress Is Best for Night Sweats?

The best mattresses are the ones that are well ventilated with enough airflow to keep you cool for the night. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses provide the best airflow and an ultra-cool experience for users.

Our Recommendation:

Poor sleep quality is one of the frequent symptoms that you can see with menopause. The hot flashes of menopause make you uncomfortable during sleep. To prevent you from having pains and aches, it is high time that you invest in the best mattresses for menopause, promoting the proper alignment of the spine with a pressure-relieving effect.

So, without delaying any further, get the incredible mattress for menopause.