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Amerisleep vs Purple, which one is the best mattress?

If you have noticed your old mattress has started to sag, it’s high time you should buy a new one. And while doing your research on the best mattresses, you may have come across two names: Amerisleep and Purple.

These two mattress brands have strong standings when it comes to high-quality mattresses. However, some stark differences cannot be overlooked. That’s precisely what we look at in this Amerisleep vs. Purple comparison.

To summarise the comparison, Amerisleep is a great choice for all types of sleepers. But for hot sleepers and value shoppers, the Purple should be the go-to.

So, what sets these two mattresses apart? Let’s take a look!

Comparison Table – Amerisleep Vs. Purple

  AS3 Amerisleep Mattress Original Purple Mattress
Best For All types of sleepers Contour
Trial Period 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty 20 years 10 years
Price Range $699-$1648 $799-$1998

The Key Differences Between Amerisleep Vs. Purple

Who The Amerisleep Is Best For:

Best For…

All types of sleepers: The Amerisleep mattresses have a medium firmness rating, which means it’s ideal for all sleepers.

Couples: If you are a couple and your partner has a different sleeping style, this is the mattress for you. It suits every type of sleeper.

People who want to improve circulation: The Amerisleep comes with a free Refresh Cool cover for people who want to improve circulation. The cover converts body heat to infrared heat, which improves circulation and energy.

Value shoppers: The Amerisleep is cheaper (check 10 amazing mattresses under $1000), has better financing options, and complementary accessories.

May Not Be Best For…

People who sleep hot: If you sleep hot, this mattress isn’t for you. It uses memory foam that generally builds up a lot of heat.

Heavier sleepers: This mattress is not recommended for people who weigh more than 230 pounds.

Who The Purple Is Best For:

Best For…

Back and stomach sleepers: Since it’s medium-firm, the Purple Mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers.

Some side and combination sleepers: Some side and combination sleepers may like the mattress. But it leans towards the firmer side.

People who sleep hot: This mattress is for you if you sleep very hot. It has 1,400 air channels that wick away heat.

Motion isolation: The grid structure of the mattress isolates motion. It’s better than traditional foam designs.

May Not Be Best For…

Value shoppers: The Purple Mattress has more expensive pricing and financing options (check 10 great mattresses under 2,000 dollars).

Edge support: The Purple Mattress may not provide as much edge support as its counterparts due to the grid pattern.

Top Features compared – Amerisleep Vs. Purple


When it comes to construction, the Amerisleep A3 does not hold back. It’s composed of 4 layers. The lowermost layer is the Bio-Core base layer. This layer lends the mattress durability and is immune to developing soft spots or sagging.

Amerisleep vs Purple differences

The HIVE transition layer is on top of this layer, a targeted pressure-relief system. With this, your shoulders and hips get more cushion while your legs, back, and head get more support (also check 10 amazing mattresses for back pain).

The next layer is the Bio-Pur layer, which has an open-cell design and keeps you cooler than most other mattresses. It conforms to the contour of your body and facilitates added buoyancy. The final and topmost layer is the ultra-breathable cover that provides ventilation.

But the Purple Mattress is no bystander either. It has 4 layers. The lowermost layer is a foam layer designed to provide durability and stability.

The layer on top of that is a soft, cushioning layer, which complements the durable layer below. What this means for you is you get comfort and stability in the same mattress.

Above these two layers is a 2-inch Purple GelFlex Grid. The grid is breathable and cradles your pressure points like the shoulders and the hips (check the top-rated mattresses for shoulder pain). It also maintains proper body alignment.

Finally, the top layer is a SoftFlex cover that feels gentle against the skin and is knitted to ensure breathability.

Comparatively, both mattresses provide the same features with similar construction. But some differences make the Purple Mattress superior.

First, the Purple Mattresses use a unique GelFlex grid design to allow for breathability. And the material itself doesn’t even retain heat. Secondly, the GelFlex Grid provides more buoyancy and a better cushioning effect. As such, it’s the winner when it comes to construction.


The firmness of the mattress is highly crucial when deciding what mattress to buy. The right firmness will provide support, stability, cushioning, and comfort. What firmness you prefer will depend on the type of sleeper you are.

The Amerisleep AS3 is a mattress with medium firmness. The medium firmness is often described as the “universal” firmness. It’s suitable for all sleepers, including side, back, and combination. This type of mattress is ideal for couples who have different sleeping styles. A medium mattress is a great negotiator between the two. However, if you are just average-weight back sleepers, you should get a firm or medium-firm mattress.

The Purple Mattress is a medium-firm mattress, which isn’t the same as being medium. Instead of being in the middle of the firmness spectrum, it leans towards the firmer side. There are subtle differences. This type of mattress is not good for side sleepers or even couples who have conflicting sleeping positions. If you or your partner side sleepers, you’ll have a hard time with this mattress (check the top rated mattresses for side sleeper). However, people who are back, combination, or stomach sleepers will love this mattress.

Amerisleep vs Purple comparison

It’s important to note that the firmness has nothing to do with the mattress’s level of support. The firmness only includes the firmness of the top comfort layer, while support is provided through the core layers. Both have durable core layers, so you won’t have a problem with sagging (also check the best toppers for sagging mattress).

All in all, there is no winner here. But if you consider the versatility of the mattress, the Amerisleep is best. It’s good for all types of sleepers.

Motion Isolation and Edge Support:

Motion isolation is something that not a lot of new mattress buyers consider (check the best selling mattresses for motion isolation). But in the long run, it can be a significant issue. Motion isolation refers to how well the mattress isolates vibrations on one side of the bed from the other. Picture a child jumping on one side of the bed. If you can feel it on the other side, your mattress has poor motion isolation.

In this regard, it’s mostly a tie. Both the Amerisleep and Purple Mattress have excellent motion isolation. It prevents the transfer of vibrations and movement.

The Amerisleep uses memory foam, one of the best types of foam for motion isolation. Although the purple MAttress doesn’t have memory foam, it does use a GelFlex Grid. The grid helps the vibrations dissipate into the air, preventing them from being transferred to the other side.

Additionally, both have excellent edge support. In case you don’t know, edge support means increased stability near the edge of the mattress. Both mattresses feature reinforced edges. The Purple Mattress, in particular, has strong edges. The GelFlex grid layer doesn’t extend to the edges, so the edges stay stronger than the layers in the center.

Hence, it’s safe to say that the mattresses are equally good at motion isolation and edge support. You’ll be at ease with both mattresses if you have a partner that cannot stop rolling or children that are always playing (also check 10 best mattresses for kids).


Temperature regulation is one of the most important factors in deciding whether a mattress is comfortable. Luckily, both the Amerisleep and the Purple Mattress have excellent temperature regulation.

The Amerisleep uses two layers to keep you cool: the ultra-breathable cover and the Bio-Pur layer. The ultra-breathable cover is a soft, lightweight material that allows air to circulate easily. It keeps you comfortable while preventing overheating.

But there’s a hidden feature here. The cover, titled the Refresh Cover, features specially engineered fabric. This fabric converts your body heat to far infrared heat. This, along with providing you more strength, also helps wick away natural body heat.

The Bio-Pur layer is right underneath the cover and has an open-cell design. Besides relieving pressure, the open-cell design means that it regulates temperature well. Traditional memory foam mattresses are very hot when you sleep on them. Hence, the Bio-Pur layer acts to counter that and ensure you sleep cooler than normal.

However, the Purple Mattress takes it one step further. Just like Amerisleep, it uses two layers for breathability. The first player is the SoftFlex cover which has been knitted to allow instant response and temperature regulation. But what’s of interest is the second layer. This is the 2-inch GelFlex layer which is shaped like a grid. The grid essentially creates over 1,400 channels for cool air to pass through. It’s more breathable than the layers of the Amerisleep.

Additionally, the Purple Mattress features unique moisture-wicking technology on its GelFlex layer. This makes it the perfect mattress for people who often sleep hot and get sweaty (also check 10 great cooling mattress toppers for hot sleepers) hence, the Purple Mattress is the winner here.

Position and Body Type:

Here’s the most important part: do the Amerisleep, and Purple Mattress match your preferred sleeping position? Even if everything else is right for you, it all boils down to this factor.

The Amerisleep is a medium mattress. This type of mattress is highly recommended for all types of sleepers. It’s good for side, back, and combination sleepers. However, it’s not the best for them. For side sleepers, a softer mattress is better. And for back sleepers, you could venture into the firmer side of mattresses. But if you are a couple with conflicting sleeping styles or a combination sleeper, Amerisleep is perfect for you.

Since it’s right in the middle of the firmness spectrum, it’s ideal for people with average body weights. The perfect body weight for this firmness is 120 to 230 pounds. This mattress is not recommended for obese people.

The Purple Mattress, on the other hand, is medium-firm. This means that it’s best for stomach or back sleepers. Combination sleepers may find this mattress somewhat suitable. But it will not be good for side sleepers. This mattress is brilliant if you sleep on your back and your partner on their stomach or vice versa. For other sleeping styles, you may prefer Amerisleep.

Additionally, people who weigh 230 pounds or more may prefer this mattress due to its added firmness. However, you’ll love a firm mattress if you weigh more than 230 pounds.

Ultimately, due to its versatility, Amerisleep is the winner. But it all depends on the type of sleeper you are.

Price Range:

Finally, it comes down to this: the price. Often, buyers are not concerned with the price per se but rather the value they get from it. So, is the mattress worth what it says it is? And are the prices reasonable?

To answer this, we first take a look at the prices of different sizes:

Size Amerisleep AS3 Purple Mattress
Twin $699 $799
Twin XL $749 $999
Full $899 $1199
Queen $949 $1399
King $1249 $1799
Cali King $1249 $1799
Split King $1648 $1998


While the Purple vs Amerisleep mattress has some great features that cannot be overlooked, there is a clear winner here; and it’s Amerisleep.

The Amerisleep is the best of the two mattresses since it’s made for all types of sleepers, so more people will find it comfortable (also check the most comfortable mattresses). And it’s the best choice for couples (also check 10 amazing mattresses for sex). Additionally, the mattress provides better financing options and comes with a free Refresh Cool cover.

But it was a tough call because the Purple did not just stand by and watch. With its GelFlex purple grid technology and lower price, it sure created competition. It sleeps cooler than Amerisleep mattress and is better for hot sleepers.