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Dorm bed skirt, 5 best options we found

Bed skirts might be a great idea to get for your dorm beds. They serve a dual purpose. First, they can hide all that storage area under your bed, leaving your room with a neat and finished look. They come in different types, so the choice is yours. You can choose whatever you style and dress your bed accordingly.

We have reviewed the Top 5 dorm bed skirts so you can make an informed decision (also check 10 amazing mattresses).

What Are the Best College Bed Skirt Options? 

Top 5 College dorm bed skirts

Amazon Basics Lightweight Pleated Bed Skirt

- 100% Polyester
- Queen size
- Easy to care

A pleated bed skirt available for your dorm room 

Bed skirts are a must if you want to make your dorm room look presentable. The first on our list is a basic lightweight pleated bed skirt from Amazon. It may sound basic, but it’s all that you might need and so much more. 

To start with, you will notice that this bed skirt has a very simple yet modern look. Draping this bed skirt around your bed foundation or your mattress will not only cover the space between the floor and your bed. It will also give it a modern, stylish look. We know that dorm beds have a lot to store under them. Draping your bed with this skirt will not only hide your storage area but also give your room a clean, smooth finish. 

Not only is the storage area, but it can also conceal and cover your bed foundations in a unique way. Dorm beds are used a lot and might look worn out over time. You want the place you will be living in for such a long time to look chic and presentable. Metal and boxed spring bed bases also get dirty with time. Using this skirt, you can easily conceal it instead of feeling embarrassed about it or finding a new one. 

The Amazon basic line works on a simple concept. It tries to offer you the most demanded and rated products at the lowest prices you can find. Like other items from the basic line, these skirts are also of good quality and cost-effective. 

The amazon basic bed skirts are made with 100 percent polyester. This is an imported microfiber that gives your bedding a very smooth and wrinkle-free finish. It also does not fade away over time. 

In a nutshellIt is available in different sizes and does the job of concealing things pretty neatly. However, it has nice pleated details that give your dorm room a modern touch. Not only this, these are easily machine washable and made in a green factory through a system that is very conscious of environmental standards.

Ruffled Beige Queen Bed Skirt

- Hotel Quality
- Luxury
- Elastic Wrap

The best-ruffled bed skirt available for dorm beds 

This one might be a good option if you want the perfect bed skirt to give your dorm room bed a hotel bed-like look. If you have a basic box spring foundation or a lot of storage under your bed that you need to cover – these ruffled bed skirts can be your go-to.  

Ruffled bed skirts are pretty common, but they get flimsy over time, and the material 

tends to catch a lot of dust, resulting in fading of the fabric. With this bed skirt from amazon, you won’t have to worry about things like these. They use fabric that provides you with long-lasting luxury. The fabric that they use is nowhere near mediocre and is very strong. It does not tear easily, the color does not fade away, and most importantly, it does not shrink after being washed. 

The design is pretty convenient to use. These skirts are available in multiple colors and can be used with almost every bedsheet you spread on your bed. These bed skirts come with a flexible design. This means you will not have to lift your mattress to wash or change your bed skirt. This is elastic and has a wrap-around design that can be changed hassle-free. 

In a nutshell These work great for the price and may need some ironing when they arrive. But these are perfectly capable of hiding all that storage under your dorm beds. These are not see-through and stay wrinkle-free even after being washed. What more do students want than hassle-free bedding options?

Easyfit Solid Elastic Wrap

- Stylish
- Perfect Fit
- Easy-Stretch Design

The best-frilled bed skirts for dorm room

With the Easy Fit elastic bed skirt, changing your bed skirts or using them has become much easier. These are quick and easy to use. Time is something students rarely have, and keeping things hassle-free is what makes them happy. These elastic wrap-around bed skirts come in the perfect white and beige colors to hide all that storage under your dorm bed while adding a classic neat touch to your room. 

These bed skirts are made up of a polyester and cotton blend. They have high-quality construction that ensures durability. Not only are these soft to the touch, but they are not sheer and add a lot of life to your room decor.

They have a wrap-around design, meaning changing and putting these frills on is easy. Easily washable, they do not wear away with time owing to the high-quality materials used in their construction. These bed skirts are a good fit; they are elastic and can easily be wrapped around your bed. You do not have to adjust them every time you get in and out of bed. 

In a nutshell Most bed skirts are barely even washed because it takes a lot of effort to lift the bed and remove them. Customers are very happy with its unique design, allowing them to wrap around the skirt without fuss. It can easily adjust to whatever height you need and hides your bed storage well.

Valencia Beddings Split Corner Bed Skirt

- Natural Cotton
- Fade Resistant
- Luxury

A bed skirt with split corners 

If luxury had a face, the Valencia bedding skirt with split corners is it. These are prime bed skirts ready to give your room a luxurious and smooth touch. They come in many neutral shades, so you can choose one that goes well with your bedding. It doesn’t just look good; it does the job right, and it hides away all the ugly-looking storage under your bed while protecting your stuff from dust. 

Moreover, it is 100% imported cotton. The material is solid and durable, which means it does not fade away with time, does not tear easily, and does not start sagging with time.

It is available for all-sized beds, has 18 inches drop length, and has a signature split design on the corners. You can easily wash this in your machines without worrying about wear and tear. The company has fantastic customer service and offers a 30-day trial period to guarantee your satisfaction levels.

In a nutshell The fabric overall is durable but not heavily weighted. And since it is 100 percent cotton, you will have to iron it to keep it wrinkle-free. The packaging is great, and it fits your bed perfectly too. It looks incredible and does the job of making your dorm room look neat well too!

Bare Home Pleated Queen Bed Skirt

- Center & Corner Pleats
- Practical
- Easy Care

A microfiber bed skirt

The full skirt is of an 1800 thread count of microfibers. Usually, the fabric under the bed is made of mesh fabric. But the bare home bed skirt is the same premium material from top to bottom. Mesh fabric can easily damage and is not that durable. 

Microfiber is really good. Strong and durable, you do not have to worry about straining or splitting the fabric. 

The stitching on it is very high quality as well. Little things like these reflect the overall quality of the product. Good sturdy stitching means you can put it in the washing machine without fearing this unraveling due to poor stitching. 

Putting this on your bed isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. You need to place these below your mattress on the bed foundation. You might need to iron it before putting it on for a seamless finish. It has a perfect fit, and each side overlaps. This way, you don’t have any of the bottom part of your bed exposed, and all that ugly storage is kept out of sight!

In a nutshell All the detailing in this gives you a very nice finish and can give your dorm a very hotel vibe. The bed skirt is gentle on your skin, machine washable provides full coverage, and is free of any toxic materials in its construction.

What Can I Use Instead of a Bed Skirt?

Bed skirts cover up the space between the floor and your bed. These may cover any storage under your bed or your iron or boxed spring bed foundations that have worn out over time. So for this purpose, you can use bed skirts, or instead, you can use flat sheets, curtains, and even rugs. 

How Do You Put a Bed Skirt on a Dorm?

First, you need to be sure of how many panels you need. In most dorm rooms, your bed is against a wall, meaning you need three panels for the three other sides of your bed. Some dorm beds might have a desk on one end, so you only need two panels.

Bed skirts are of different types. Some need to tie to your spring box bed foundation, some are elastic, and you can wrap around your bed’s sides. 

Is A Dust Ruffle the Same as a Bed Skirt?

Yes, both these terms are for the same thing interchangeably. So, confusion between the two is pretty normal. A dust ruffle and a bed skirt are just two different names for the same thing.  

Are Bedskirts Out of Style?

Yes, bed skirts are now mostly old-fashioned and for either functional purposes or if you want to create a vintage look in your room. 

Can You Use a Flat Sheet as a Bed Skirt?

Yes, flat sheets are a common substitute for bed skirts. You can similarly wrap around the bed. 

How Do You Put a Bed Skirt on Without Removing a Mattress?

Not all bed skirts are like that. There are some that you tie to the bed frame after lifting the mattress, and then there are some which are elastic, and they wrap around the bed frame easily from the sides. 

How Do You Make a Bed Skirt Out of Curtains?

First, take measurements of your bed. The width and the length of the be. Measure the curtain you have accordingly. Cut it width-wise and length-wise according to the required measurements, and if needed, hem the skirt from its bottom border. You can tie the bed frame or wrap it around the panels and pin them up like borders. 

How Do You Make Elastic Bed Skirts?

You can start by taking measurements. Measure from the floor to the top of your box spring frame to determine the length of your bed skirt. Next, measure around the entirety of your bedside to find the width of your bed skirt.

Next, add an extra three inches to the length of your bed skirt to fold the elastic in. attach all the pieces of fabric and create a folding at the top, which you can later use to put the elastic through. Insert the elastic around the bed through this folding and secure the edges by sewing on them.

Should Your Bed Skirt Touch the Floor?

Your bed skirt should exactly be touching the floor. It should not be higher than the surface or long enough to flow on the floor. 

Should Your Bed Skirt Match Your Comforter? 

Ideally, yes. To get the perfect look for your room, you should match the bed skirt to your comforter set. 

Can You Use a Bed Skirt Without a Box Spring?

Yes. A bed skirt can place on any bed. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a boxed spring bed. 

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So, this is all you need to know about bed skirts. You can decide what kind of bed skirt would suit your needs the best and get that accordingly. Elastic ones or the panel ones – the choice is yours.