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Best Costco Mattress, 7 good ones to buy for your bedroom

Costco, the largest retail and wholesale warehouse store in the United States, is one of the most popular sites to buy a new mattress. Costco offers approximately 200 mattresses and has affiliations with 18 different manufacturers. The number of options available might be confusing, but we’ve compiled a list of Costco’s top seven mattresses to help you narrow your selections.

We’ve given a brief overview of each, highlighted some key features, and recommended who these mattresses are most appropriate for.

What’s The Best-Selling Costco Mattress?

Best Mattresses on sale at Costco Reviewed

GhostBed Classic

- Gel-memory & aerated-latex
- High-density support foam
- Breathable & plush knit cover
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Ghostbed classic provides the ideal blend of comfort and long-term support.

The Ghostbed is a brand created by Nature’s Sleep, and it is available in Costco stores around the country and online. A GhostBed classic is a comfortable option for anyone searching for pressure relief and support, owing to its intriguing combination of aerated latex, gel-infused memory foam, and long-lasting high-density poly foam (check the most comfy mattresses).

The GhostBed cover comprises flexible polyester material that is thin and breathable, and it performs an excellent job of keeping the mattress cool.

Under the cover is a 1.5-inch of aerated latex foam that acts as the top layer. It’s a bouncy, responsive material that allows great movement when moving about and changing positions. In addition, latex has a natural cooling effect, contributing to the efficient distribution of body heat throughout the structure.

The second layer is a 2-inch thick Gel Memory Foam, noted for its exceptional conformance and body-hugging support. It flawlessly molds your body curvature and relieves tension in key pressure regions such as your hips, back, shoulders, and legs.

Its deep compression evenly distributes weight and preserves natural spine alignment to help avoid back pain. In addition, the gel-infused memory foam adjusts sleep temperature and prevents heat retention for restful sleep.

The last layer is 7.5 inches of HD polyfoam, which offers the mattress a firm and durable foundation. Its sturdy design prevents drooping and works with the buoyant foam layers on top. Furthermore, the HD base offers sufficient support for sleepers of various sizes and positions.

The Coop Home Goods Retreat Mattress Topper is a fluffy memory foam topper. If softness is important to you in a topper, this one has a lot to give.

Edge support is typically lacking in all-foam mattresses. Nonetheless, the GhostBed’s latex foam is strong enough to give adequate support around its four borders (check the top rated latex mattresses). As a result, you will be able to sleep up to the mattress’s edges without feeling unsteady.

In a nutshell The GhostBed, like any other bed-in-a-box mattress, will require a 24-48 hour off-gassing and decompression time once you unbox it. However, GhostBed emits fewer off-gassing aromas than other box mattresses, so this bed might be a nice option if you’re concerned about odor.

Saatva Classic Mattress - Award Winning

- Luxurious & #1 America's best-selling innerspring
- 40K + ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews
- FREE White Glove Delivery service

Trial period
365 nights

Get a perfect balance of softness and stability with the saatva classic.

The Saatva Classic is a sumptuous innerspring hybrid that provides exceptional comfort and support than its high-end competitors. The Saatva has an organic cotton cover that makes the surface comfortable and breathable (check the best selling organic mattresses).

The mattress has a pillow-top appearance and feels because of the tufted and quilted soft foam within. This soft pillow top layer provides enough cushioning and pressure relief to the sleepers.

Below the pillow top is a thin layer of memory foam that contours and supports the area beneath your hips and spine. A layer of individually packed pocketed coils adapts to your movements, offering bounce, ventilation, and support.

Furthermore, Lumbar Active Wire Support beneath the coil layer is another layer that supports the center, which includes the body’s significant core. The additional support is especially beneficial to stomach sleepers and overweight people in maintaining proper spine alignment (check 10 great mattresses for overweight people).

The Saatva’s foundation layer contains steel coils and high-density foam that encases the rings to enhance the bed’s surface area. In this instance, the rings triple the springs’ bounce, producing an even stronger lift. Furthermore, these coils give a cool and dry night’s sleep while providing a bouncing, responsive experience.

Lastly, High-density polyfoam lines the whole circumference of the mattress. As a result, the edges are robust, resilient, and comfortable, making them excellent for people who like to sit on the edge of their beds.

The Saatva Latex Pillow strikes a good combination between softness, responsiveness, and support. The broad profile of the pillow appeals to side and back sleepers, while a permeable cover and core materials offer a cool, pleasant night’s sleep.

In a nutshell The responsiveness and stability of the Saatva may provide a better sexual activity surface than some hybrid mattresses on the market. Its Euro-top conforms sufficiently to offer traction, which some people prefer during intimacy. 

Leesa Original Mattress

- Soft and breathable
- Memory foam
- Comfort and support
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Designed to support your body while minimizing sinking and overheating.

Do you like the comfort of an all-foam mattress yet want some bouncing in your bed? If so, the Leesa Original is the perfect fit. This bed-in-a-box Mattress offers both modest pressure relief and responsive support.

Soft and airy twill fabric makes up the cover of the mattress. Because twill weaving allows for a higher thread count, the cloth is soft but durable and wrinkle-resistant.

Sleepers stay cool because of the top layer of absorbent, convoluted foam that responds quickly to their movements. Leesa calls this “LSA200 foam,” designed to mimic the soft feel of latex. The LSA200 foam provides great back support and is very comfortable to lay on. It is also meant to be more absorbent than memory foam and prevent the top layer from absorbing too much heat.

Under that is a layer of soft memory foam that helps with pressure reduction and contouring for sleepers (check 8 amazing mattresses for pressure points). Finally, the six inches of supportive foam that comprise most of the mattress make this all-foam mattress strong and supportive.

Consider using the Leesa bed foundation to improve your sleeping experience. It is more resilient and solid than a box spring.

In a nutshell The major advantage is the appropriate balance of firm and soft materials arranged in the proper positions for healthy sleep. This support aids spine alignment in all sleeping positions, especially for side sleepers with more hip and shoulder pressure. Pressure-point relief and appropriate spinal alignment can help in preventing discomfort.

Molecule Core Mattress

- 100% polyurethane foam
- Cool-touch cover
- Pressure point relief
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The molecule core mattress provides essential comfort and recovery-focused sleep.

The MOLECULE Core mattress provides sumptuous comfort and a supportive structure for the greatest recovery-focused sleep.

Using a unique combination of heat and moisture-wicking technologies, a cool smart cover manages the microclimate between your body and the sleep surface. While the major function of this cover is to control temperature, it is soft to the touch and will certainly aid in your sleep.

In addition, the MOLECULEshieldTM treatment limits the growth of odor-causing and stain-causing germs, resulting in cleaner sleep.

A 2-inch layer of RestoreFLOTM Open-cell foam is directly beneath the cover. The molecule’s patented open-cell memory foam offers pressure relief and breathability. In addition, the memory foam incorporates gel microbeads, which aid in moisture and temperature management.

Underneath the Open-cell memory foam is the RecoveryFLOTM 3-zone dynamic response layer. This layer features a 3D geometric surface that conforms to the contours of your body and self-adjusts to support different areas of your body.

The foundation of the Mattress is a 7-inch layer of ContourFLOTM foam. This layer helps straighten your spine and circulate air while holding the three layers above it together.

The Molecule mattress has a firmness rating of 5-7 on the firmness scale. This results in a medium-firm bed that can support all sleeping positions (check the top rated medium firm mattresses), including the stomach, back, and side. It is a wonderful alternative for couples who sleep in various positions.

Made from breathable, ecological, cool-to-the-touch eucalyptus cotton, Buffy’s Breeze Blanket makes falling asleep easy. Silky smooth and hypoallergenic, this temperature-regulating blanket will offer you beautiful dreams.

The Molecule mattress collapses at the edges under pressure due to its softer foam layers. Although the strong support core is beneficial, persons who sleep on its edge may not feel properly supported.

In a nutshell The Molecule mattress provides excellent motion isolation (check the top rated mattresses for motion isolation). The comfort mechanism puts it on par with other foam beds. The thick foam layers decrease motion transmission and prevent you from detecting your partner’s position changes. As a result, those who value a peaceful night’s sleep with their partners may find the Molecule mattress an excellent option.

Novaform ComfortGrande Mattress

- Plus Gel Memory Foam
- Soothing, Dual Cool Design
- Maximum Support
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Novaform mattress’s exceptional motion isolation lets you sleep well.

The Novaform provides a selection of all-foam-type mattresses. However, if you want a memory foam bed that produces less heat than others, the novaform comfort grande plus is a fantastic option.

The upper comfort layer of the ComfortGrande Plus has 3 inches of proprietary EVENcor GelPlus memory foam to help prevent the heat retention prevalent in memory foam mattresses. Gel infusions keep it at a consistent temperature by conducting heat away from its surface.

Just below this layer of memory foam is a 3-inch layer of air channel foam. This foam has ridges mimicking an egg crate to increase breathability by allowing air to pass through. Furthermore, the ridges relieve pressure spots by raising the lower spine and restricting it from sliding overly deep.

The support core’s eight inches of high-density polyfoam provide a sturdy foundation to maintain proper spinal alignment. The mattress has a height of 14 inches thanks to the combination of three layers wrapped in a quilted cotton cover.

This mattress’s above-average height may necessitate using sheets with deep pockets. The Pure Parima Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set comprises Cotton Egypt Association-certified Egyptian cotton. The sheet features an 18-inch pocket depth with corner straps to keep it from shifting during the night.

Another benefit is that it is almost noiseless. Its ultra-soft layers also effectively isolate motion, making it an excellent choice for folks who have restless spouses or pets.

While all-foam mattresses are often the worst offenders, this mattress emits a less off-gassing odor. The odors will disappear after 24 to 72 hours of removing the Mattress from its delivery box.

In a nutshell On the ComfortGrande Plus Mattress, couples may find it challenging to be intimate (check the best selling mattresses for couples). Unfortunately, this bed lacks a sufficient edge support mechanism, making the edges prone to drooping. Consequently, those who toss and turn may experience the dreaded roll-off sensation if they come too near to an edge.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

- Luxurious cloudlike comfort
- Recommended by Consumer Reports
- Built for any bed frame

Get a cloud like comfort while sleeping on puffy lux hybrid mattress.

If you enjoy sleeping on a cloud-like, super-plush, and cooling bed, the Puffy Lux Hybrid might be the Mattress of your dreams (check the best selling hybrid mattresses). This combines cool memory foam and pocket coils to create a bed that feels mushy on top yet is durable and sturdy.

The stain-resistant cover construction contains a thin, breathable polyester blend that promotes cooling circulation throughout the night. Furthermore, there are two types of polyurethane foam beneath the cover.

The first layer that aids in heat dissipation is the gel-infused Cooling Cloud Foam. It senses like a marshmallow when you push your finger into this 1.5-inch ultra-squishy comfort layer. This second layer of springy, memory foam-like material molds to certain body regions, such as the hips and lower spine, relieving pressure and preventing sleepers from feeling “trapped” inside the bed.

The Puffy Climate Comfort Foam acts as a transition layer beneath this layer. This 2 inches transition layer helps in removing humidity and moisture to keep you cool throughout the night.

The 6 inches layer of independently packed coils in this Hybrid mattress provides the bed’s durability, depth, and comfort for heavy sleepers. Lastly, a one-inch layer of firm foam sits beneath the coils, a common basis in hybrid and coil mattresses. Sleepers cannot feel this thin layer of foam, but it intends to keep the rings in place. In addition, it guarantees that the bed is securely fastened to the frame or base.

The all-foam Puffy Mattress Topper’s uniform contouring suits various body shapes. If you have acute pressure points during sleep, you will enjoy the deep cradling of this topper.

Even though the Puffy Lux features springs, the foam layers atop the coils reduce and almost eliminate motion transmission. So, if your bed partner is restless all night, you will have no trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

In a nutshell The superior pressure relief provided by the upper comfort layers of adaptive memory foam and polyfoam is the Puffy Lux Hybrid’s biggest selling point. It is beneficial for side sleepers since their shoulders and hips may sink deeper into the fabric, alleviating pressure in these regions (check the top rated mattresses for side sleeper).

Casper Select Memory Foam Mattress

- Hand-sewn Cover
- Four-layer Foam Construction
- Certi-pur Certified Foam
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The all-foam mattress allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably all night.

The Casper Select is an excellent Costco for back and side sleepers (check the best selling mattresses for back sleepers) and those looking for an all-foam bed. The Casper Select mattress with the medium firm feel intends to provide support and pressure reduction for sleepers.

The mattress cover of the Casper Select comprises a polyester, recycled cotton, viscose, and lycra combination (a spandex yarn). It is soft and stretchy due to the variety of these materials. Additionally, it is hand-stitched, and the cover can be removed and cleaned by unzipping it.

The open-celled poly foam makes up Casper Select’s top comfort layer. It is responsive and gives some bounce. Its open-celled construction disperses heat and keeps the top cool. under this is a layer of high-density memory foam that softens the top and gives pressure relief and some contouring to the sleeper.

A zoned transition layer supports this pair of layers. Casper’s patented Zoned Support makes the mattress’s core firmer to give additional support for the lower back and help maintain your spine aligned in each of the three sleeping positions.

The Casper Select’s foundation layer is likewise constructed of high-density foam, which is the firmest layer and keeps you lifted as you sleep.

The Original Pillow by Casper is a good choice for combination sleepers who move around during the night. The Casper pillow is a comfortable and supportive medium-firm cushion. Casper’s pillow-in-pillow design helps to create this incredible sensation (check the most comfy pillows).

Memory foam is among the greatest materials for absorbing movement, so it’s no wonder this mattress excels at motion isolation. It is especially crucial for partners who don’t want their motions to disturb one another.

In a nutshell The Casper Select’s all-foam construction, like motion isolation, excels at keeping your bedroom quiet. If your partner’s (or your own) motion is producing creaking on your present bed during the night, the Casper Select is a good choice for your new mattress. Based on the materials used and the quality of the craftsmanship, the Casper Select will last between five and seven years (check the top rated durable mattresses).

What Is The Best Mattress Available At Costco?

Casper select all foam mattress is one of the best mattresses available at Costco. It is the finest Costco mattress because the materials and craftsmanship of Casper Select are of high quality, and the price range is fair.

In addition, the Saatva Classic with hybrid construction is affordable and adaptable since it is ideal for all three sleeping positions regardless of sleeper size and weight.

Can Mattress be Returned to Costco?

Yes, you may return a mattress purchased from Costco since their return policy covers it. You have at least a few months to return it, and you can have a full refund upon receipt.

One of the many benefits of Costco’s amazing return policy is that products such as mattresses do not need to be returned in their original packaging. So, even if you’ve already opened and used them, it’s not a problem to send them back and receive your money back. It includes all mattress-related items, such as toppers and memory foam.

What is The Time of The Costco Mattress Sale?

May and June are popular months for Costco mattress sales. It is the time of year when the manufacturers get rid of their old stock and launch new products based on yearly Research and development.

Furthermore, around this time of year, retail merchants clear out the previous year’s list to present customers with larger mattress choices. As a result, if you want an excellent mattress at a reasonable price, try to purchase it during Costco’s mattress sale in May.

Our Recommendation

So, these are the best Costco mattresses to consider if you have a limited budget and are looking for a bed. The well-known brand mattresses’ low price and durability make Costco popular with its consumers. All these offer the illusion of sleeping on a cloud, and you will undoubtedly receive your money’s worth.