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Best bed rails for seniors, 6 good ones we recommend

One of the most common old age injuries is bone fractures. The most common of these fractures are the hip, arms, or legs. The main cause of these injuries is falling on the ground amid imbalance. With the growing age, it becomes more difficult to recover speedily. Therefore, it is important to have supports installed in your parent’s house, so they don’t fall from imbalance. The bed rails are one of the important supports that must be installed in your elderly loved ones’ beds (also check 10 amazing mattresses for seniors). 

Let’s look at the best bed rails available on the market today.

What are the Best Bed Rails for Seniors?

Top 6 Bed Rails for seniors

Medical King Bed Assist Bar

- Easy to use
- Comfortable hand bar
- Safety bed rails
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Durable and sleek

if you want a bed rail that is smart, flexible, and strong, then Bed Rail by Medical King is for you. Made with stainless steel and coated with black paint, the design of this bed rail is elegantly simple. The whole structure is balanced in-between two bars of 2’’ – 3’’. 

The padded hand support is welded on these bars in a semi-circle shape. Below the handle, 5’’ – 6’’, are another set of bars opposite the vertical bars. These bars go inside the mattress to form a stand. This structure supports up to 350LBS of weight.

This bed rail comes with an adjustable height feature. The bar in its original form is 33’’ high. The height is the extendable maximum up to 42’’. This feature makes this bed rail available for different lengths of beds. It can be adjusted in any thickness of the mattress, like, king, queen, twin, etc. 

The bottom of the two bars is covered with rubber boots to avoid unnecessary corrosion to the floor. These rubber covers are also anti-slip. In addition to its height adjustment, this bar also comes with a pocket on the side. A book and a tablet can easily fit in the bag. 

These bed rails are suitable for older adults, people in the post-surgery stage, people with back pain (also check 10 amazing mattresses for back pain), pregnant ladies, and people in rehabilitation. A separate security strap is also included in the package. 

This strap is used to secure the bars underneath the mattress with the bed for minimum movement when weight is applied to the bar. The whole unit comes in disassembled form in a box with instructions. It’s easy to assemble with minimum assistance. 

In a nutshell Medical King bed rails are easy to assemble and come with a separate securing strap. They can be suitable for any bed and mattress size due to their height adjustment feature. The minimalistic design makes it easier to use and looks good with your bed. The additional pouch can help you to organize your things.

Stander Ez Adjustable Bed Rail

- Prevent Falls
- Modern Design
- High Quality
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Support and safety all day long

Falling from bed while sleeping is a common thing among humans around the world. Unfortunately, this injury is more frequent in kids and the elderly. Many of us have faced this situation with our kids or parents/grandparents. You can save them from falling again by installing Stander EZ Adjustable Bed Rail.

This bed rail provides both getting up support and falling safety simultaneously. This product is made of high-quality stainless steel and is protected with a black paint coat. The structure consists of two 25’’ L-shaped bars connected with a rod. These bars go underneath the mattress for support. The outer side of these bars is inter-joined with the support rail on the side of the bed. 

The construction of the support rail is based on four adjustable bars, which are interconnected. The overall length of this structure from the mattress to the top is 22’’. The support rail is 26’’ inches long and is adjustable horizontally up to 42’’, meaning the whole bed is covered. 

The entire structure is made immovable with the help of a long support strap that can be extended to the other side of the bed. The tension of this strap is adjustable according to the size of the bed. 

This bed rail comes with foldable hinges, which fold the support rail when not used. A big size pouch is a standard accessory with this product. The pouch is big enough to organize your notebook or pad, TV or AC remotes, medicine, and other necessary items. This product comes in a disassembled form in box packaging. With the help of the guide provided with the package, the whole bed rail is easy to assemble with minimum help.

The overall weight of the bed rail is 14lbs and can bear up to 300lbs of weight. The company’s primary focus with this product is to protect the elderly from falling and support the movement. However, people with back injuries, pregnant ladies, postoperative recovery, and people in injury rehabilitation can benefit from this product. 

The bed rail is compatible with any bed and mattress size. However, the company recommends compatibility with box spring, slat, and platform beds for its bed rail. Further, using this bed rail is not recommended to use it on adjustable beds and with extra soft mattresses to avoid entrapment injury.

In a nutshell The bed rail by Stander has two-in-one functions: to provide movement support and to provide sleep falling safety. The structure is affixed with an adjustable strap which prevents it from moving. A storage pouch is standard in this bed rail. For the elderly and kids, this is a must-have product.

Vive Bed Rail

- Fall Prevention Guard
- Adjustable Bedrail
- Simple Assembly
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Compact support at its best

It takes a lot of time to assemble and adjust large bed rails. So if you face that problem, Vive bed rails are the perfect solution to ease your life from that struggle. This patented design is so easy to install that you just have to lift your mattress and snuggle the rail underneath it, and you are good to go.

The construction of this bed rail is really simple. L-shaped rails connected with two support bars. The rails are secured with the help of an adjustable strap that connects the bed with the rail. High-quality, durable aluminum is used for its construction, and silver is coated for erosion protection. The overall length of the rail is 21’’ long, 18’’ high, and 11’’ wide. These dimensions are suitable enough for any bed and mattress size.

The support bar, adjacent to the bed, comes with padded, no slip foam for an easy and strong grip. The support bars are height adjustable. Just pull out the bar protectors and easily push down the rail, then reinstall the bar protectors. The quality of this product is ensured with the company’s lifetime guarantee. 

One thing missing in this bed rail is the organizing pouch, which would not be compatible with the sleek design of this bed rail.

Don’t go for its compact size; this aluminum bed rail provides perfect movement support to the elderly, people recovering from injury, people with lower body weakness, and people in postoperative recovery. However, although the design is compact, it lacks with providing sleep-falling safety, which its counterparts provide.

In a nutshell Vive bed rail is compact and easy to install. The high-quality aluminum makes it strong to support the weight of its user. The padded foam grips make it easy to use. The support bars are height adjustable. It is a highly recommended product

Medical Bed Rails by Vaunn

- Hand Guard Grab Bar
- Bedside Safety
- Stability
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A good bed rail for bedside safety and stability

If getting out of bed is challenging for your aching body, then Vaunn bed rails help you. They will enable you to make effortless movements if you have injuries or back aches. 

There is an added feature for those who are conscious of their weight and face trouble dragging themselves out of bed. There is no need to worry as Vaunn bed rails come with a weight-bearing capacity of up to 250 lbs.

Vaunn bed rails are adjustable to any bed size, compatible with twin, full, king, queen, or double. They are easy to assemble without any technical assistance. 

Its legs make it sturdy and supportive for the user with nearby movements from the mattress. The handlebar’s firm foam cushioning will provide a comfortable, non-slip grip.

In addition to reducing falls and preserving mobility, they offer a firm grip to make it safe to get into and out of bed. It delivers considerable support to disabled individuals and allows them to carry out activities without getting out of bed.

Placed on both sides of the bed, the Vaunn bed is a fantastic option for anyone who sleeps on the sides. It will protect you from falling.

The maximum stability supplied by bed rails slides them deep in between the mattress and the bed frame, bestowing solid support with luxurious comfort to the lumbar region of the body.

A mattress taller than 5 inches is ideal for vaunted bed rails (check the top rated mattresses) Built with high-quality steel that gives it solid support and increases its lifespan. Your body can enjoy its benefits until you are physically fit and ready to support yourself.

In a nutshell Elderly family members can do their activities independently with this robust Alloy steel bed rail. Inexpensive yet commendable to avoid any mishaps.

Sangohe Bed Rails

- Height-adjustable
- Sturdy stainless steel
- Comfortable armrest
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Ideal for spine and neck problems.

The three adjustable handrail levels in the Sangohe bed rails are a remarkable feature. Users can set it up according to their desired height and support.

A luminous bright green light will indicate a hand railing at night. It will allow hustle-free movement by limiting unnecessary falls.

For people of older age, connected to the bed rail is a pouch for storage. You may put small items inside them, such as water bottles, glasses, and other essential things they frequently use. It will make it easier to obtain the necessary items.

With hand bars that are non-slippery in nature, this will help the user feel protective and provide them with more grip. It comes with safety straps that will hold the mattress and will stabilize your bed rail in position. It will prevent it from rolling and slipping.

Installing a Sangohe bed rail is as easy as ABC, as no tools or assistance are required. You can set it up on your bed in a short period.

Check the no-leg Sangohe bed rail if facing dissembling problems. It will save your floor space with the ease of cleaning.

The iron and stainless steel used during manufacturing make it more robust to bear large weights up to 300 lbs. The steel makes it rust-free and durable.

Patients who have recently undergone spinal fusion or neck surgery can benefit from the Sangohe bed rail. It will assist them in pulling their bodies from the bed and allows them to make easy free movements.

Its rubber feet aren’t slippery, lock in with friction, and hold firmly to the ground. While putting weight on it, it will not give up its position and move hassle-free. A well-built yet relaxed hand grip is employed to increase stability and control.

In a nutshell It’s great value for money. Its adjustable height levels make it worthwhile for users who have been victims of physical injuries or have a problematic spine.

Bedrail By Oasis Space Store

- Fall Prevention Safety
- Hand Guard Grab Bar
- Comfortable Handle
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Effortless to use bed rails for seniors 

Oasis space bed rails use suction cups to support your aching back and neck. 

They are easy to use, require minimal maintenance, and positioning them between beds is effortless. It dispenses equal support and satisfying results.

Allow anyone with physical restrictions or injuries, including seniors, to get out of bed without assistance. In addition to a stabilizing bar, rubber-tipped legs hold the bed rail in its correct position. It avoids unrequired slipping, especially on floors that are smooth or wet.

Try their oasis space heavy-duty rotatory walker for more secure and balanced movement. Highly dynamic and adjustable, the Oasis Space bed rail is suitable for most bed frames and mattresses (also check 10 top rated mattresses with great comfort). 

The handlebar and leg frame height are both alterable to provide the perfect fit. Even the width of the support bar is manageable to fit deeply in the bed, so it remains fastened. It will be a good purchase for the enhanced benefits of the product.

If your bed has a height of 5 inches, then oasis space bed rails can save you from all falls. It will cut troublesome movements. Couples can enjoy their nights with Oasis bed rails. One of the two can sleep in the middle of the bed without disturbing their partner’s movements.

For extra softness and comfort, oasis bed rails come with padded foam handrails. It will bear the weight of your hands when making movements from the bed. 

Users can join the Oasis Space group for more service and technical help. It will improve the product’s performance and guarantees that the user uses it efficiently.

In a nutshell It is the finest choice for seniors and medical patients. Easy to use and an affordable option.

What Are Some Alternatives to Using a Bed Rail?

There are many alternatives to bed rails that can be used depending upon the user’s requirements. Some alternatives are roll guards, bed wedges, and foam bumpers. Each of these has unique features, which should be considered depending on the medical requirement. 

Roll-guards are foam-based extra protective layers that can be fixed on the edges of the bed. They are mainly designed to protect the elderly from falling down the bed. 

Bed wedges are a soft cushion-type material for comfortable sleep for the elderly. They are normally placed under the feet, knees, or hip area to protect the elderly from falling.

As the name suggests, foam bumpers are designed to keep you from falling down from the sides. These are normally made of foam and placed on the bed’s sides. 

Why Are Bed Rails Not Used in Nursing Homes?

Elderly age is very delicate and requires lots of care. There might be different types of people in a nursing home with different personalities. Some of them might be recovering from a joint injury. In this case, it is crucial to have the safest equipment in nursing homes. The equipment has to be simple as well as strong. 

Bed rails, in general, are designed for safety; however, their placement alongside the beds can create an injury threat for nursing home residents. This is generally the case if there is a gap between the mattress and the support rail. This placement can cause the possibility of strangling, suffocating, or other bodily injuries to the resident if caught in between the rails.

Some of the bed rails designs cover the whole side of the bed. This design can create the risk of falling injury if an older person tries to climb over the rail. The boundary rails can also cause mental distress leading to feeling agitated, isolated, or restricted. 

What Age Do You Stop Using a Bed Rail?

It depends on the user of the bed rail. For kids from newborn to 5 years, the bed rails should not be removed from their beds. From newborn to 2 years, infant cribs already have side walls which protect them till that age. Parents can choose to remove bed rails, depending upon their child’s physical development, after the age of 5.

In adults and elders, this depends on the situation a person is in. if someone is recovering from an injury, then the bed rail should remain intact until full recovery. Similarly, if someone is in postoperative rehabilitation, the bed rails can be removed upon full recovery.

For elderly people, bed rails shouldn’t be removed at all. However, types of bed rails or alternatives to bed rails can be an option to consider as per the user’s choice.

How Do You Install an Elderly Bed Rail?

It is important to note that bed rails for the elderly should be fixed by someone strong to prevent elders from being injured. Normally every bed rail comes with the installation manual as a part of the package. But most are quite simple to install. They are packed and delivered in disassembled form. All the nuts and bolts are part of the package. 

The support rails are usually in the form of two or three horizontal bars which are interconnected. This is fixed with the rail with the help of screws. The long part of the trail is screwed in the form of an L underneath the mattress.

The structure is gripped with the help of an adjustable strap that connects the bed rail with the bed. 

What Are Two Types of Bed Rails?

There are only two types of bed rails. Fixed and portable. Normally fixed bed rails are used in hospitals. They are fixed with the bed, but they are foldable. 

Portable bed rails are usually used in homes. There are different sizes for kids and adults.

Can You Add Rails to A Regular Bed?

Most bed rails are usually designed for any type of bed and mattress size. Usually, the bed rails come with an extendable feature that covers the whole side of the bed, no matter the size. 

However, few bed rail manufacturers don’t recommend adjustable beds and extra soft mattresses. Apart from that, bed rails can be fixed on any bed. 

Do Bed Rails, Prevent Falls?

Not all forms of bed rails prevent falls. Bed rails extending horizontally can prevent the sleeping person from falling. A perfect example of this type of bed rail is Stander EZ adjustable bed rail.

How Do I Stop My Elderly from Falling Out of Bed?

The fragile life of the elderly is prone to many injuries, especially falling fractures. Most of them are caused by falling from bed. The best way to not lead that from happening is to cover the beds’ sides. This should happen so that it is easy for them to get out of bed at night. 

Bed rails are one of the ways to prevent falls. Alternatively, other options are also available, like roll-guards, bed wedges, or foam bumpers.

Our Recommendation: 

There you have it, a comprehensive product review of all six-bed rails. All of them have benefits and design limitations. However, in our recommendation, Stander EZ Adjustable Bed Rail is the most suitable bed rail, which covers both safety and support.