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Casper Vs Douglas

When achieving a rejuvenating sleep experience, selecting the right mattress is paramount. Two prominent contenders have emerged in this pursuit: the Casper and Douglas mattresses. Both offer enticing features, warranties, and construction, but a closer examination reveals the Douglas mattress as the superior choice for a holistic sleep solution.

The Casper mattress is celebrated for its blend of foam layers designed to provide comfort and support. With its medium-firm feel, it aims to cater to a diverse range of sleep preferences. Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, reflecting its commitment to customer satisfaction and durability.

The Douglas mattress stands out with its innovative approach to sleep technology. Featuring ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam and Premium Elastex Foam, it ensures optimal comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Like Casper, the Douglas mattress offers a 365-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty, emphasizing its dedication to quality and longevity.

For those seeking a comprehensive sleep experience, the Douglas Mattress surpasses the benefits offered by the Casper mattress. Its blend of sustainable materials, tailored support, advanced motion isolation, and temperature regulation sets it apart as a superior option.

Our Best Alternative : Douglas Mattress (#1 in Canada)

Comparison Table

Casper Mattress Douglas Mattress
Best for Quality Price
Trial Period 100 nights 365 nights
Warranty 10 years 20 years
Price range CAD 716 to CAD 1356 CAD 599 to CAD 1298

The Key Differences Between Casper & Douglas Mattress

Who is Casper Mattress Recommended for?

Combination Sleepers: The Casper Mattress’s medium-firm feel caters well to combination sleepers who switch positions during the night. Its responsive foam layers provide cushioning and support, accommodating varied sleep preferences.

Couples: With its minimal motion transfer, the Casper Mattress is a favorable option for couples sharing a bed. It ensures that movements on one side do not disturb the other sleeper, allowing for a more restful sleep environment.

Average Body Types: The Casper Mattress’s construction suits individuals with average body weights, offering a balance of comfort and support throughout the night.

Budget-Conscious Shoppers: Casper’s 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty provide value, making it an attractive choice for those seeking quality sleep without a hefty investment.

Casper Mattress is Not for You if:

Heavier Individuals: The Casper Mattress’s medium-firm feel may not provide adequate support for individuals with heavier body weights, potentially leading to discomfort and uneven wear over time.

Advanced Cooling Technology: While the Casper Mattress does incorporate cooling features, individuals specifically looking for advanced temperature regulation options, such as specialized cooling gel foams, might find the mattress falling short of their cooling expectations.

Who is Douglas Mattress Recommended for?

Customizable Comfort: The Douglas Mattress’s Premium Elastex Foam provides adaptable support, making it an excellent choice for sleepers who prefer a mattress tailored to their desired level of firmness.

Couples and Light Sleepers: With its Motion Isolation Support Foam, the Douglas Mattress is ideal for couples, minimizing disturbances from partner movements. This feature benefits light sleepers who are sensitive to disruptions during the night.

Individuals with Back Pain: The Douglas Mattress’s Premium Elastex Foam offers responsive support, catering to individuals seeking relief from back pain and optimal spinal alignment.

Eco-Conscious Shoppers: The Douglas Mattress’s sustainable materials, including ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam and Infinitex fibers, resonate with environmentally-conscious individuals who prioritize eco-friendly sleep solutions.

Douglas Mattress the best alternative in Canada

Douglas Mattress is Not for You if:

Fans of Traditional Innerspring Feel: If you’re fond of the classic innerspring mattress sensation, the foam-based construction of the Douglas Mattress might not align with your preferences for a more traditional sleep experience.

Ultra-Plush Seekers: If you’re in search of a highly soft sleeping surface, the medium-firm nature of the Douglas Mattress might not provide the level of plushness you’re looking for in a mattress.

Feature Comparison – Casper vs. Douglas


The Casper Mattress boasts a carefully crafted construction designed to cater to various sleep preferences. It features four distinct foam layers that work harmoniously to provide comfort, support, and pressure relief.

The top layer incorporates breathable open-cell foam, promoting airflow and preventing heat buildup. Beneath this, the responsive memory foam adapts to the body’s contours, offering cushioning comfort. The third layer introduces zoned support, providing targeted alignment for different body regions.

Finally, a durable base foam layer ensures the mattress’s longevity. While the Casper Mattress aims to balance comfort and support, its all-foam design might limit its temperature regulation capabilities.

In contrast, the Douglas Mattress presents an advanced construction that aims to provide a comprehensive sleep solution. It utilizes ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam, which actively dissipates heat and ensures a cooler sleep environment.

The Premium Elastex Foam offers responsive support and comfort, catering to various sleep preferences. This blend of materials ensures optimal alignment and pressure relief. The mattress’s motion isolation support foam minimizes disturbances, making it ideal for couples.

With its sustainable Infinitex fibers and eco-friendly approach, the Douglas Mattress showcases an innovative design that prioritizes comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Considering their constructions, the Douglas Mattress emerges as the superior choice.

Its advanced blend of materials, sustainability initiatives, tailored support, and enhanced temperature regulation collectively create a sleep experience that outshines the Casper Mattress. For those seeking comfort and innovative features that promote a restful sleep environment, the Douglas Mattress is the recommended option.


The Casper Mattress offers a medium-firm feel, intending to balance support and comfort. This firmness level accommodates a wide range of sleep preferences, making it suitable for back, side, and combination sleepers.

The memory foam layer conforms to the body, while the zoned support aims to align the spine. However, the medium-firm level might not cater as effectively to individuals seeking an extraordinarily soft or ultra-firm sleeping surface.

The Douglas Mattress offers a customizable firmness experience through its Premium Elastex Foam. This innovative foam adapts to the body’s contours, providing tailored support for different sleep preferences.

Whether you prefer a softer or firmer feel, the Douglas Mattress ensures a personalized sleep experience. This adaptability caters to a wider range of sleepers and body types.

In terms of firmness, the Douglas Mattress presents a more versatile and personalized solution. Its adaptable Premium Elastex Foam addresses the preferences of sleepers seeking various firmness levels.

While the Casper Mattress offers a medium-firm option, the Douglas Mattress surpasses it by catering to a broader spectrum of sleep preferences, making it a better choice for individuals looking for a customized sleep experience.

Motion isolation & edge support

The Casper Mattress addresses motion isolation and edge support through its multi-layer foam design. The combination of memory foam and responsive polyfoam helps minimize motion transfer, making it suitable for couples.

However, its edge support might vary based on individual preferences and body types. While the foam layers provide some stability at the edges, they might not be as robust as those in hybrid or coil-based mattresses.

The Douglas Mattress takes motion isolation and edge support a step further with its Motion Isolation Support Foam. This foam technology actively reduces motion transfer, providing an excellent solution for light sleepers and couples.

Apart from that, the mattress’s design ensures consistent edge support, allowing sleepers to utilize the entire mattress surface without experiencing a sinking feeling.

For people looking for improved motion isolation and edge support, the Douglas Mattress emerges as the superior option. Its specialized foam technology provides superior motion isolation, making it an ideal choice for couples or light sleepers.

The consistent edge support further contributes to a comfortable sleep surface. While the Casper Mattress addresses these aspects to a certain extent, the Douglas Mattress’s dedicated features provide a more reliable and advanced solution for minimizing disruptions and ensuring comfort throughout the entire mattress.


The Casper Mattress aims to regulate temperature through its open-cell foam design. The breathable top layer encourages airflow, preventing heat buildup and promoting a cooler sleep environment.

While this design provides some temperature control benefits, individuals susceptible to heat might still experience discomfort, especially during warmer nights. The Casper’s cooling capabilities might be limited compared to mattresses incorporating more advanced cooling technologies.

The Douglas Mattress offers an innovative approach to temperature regulation with its ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam. This technology actively dissipates heat, ensuring a consistently cooler sleep surface.

The cooling gel foam’s enhanced ability to manage temperature and the mattress’s overall construction sets it apart in providing an optimized sleep environment.

For individuals prioritizing temperature regulation during sleep, the Douglas Mattress stands as the superior choice. Its advanced ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam offers a more effective solution for maintaining a cooler sleep environment.

While the Casper Mattress attempts to address temperature concerns, the Douglas Mattress’s dedicated technology ensures a more consistently comfortable sleep experience, especially for those sensitive to heat.

Position & body type

The Casper Mattress is designed to cater to various sleep positions and body types. Its medium-firm feel compromises comfort and support, making it suitable for back, side, and combination sleepers.

However, for individuals with specific support requirements or those with heavier body types, the Casper might not provide the tailored support needed for optimal sleep comfort. While it accommodates different sleep positions and body weights, some sleepers might not find it ideal for their needs.

The Douglas Mattress excels in accommodating diverse sleep preferences and body types. Thanks to its Premium Elastex Foam, it adapts to different sleep positions, ensuring comfort and proper alignment.

No matter what position you prefer, the Douglas Mattress provides personalized support. Additionally, its customizable nature makes it a suitable option for individuals with varying body weights, offering tailored comfort and responsiveness.

The Douglas Mattress offers a more inclusive and personalized solution for sleep positions and body types. Its adaptability ensures that a wider range of individuals can find comfort and support, surpassing the benefits offered by the Casper Mattress.

Whether you’re a couple with different sleep preferences or an individual with specific support needs, the Douglas Mattress provides a more accommodating and tailored sleep experience.

Price Range

The price range for both the Casper and Douglas mattresses falls within the mid-tier segment of the market. The Casper mattress is competitively priced, reflecting its popularity and reputation in the industry.

On the other hand, the Douglas mattress offers a slightly more affordable option while delivering advanced features like sustainable materials, tailored support, and temperature regulation.

Casper Mattress Douglas Mattress
Twin CAD 399 CAD 599
Twin XL CAD 796 CAD 649
Full CAD 956 CAD 699
Queen CAD 1036 CAD 799
King CAD 1356 CAD 899
Cal King CAD 1356 CAD 899
Split King CAD 1298


For truly rejuvenating sleep, the comparison between the Casper and Douglas mattresses reveals the latter as the superior choice. While both mattresses offer commendable features, the Douglas Mattress stands out with its advanced construction, customizable comfort, enhanced motion isolation, temperature regulation, and suitability for various sleep positions and body types.

The Douglas mattress’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and overall sleep quality solidifies its position as the recommended option. For those seeking a mattress that goes beyond the ordinary and provides an exceptional sleep environment, the Douglas mattress is the clear choice for an elevated and tailored sleep experience.