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Logan and Cove Vs Endy – Which Mattress Should You Choose?

The Endy mattress stands among the best hybrid mattresses. Being a well-recognized mattress brand, it helps sleepers attain and enjoy a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. Due to its hybrid construction design, the mattress offers the comfort of foam layers and the balance and support of high-carbon steel coils.

It offers excellent pressure relief comfort, a cool and relaxed feeling, and a firm and sturdy coil base support for breathability and airflow. The mattress is appropriate for all sleepers, but those who prioritize back support while still feeling cool and comfortable sleeping will enjoy it the best.

On the other hand, we have the Logan and Cove mattress, which is another excellent-performing mattress. It can offer a similarly comfortable and supportive night sleep experience. The Logan & Cove Hybrid Mattress offers balanced comfort and support, adapting to various sleeping preferences. It gives the advantages of innerspring technology and memory foam to create the best possible sleeping surface.

We recommend the Logan and Cove mattress as a better alternative to the Endy mattress, especially if you are a conscious sleeper who needs a durable sleep bed. Also, it offers the same warranty period but with a 365-night trial period. Thus, its durability is comparatively better at a lower price range, among other features.

Our Best Alternative : Logan & Cove (#1 in Canada)

Comparison Table

  Endy Hybrid Mattress Logan and Clove Choice Mattress
Best for Those who prefer Hybrid construction,

All sleeping positions

Couples who need motion isolation

Side and back sleepers

Couples who need high-motion isolation

Sleepers under 230 lbs

Trial Period 100-night 365-night
Warranty 15 years 15 years
Price range $975-$1450 $799-$1698

Key Differences Between Logan and Cove Vs Endy Mattress

Who is the Endy Hybrid mattress best for?

  • The Endy mattress is ideal for couples sharing a bed as it offers excellent motion isolation support.
  • This mattress is suitable for average-weighted, petite sleepers under 230 lbs.
  • Despite being medium-firm, the Endy mattress is a good choice for all sleeping positions.
  • The Endy mattress is a good choice for sleepers who need a balance between conforming and responsiveness to avoid excessive sinking.
  • The mattress may be a good choice for budget-conscious sleepers who need a durable and comfortable bed at a relatively affordable price.

Logan and Cove Mattress Best Alternative in Canada

Not Best for:

  • Sleepers more used to conforming and body-hugging feelings may also not like the Endy mattress. It does not offer the same amount of body-hugging as it should.
  • Those needing a very soft or firm mattress feeling may not like the Endy mattress due to its medium firmness.

Who is the Logan and Cove mattress best for?

  • The Logan and Cove mattress is best for hot sleepers as it boasts excellent breathability and airflow. Its individually wrapped steel coils promote smooth passage of fresh air, whereas the gel memory foam layers promote a cool and relaxed dry night’s sleep.
  • The mattress is a great choice for sleepers who prefer a bouncy feeling, which makes it a good choice for couples.
  • The mattress is a reasonably economical investment with guaranteed durability, especially for Canadian sleepers.
  • The mattress has remarkable durability, offering a 15-year warranty with a 365-night trial period.

Not Best for:

  • Motion isolation: Not a good mattress if you’re looking for motion isolation performance.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Logan and Cove Vs. Endy Mattress Features


The Endy mattress has a hybrid design with layers of memory foam and pocketed coils. Its ultra-soft and comfortable top is made of a plush quilted cover with a foam lining. The Endy Hybrid mattress’ foam layers give the mattress medium firmness while making it incredibly responsive. Most importantly, it reduces motion isolation and promotes high-pressure alleviating comfort to prevent pain.

The Zoned Coil support system has individually wrapped pocketed coils of high-carbon steel. They are quiet and long-lasting enough to provide ergonomic lumbar support with excellent motion isolation. It includes a high-density foam layer in the base to keep the mattress in mint condition for years. Moreover, it is also CertiPUR-US certified for clean and hygienic comfort.

On the other hand, the Logan and Cove mattress has four different layers of construction to meet various sleeping preferences. At the top, it has a half-inch quilted cover layer made of CryoFusionTM cooling nanofibers. They help to offer a cool and relaxed feeling for hot sleepers. It also makes the mattress breathable with added plushness.

Below that, a 1-inch ecoLuxeTM cooling gl foam layer has body cradling quality that can cushion around the shoulders, knees, and hips. It even helps to wick away excessive body heat to promote an excellent sleep surface. Next, the ElastexR 1.5-inch foam layer provides transitional support between the cushioning layers and the pocketed coils. It can also contour around the body for excellent comfort.

Lastly, its construction design has a 9-inch pocketed coil layer of high-quality steel with a 5-zone arrangement. It boasts motion isolation while supporting each body part.


The Endy hybrid mattress has a medium bed, which can be suitable for most sleepers. Its firmness level rate is 6 out of 10. Due to this level, we can place it in the versatile mattresses that accommodate most sleepers. At the top, the bed has a soft, plush quilted cover, which makes it an excellent alternative for petite sleepers. Furthermore, the benefits of its medium-firmness give a balanced, contoured comfort without undue sinking. This improves its pressure-relieving performance even more.

On the other hand, the Logan and Clove mattress also has a medium firmness. Most hybrid mattresses these days come with a medium-firm feeling. Therefore, due to this medium firmness, it is a universal fit for all kinds of sleepers and their sleeping styles. Most importantly, like most medium-firm mattresses, it is also a great comfort for those who suffer from pressure point discomfort and need proper body contouring support. It offers a little sinkage, which makes it the perfect choice for sleepers who prefer to have some softness in their mattresses.

Motion Isolation and Edge Support

The Endy Hybrid mattress is an excellent solution for couples needing motion isolation. The bed has a transition foam layer that eliminates motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. Furthermore, the mattress’s zoned coil support does a good job of absorbing motions on the surface. However, hybrid mattresses usually have some motion transmission by default due to the coils utilized.

On the other hand, the edge support is ordinary, as it lacks an encased body or other unique technology to improve edge support. As a result, to find a better choice, couples may have to compromise on this characteristic.

The Logan and Cove mattress has above-average performance regarding motion isolation. Since the motion isolation factor is important for couples sharing the bed, this mattress performs better regarding the couple’s comfort. The layers of adaptive memory foam and pocketed coils in the mattress make a little bouncy feeling. However, it only impacts a little over the mattress motion isolation feature for couples.

As for the edge support, it is a significant advantage of the Logan and Cove mattress. Even heavy sleepers weighing more than 230 lbs will feel little or no sinkage near the mattress perimeter. Its strong support coils deliver a strong pushback with a bit of response from the foam layers for stronger edge support near the edges.

Therefore, we recommend the Logan and Cove mattress as a better choice over the Endy Hybrid mattress.


The Endy mattress has a fair performance regarding the ease and comfort of hot sleepers. Most of the materials used in these mattresses can trap heat. As a result, it can become difficult and uncomfortable for hot sleepers to go with them all night throughout the night. However, the Endy mattress isn’t like them and has an open-cell polyfoam, which performs better when it comes to breathability and dissipating the heat away from the sleepers.

But its coil system in the support layer can trap heat as they are individually wrapped with polyurethane. As a result, it can trap some heat, making it difficult for hot sleepers to manage it all night.

Therefore, we recommend the Logan and Cove mattress as a better choice for hot sleepers. It performs far better at temperature regulation due to using cool and breathable material components. Its top foam layer has a cooling gel infusion, which can dissipate heat well. Next, the coil layer offers a steady air circulation throughout the surface. Thus, it can be a better choice compared to the Endy mattress.

Position and Body Type

The Endy mattress is medium-firm and ideal for most sleepers. It provides the most support for side, back, and stomach sleepers of any body size. However, considering its firmness rating of 6, there may be better solutions for smaller sleepers. They usually require a gentler sensation. Thus, a firmness level of 5-6 would have been preferable. However, the top layer provides some soft and velvety comfort support.

The Logan and Cove also has a medium-firmness, which rates 6 out of 10. However, it may not be suitable for stomach sleepers due to a little bouncy feeling.


The Endy Hybrid and Logan and Cove mattresses have different prices and sizes. However, the Endy hybrid mattress is slightly cheaper than the Logan and Cove. However, being pricey doesn’t make it any less competent than the other one. It still performs well for various sleepers due to high-quality, safe, certified materials.

Checkout the comparison table below to find out the price difference:

Mattress Type Logan and Cove Endy Hybrid
Twin $799 $825.75
Twin XL $849 $913.75
Full $899 $998.75
Queen $999 $1062.50
King $1299 $1232.50
Cal. King $1299 $1232.50
Split King $1698 Not Available


The Logan and Cove mattress has a little advantage over the Endy hybrid mattress without disregard. It performs better against the Endy for the couple’s needs, such as motion isolation and edge support.

Next, it even performs well to accommodate hot sleepers as it has better temperature regulation with less heat retention due to its gel memory foam layers use. These layers also have better pressure relieving, body-conforming, and core back support than the Endy mattress.

Most importantly, it offers the same 15-year warranty but with a 365-night trial period compared to the only 100-nights by Endy. Therefore, we recommend the Logan and Cove over the Endy hybrid as a better alternative.