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Best twin mattress for adults, 8 good ones we recommend

Twin mattresses are commonly associated with children’s beds. But who says this size also can’t work in an adult’s room?

Due to space constraints, a twin mattress may be the only option for certain bedrooms. Whatever the conditions, the essential thing for you to do is choose the specific fit.

Fortunately, from the list of eight best twin mattresses for adults and a few suggestions for choosing according to your needs. Enjoy!

Top 8 Twin Mattresses for Adults

8 Best-selling Twin mattresses

GhostBed Classic

- Gel-memory & aerated-latex
- High-density support foam
- Breathable & plush knit cover
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Sleep better and more comfortably with ghostbed classic.

The GhostBed Mattress combines latex and gel memory foam for better cooling and responsiveness (check the top rated cooling mattresses for hot sleepers). The mattress cover comprises a flexible polyester material that is exceedingly thin and breathable. In addition, it performs a fantastic job of preventing heat buildup on the Mattress.

The GhostBed has 1.5″ of ventilated latex foam beneath the cover. Unfortunately, it is artificial latex, so anyone seeking natural or organic options should go elsewhere. However, in terms of performance, this latex is adequate: It’s sensitive and vented to keep you comfortable all night.

Under that is another 2″ of gel memory foam, providing further protection from night sweats and moistness. It gives extra pressure alleviation to the mattress’s top. The mattress base contains 7.5″ of high-density foam, which helps maintain firmness, sturdiness, and stability.

The GhostBed’s latex foam is sturdy enough to provide adequate (not exceptional) edge support. As a result, you won’t fall off the edge of the Mattress if you sit on it, and you’ll be able to sleep on the edges of the Mattress without feeling unsteady.

Nectar mattress foundation suits best with this twin mattress. The Nectar Mattress Foundation’s robust wood and spruce construction make it a good choice for budget-conscious buyers looking for a sturdy upholstered bed frame.

The responsiveness of this Mattress is primarily due to the latex layer on top of the Bed. Latex is suitable for giving bounce, so you shouldn’t sink too deep into the Bed. Instead, you should be capable of moving about and changing positions with moderate ease and without feeling “trapped.”

This latex-memory foam mattress provides pressure relief and cradling without sinkage. Sleepers of various weights and postures are likely to experience significant pressure alleviation.

In a nutshell The GhostBed, like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, will need an off-gassing and decompression for at least two days after unboxing. The GhostBed comes with a 101-night sleeping trial and a 20-year guarantee, which can give you peace of mind while you consider purchasing the device.

Elm Sleep Resort Collection Hybrid Mattress

- Highest quality mattress
- Best pressure relief
- Made in USA
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A great twin mattress for budget-conscious individuals.

The Elm Sleep is among the finest Twin mattresses for adults for various reasons, the most significant of which is that it may provide targeted pressure relief and aid in creating ideal conditions for peaceful sleep.

This model’s structure includes 1″ of soft quilted foam to keep you cool while sleeping, and Elm’s Luxurious 360 Flexible Knit Cover is comfortable to the touch and long-lasting.

Under this layer is three inches of comfort foam, designed to give the most acceptable pressure relief for sore bodies. Then a 2 “HD poly foam provides unrivaled support for back discomfort and lumbar support.

Below is a layer of 8” pocketed hybrid coils for enhanced deep support. Reinforced edges offer a robust edge to prevent rolling off the Bed. Additionally, the 1″ HD poly base foam foundation makes it possible to use this mattress with a wide range of foundations, including fixed and adjustable ones. Finally, long-lasting side panel fabric in a darker hue keeps your mattress clean even while moving.

Thuma’s Bed is a wooden bed frame with a stylish modern style. The modest design gives a bit of elegance to any space, and the simple installation allows for a speedy set-up.

This Twin mattress is an ideal choice for individuals on a budget since, due to its size, it is often less expensive than other oversized mattresses. In addition, this company employs Certi-PUR foams and water-based glues, which emit fewer pollutants than the components used by other firms. While natural mattresses typically emit strong aromas due to the lack of chemicals, odors are common in all types of mattresses.

In a nutshell The Elm sleep may be more difficult to move on than other hybrid models due to its soft quilted top cover and two layers of polyfoam. These layers can embrace the body tightly, making it difficult to switch positions at night. However, polyfoam is more responsive than typical memory foam so that sleepers won’t feel stuck in a body impression.

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

- Made for Cooler Breathable Sleep
- Suited for Side Sleepers
- Safe with Certification
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An outstanding hybrid option with excellent support.

The Dreamy Hybrid is a firm, adaptable, and unique mattress that combines the most delicate memory foam and coil technology.

The cover of the Mattress is comprised of woven cloth and has a white top pattern. Following that is a layer of cool gel memory foam to prevent body heat from being trapped. In addition, it is a pressure-relieving foam layer that provides comfort to sleepers.

Finally, the soft foam layer conforms to the body’s contours, embracing it, easing pressure, and offering support to all key spots.

Below this layer is the two-zoned support coil system. These zoned pocket coils contribute to the Bed’s durability while improving sleepers’ postural stability. Pocketed coils allow for ventilation in the Bed, which is beneficial for overheated sleepers. To keep the edges stable, the Dreamy Hybrid incorporates a foam encasement around the Bed’s perimeter.

If you want to share your Dreamy Hybrid with a pet or kid, it’s important to note this Mattress provides excellent motion isolation (check the best selling mattresses for motion isolation). It means you won’t wake up to tossed and turned or accidentally wake up your kid by moving about. Some mattresses with springs in their support layers may creak and make an annoying noise. Sadly, the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid is one of these mattresses. Sleepers who are easily roused should think twice before purchasing this Mattress.

Since hybrid mattresses perform admirably in cooling, SweetNight is no exception. This Mattress has many design features that intend to keep sleepers cool. A breathable cover, gel-infused foams, and coils help to ventilate the mattress and keep sleepers cool and comfortable all night.

You can use The Comma Home Eucalyptus Comforter, which is both breathable and warm, making it appropriate for use all year. In addition, Lyocell, a fabric made from eucalyptus, is breathable, so the duvet should sleep cool in hot months.

Many bed-in-a-box mattresses have off-gassing, sometimes known as the “new mattress smell.” You’ll probably detect some odor while unpacking your Mattress, but nothing overpowering.

In a nutshell The dreamy hybrid is suitable for all sleeping positions and, more importantly, all body types. In addition, this is a medium-sized mattress designed to be universally comfortable (check 10 mattresses with great comfort) .

Leesa Original Mattress

- Soft and breathable
- Memory foam
- Comfort and support
Save up to $820 on Leesa Mattresses

Designed to support your body without sinking or overheating.

The original Leesa is a high-quality memory foam bed that can appeal to anybody seeking a traditional, body-contouring experience.

The Leesa’s cover consists of soft and airy twill fabric. The twill weaving allows for a more significant thread count, giving it not only smooth but also solid and wrinkle-resistant.

The Leesa’s top layer contains a patented LSA200 foam that is springy, soft, and responsive. When you push your palm into this Mattress, it instantly bounces back into position. It is intended to be more absorbent than memory foam, which must help keep the mattress’s top from retaining too much heat.

The layer of slow-moving memory foam beneath intends to relieve pressure and provide some contouring for sleepers. Finally, The Leesa’s bottom layer contains the conventional base polyfoam, solid, sturdy, and supportive.

Although being an all-foam mattress, the Leesa Original sleeps cool. Foam beds are not for having excellent ventilation. On the other hand, Leesa does a great job of wicking heat away from you while you sleep.

Additionally, this mattress excels in motion isolation. Both foam layers, particularly the memory foam, are motion-isolating. Four inches of foam cradle the body, preventing bedmates from recognizing each other’s movements.

One of the Leesa Original’s bad points is its lack of edge support. As a result, the foam compresses the most near the perimeter, and individuals sense this as decreased stability in those regions. This problem is more evident in those who weigh more than 230 pounds (and thus have more mattress compression) and in people who habitually sit on the edges of their beds.

In a nutshell The Leesa Original mattress supports every sleeping position. Most stomach sleepers like the soft upper layer and dependable support (check 10 amazing mattresses for stomach sleepers), while side and back sleepers benefit from close body contouring. However, the all-foam Leesa may be excessively soft for heavy stomach sleepers.

Puffy Mattress

- Best selling USA
- All Sleep position
- Hotel comfort

A fantastic memory foam mattress for relieving pressure spots.

The Puffy is another excellent option for those seeking the most remarkable Twin mattress. This all-foam mattress has the distinctive hugging sensation that many sleepers like. The Puffy doesn’t just cradle the body; it conforms to every shape and relieves strain.

This mattress cover is incredibly elastic and gives much flexibility when you sink into the comfort layer. The surface is stain-resistant and hypoallergenic and is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved. This certification ensures that textiles are free of dangerous substances such as PFOS, PBDEs, PVC, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. The mattress cover may be unbuttoned, removed, and washed to facilitate cleaning.

Beneath the cover is A “Gel Cloud” comfort layer. This cooling cloud foam layer will keep you more relaxed than a typical memory foam mattress and retain body heat at bay. In addition, this memory foam gel mattress is exceptionally soft and will help you to burrow into it for pressure relief.

Following this layer is a “Climate Comfort” layer of responsive poly foam. This layer has a more substantial feel to it and aids in easing you down into the support foam beneath. Most bed-in-a-box mattresses use HD polyfoam for support, including Puffy. The Puffy mattress’s polyfoam support layer gives the bed stability and longevity.

An appealing characteristic of the Puffy mattress is its pressure alleviation. Sleepers do not develop pressure points when they sleep on a pressure-relieving mattress. However, side sleepers are prone to pressure spots; thus, the Puffy is an excellent choice (check the top rated mattresses for side sleepers).

The Puffy’s pressure-relieving effect is due to the foam comfort layers’ cushioning and conforming capabilities. Mattresses with adequate pressure-relieving quality help pain sufferers avoid nighttime stiffness and discomfort. For example, if you suffer from neck stiffness at night, a pressure-relieving pillow is beneficial along with this twin mattress. The Silk & Snow Pillow has adequate cushioning to support your neck, alleviating pressure accumulation while providing moderate balance (check the best selling pillows for neck and shoulder pain).

In a nutshell The Puffy, like several of the top bed-in-a-box mattresses, arrives in a cardboard box! It is typical to notice a little chemical odor upon unpacking the mattress. However, the smell can dissipate after leaving the mattress in a well-ventilated room for 48 hours.

Amerisleep AS3

- #1 mattress in a box in the USA
- 14000+ happy customers
- Tailored to adapt to most body types and comfort
20 years
Trial period
100 nights
Memory foam

The as3 hybrid allows you to enjoy a weightless, cool night’s sleep.

Are you looking for the most excellent Twin mattress to make your back feel amazingly comfortable? Then you should probably think about purchasing the AS3 by Amerisleep. This adaptable mattress excels in pressure relief because of its cradling sensation and zoned transition layer.

The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid has the same Refresh Cooling Cover as the rest of the company’s mattresses. It’s built using technology that turns body heat into far infrared radiation, which aids in sports healing and improves sleep.

The mattress’s primary comfort layer is 3 inches of unique Bio-Pur foam, a plant-based substance that is more sensitive, open-celled, and breathable than traditional memory foam.

Below this layer is pocketed coil system to offer elevation and spinal alignment. Coils often give adequate edge support, allowing you to sleep on the whole surface of the mattress or sit on the side to tie your shoes.

Furthermore, the bed incorporates high-density foam wrapped around the coils. The coils’ zoning supports the body by raising the back and providing more outstanding cushioning around the hips and shoulders. Lastly, a thin, transitional layer of foam gives the mattress a firm and reliable base.

The AS3 mattress from Amerisleep has a medium-firm feel (check the top rated medium firm mattresses). Having said that, because of the upper layer of specifically designed memory foam, this mattress provides a decent level of luxurious comfort and good pressure relief.

Altering sleeping posture on an AS3 is neither exceptionally simple nor extremely challenging. Although the memory foam takes time to return to its normal shape, the bed is still medium in firmness, decreasing the likelihood of sleepers feeling locked in one posture on the Mattress.

In a nutshell The Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid is a durable mattress thanks to its robust coils and high-quality foams (check 8 great long lasting mattresses). The 20-year guarantee on the Mattress is a reflection of its long-lasting quality.

Saatva Classic Mattress - Award Winning

- Luxurious & #1 America's best-selling innerspring
- 40K + ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews
- FREE White Glove Delivery service

Trial period
365 nights

It offers deep, quality sleep as well as exceptional comfort.

The Saatva Classic is a hybrid coil mattress with eco-friendly foams and a long-lasting dual steel coil support system. It’s the most popular mattress, provides maximum spine support, and reduces back and joint discomfort.

The Saatva has an organic cotton cover, making the Mattress’s surface pleasant and breathable. The upper surface is a 3-inch Euro cushion top. This layer provides good cushioning and pressure alleviation. Then there is a layer of individually packed pocketed coils that conforms to your motions and offers bounce and support.

The mattress then has a layer of memory foam in the center. This layer provides pressure relief in the pelvis and lower spine, where it is most needed.

The Saatva’s foundation layer is steel coils and high-density foam perimeter support. The rings, in this case, function to quadruple the bouncing of individually packed springs, resulting in an even more forceful lift. In addition, these tempered steel dual coils decrease sagging and improve ventilation while you sleep.

The Nollapelli Signature Sheet Set is a terrific hotel-style alternative if you desire soft and breathable bedding. The special fabric used to make the sheets intends to manage the moisture and temperature of the body as you sleep.

Due to the variable firmness, this mattress can support all sleeping positions. Side sleepers like plush soft, whereas most prefer luxury firm, which aligns the spine. The firm option is ideal for back sleepers (check 10 amazing mattresses for back sleepers), and top beds for stomach sleepers.

In a nutshell Combination sleepers will like the Saatva Classic’s responsiveness as well (check the top rated mattresses for combination sleepers). Saatva does not release the chemical odor that some of the other top bed-in-a-box mattresses do.

Layla memory foam mattress

- Copper gel in the foam
- Antimicrobial
- Rapid cooling
20 years
Trial period
100 nights
Memory foam
Expert verdict

The Beautyrest 13.5 Hybrid 1000 Infinicool is a 13.5-inch hybrid innerspring plush soft tight-top mattress. It has a base support layer of innerspring pocket coils with age/memory foam layer resting above.

This model from Beautyrest is very difficult to find both (1) online and (2) in-stores. As a result, we strongly recommend considering similar alternatives.

Surprisingly enough, the Beautyrest 13.5 Hybrid 1000 Infinicool is actually quite a good mattress. Especially when you consider the quality of materials & specifications.

This model from Beautyres

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The copper infusion keeps you cool and comfortable all night.

Layla is a 10″ all-foam mattress with the added benefit of being flippable and double-sided. It has a soft side that relieves pressure and a firm side that gives good support.

As a result, it belongs to a very small group of beds that allow you to check out two firmness levels in a short period. The Layla, on the other hand, is not only a flippable gimmick but also an exceptionally comfy memory foam mattress with some fascinating cooling characteristics.

Thermo-Gel technology in the bed cover responds to your body temperature and provides a soft, cool sensation. It is washable and detachable. Since the Layla mattress is flippable, it has comfort layers on both the top and bottom. In addition, the Layla contains three inches of copper-infused memory foam on top of 2′′ of convoluted support foam on the soft side of the mattress (check the top rated copper infused mattresses).

On the firm side of the Layla, the comfort layer has only 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam and no convoluted supporting foam. Instead, a sturdy, long-lasting layer of support base foam is between the two sides. The Layla is an incredibly supportive mattress, making it an excellent choice for people suffering from back discomfort.

The Layla Adjustable Foundation Plus is a multifunctional base with smart technologies. In addition, this base’s customizability makes it an excellent choice if you need particular settings to eliminate snoring or back discomfort at sleep.

You sink rather profoundly into Layla’s soft side, and the memory foam has a delayed response time. As a result, the soft side allows little movement over the mattress surface. The firm side has less sink and is thus easier to move about, although the memory foam retains a slow response to change.

In a nutshell Despite being a memory foam bed, the Layla mattress can function well in terms of cooling. The use of copper, an average heat conductor that helps provide a more relaxed sleeping environment, is a primary reason for this. In addition, Layla’s high-density foam core keeps your body supported throughout the mattress. Layla provides enough support and durability for light and average-weight sleepers but not for heavyweight sleepers (also check the top rated mattresses for overweight person).

What Is A Standard Twin-Size Mattress?

A standard Twin mattress has dimensions 38” wide by 75” long. It is the smallest adult-size mattress available. The thickness of a twin bed varies based on the kind of mattress.

The typical thickness of a mattress is between 9 and 16 inches; however, adding padding or a pillow top can raise this significantly. Its modest size makes it perfect for solitary sleepers – toddlers or adults living in limited areas such as a studio apartment.

Is A Twin Mattress Good For an Adult?

Mattresses in the twin-size range work well for adults. They may appear small, but a twin-size bed might be an excellent alternative if you live alone and have limited room. A person who is an adult but is shorter than 6 feet in height can sleep comfortably on a twin bed.

How Often Should You Replace a Twin Mattress?

One must replace a twin mattress every 6 to 8 years at least. After eight years, the Bed begins to lose its original state, resulting in various complications such as ripping fabric, drooping of foam, and spring squeaking.

But you may get more or less time out of your mattress depending on its quality and kind. Any mattress composed of higher-grade materials would most likely survive longer. Some can endure more than ten years if properly maintained and cared for.

At What Age Should You Stop Using a Twin Bed?

The only factor for adults is their height, not their age, when using a twin bed. If you are under 6 feet tall, you can sleep comfortably in a twin-size bed regardless of age.

What’s Bigger, a Twin Bed or a Full One?

The length of a twin bed and a full bed are the same; however, the width of a full mattress is 16 inches larger than that of a twin mattress. Full-size beds are more extensive than twin-size beds and, thus, a better choice for couples and singles.

Can An Adult Couple Sleep on a Twin Mattress?

Most adults will find it difficult and unpleasant to share a twin bed with a spouse because they are only for one person. Buying a twin mattress for a couple would be a bad idea because, with a width of 38 inches, it is only suitable for one adult.


By reviewing all these twin-sized Mattresses, we can say that even twin-sized beds today are primarily usable in your children’s bedrooms. These mattresses have many different features that can benefit you, your children, and your house guests. These are excellent options for small spaces or guest rooms (check the best selling mattresses for guest rooms) and for those looking for something more budget-friendly.