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Murphy Bed Mattress Size(s), Frame Sizes, & Bedding – In-Depth Guide

With the ability to be folded up into a wall, Murphy beds have become the go-to choice for people living in small spaces. When not in use, the bed can be easily folded upright and disguised as a wall or wall cabinet, depending on the design of the bed.

Typically, twin Murphy bed mattress sizes have dimensions of 39” x 75”, queen Murphy bed mattresses measure 60” x 80”, and king Murphy bed mattresses are 76” x 80”. Twin Murphy bed frame sizes are 42” x 80”, queen Murphy bed frame sizes are 63” x 85”, and king Murphy bed frame sizes are 80” x 87”. Murphy beds do not require special bedding, but it can be useful to buy fitted sheets for mattress protection; you can buy cotton, hypoallergenic, or even silk sheets.

The benefit of the Murphy bed being folded upright and stored in the wall is that a lot of floor space is freed up when the bed is not in use. The drawback, however, is that, as the bed goes upright, so does the mattress; not all mattresses are designed to be kept in such a position for long. Some Murphy Beds also come as furniture pieces, like stand-alone cabinets, and therefore require a foldable mattress. 

Considering that the mattress has to be continuously switched from one position to another when the bed is closed or opened, it is not a good idea to use an inner-spring mattress for a Murphy bed: the position of the springs will be disturbed. Simple foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses and Tempurpedic mattresses are both great options to use with Murphy beds. Take a look at our article on how to replace a Murphy bed mattress for more information.

Please note that the frame sizes for Murphy beds can vary depending on which company you choose to buy your bed from and whether you are going for a ready-made or a custom-made bed. The best way to match mattress size and bed frame size is to ensure that the mattress is neither too loose nor too tight in the frame. It is perfectly fine to have a difference of a few inches between the frame size and the mattress size, so that the mattress fits easily and nicely in the frame. Keep in mind that Murphy beds are not cheap. Take a look at this article to find out why Murphy beds are so expensive.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  • What Murphy bed mattress sizes fit Murphy frames?
  • What frame sizes do Murphy beds have?
  • How much floor space do Murphy beds use?
  • What sheet sizes do Murphy beds use?
  • How much do Murphy beds cost?

What Is a Murphy Bed?

Murphy bed mattress sizes are the same as standard mattress sizes.A queen-size Murphy bed frame and mattress that can be folded into a wall cabinet. Image Source: Decoist.

The Murphy bed is named after its inventor, William L. Murphy, who wanted to design a space-efficient bed for small apartments. This type of bed may also be perfect for studio apartments or RVs.

A Murphy bed is a bed that can be folded into the wall to act as a wall cabinet or a furniture piece, then unfolded and converted into a bed when needed.

Having a Murphy bed thus allows you to save floor space when the bed is not in use. Take a look at our ultimate guide to Murphy beds, choosing the right Murphy bed for a tiny homeMurphy bed pros and cons, and how a Murphy bed works for more information. If you live in a small house or want to have extra guest beds at your home without having to have a guest room, a Murphy bed is a perfect solution. Also, take a look at our Murphy bed weight capacity guide to help you find the right Murphy bed for your needs.

What Murphy Bed Mattress Size Fits Murphy Bed Frames?

Murphy beds come in all sizes, ranging from twin-size to king-size.

Standard mattress sizes fit Murphy bed frames. For instance, twin-size mattresses fit twin-size Murphy bed frames, and king-size mattresses fit king-size frames. Similarly, Murphy bed mattress sizes match standard mattress sizes.

If you want your mattress to have a particular thickness, one important factor that you must consider when buying a Murphy bed is the depth of the bed frame. The frame should be deep enough to accommodate the mattress, even when the bed is folded away. Otherwise, you will have to store the mattress separately, which can be both inconvenient and impractical.

Thickness Limitations of Murphy Bed Mattresses

Ideally, the depth of the bed frame should be a few inches more than the thickness of the mattress, so that the mattress is not pressed too tightly against the wall when the bed is folded away.

Most Murphy beds that are available in the market allow for a mattress with a standard thickness of 8 to 12 inches. However, Murphy bed mattresses are customizable.

If you have a preference for thicker mattresses, you can consider getting a customized Murphy bed, whose bed frame depth will allow you to use and store a thicker mattress.

Length and Width Limitations of Murphy Bed Mattresses

While considering the length and width dimensions of a Murphy Bed Mattress, you must take into account the space inside the frame. The mattress must fit inside the frame of the Murphy bed, but should not be pressed too tightly against the walls of the frame.

The length and width of Murphy bed mattresses are as follows: 75” x 39” (twin-size), 80” x 39” (twin XL), 54” x 75” (full-size), 80” x 60” (queen-size), and 76” x 80” (king-size).

All good companies that manufacture Murphy beds take this factor into account so you don’t have to, which is why most standard mattresses available on the market fit perfectly into a Murphy bed frame. 

See the table below to learn more about the right length and width of Murphy bed mattresses for different Murphy bed frame sizes:

Murphy Bed Frame Size Murphy Bed Mattress Size (L x W x H) Example from Amazon
Twin size 75” x 39” x 8” Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress
Twin XL size 80” x 39” x 10” Live & Sleep Classic Mattress
Full size (double bed) 54” x 75” x 10” Best Price Mattress
Queen size 80” x 60” x 6” Lucid Dual Layered Mattress
King size 76” x 80” x 10” Amazon Basics Memory Foam Mattress
Different Murphy bed frame sizes and floor space measurements.The different dimensions of a vertical Murphy bed frame. Image Source: National Murphy Beds.

What Frame Sizes Do Murphy Beds Have? How Big Is a Murphy Bed Frame?

Murphy beds come in all the same sizes as standard beds. In addition, you can get a custom-sized Murphy bed made in accordance with your needs and the size of the room.

Frame sizes for Murphy beds include twin-size (81” x 45” x 16”), full-size (64.5” x 87” x 18”), queen-size, (86” x 66” x 16”), and king-size (87.8” x 76.7” x 15.7”). Murphy bed frames are the same standard sizes as regular bed frames, or can be customized.

We recommend you use one of the standard frame sizes so that you do not have any difficulty in finding the right mattress for your Murphy bed. Below is a list of standard Murphy bed sizes and their dimensions.

Murphy Bed Frame Size Murphy Bed Frame Dimensions (L x W x D) Example from Amazon
Twin size 81” x 45” x 16” Easy DIY Murphy Bed
Full size (double bed) 64.5” x 87” x 18” Fusion Full Wall Bed
Queen size 86” x 66” x 16” DIY Murphy Bed
King size 87.8” x 76.7” x 15.7” Urbino Murphy Bed

How Much Floor Space Does a Murphy Bed Take Up When It Is Folded and Unfolded? 

To make sure that you have enough floor space for a Murphy bed, take the following things into consideration:

  • The size of your room
  • How much empty space you want in your room
  • How often you are going to use the Murphy bed
  • Where you are placing your Murphy bed

When a Murphy bed is unfolded, it takes up just as much floor space as a standard bed in the same size, ranging from 3360 square inches (twin-size) to 7380 square inches (king-size). When folded up, the amount of floor space a Murphy bed takes up is dependent on its design, and can range from only 630 square inches (twin-size) to 1312 square inches (king-size).

If you have a small room and you don’t consider the size of the room before buying your Murphy bed, it can cause problems. Although Murphy beds are known for saving space, this is only effective when the Murphy bed is closed. Once you open the bed, it takes up just as much floor space as a regular bed. So, when buying a Murphy bed for a small room, consider the floor space it will take up when it is open and ensure that you are still left with empty space at the foot of the bed. Otherwise the bed can end up blocking your path.

You should also consider the size of your Murphy bed and the floor space it will take up if you’d prefer to maximize open space in the room when the bed is open. Finally, the placement of the Murphy bed is an important factor in making sure that no passage is blocked when the bed is open.

If you intend to use your bed regularly, you should make sure that there is minimal or no furniture sharing floor space with the Murphy bed, even when it is closed. Otherwise, using your Murphy bed can become more of a hassle than a convenience. However, if you intend to use the bed only occasionally, you can style the room as you desire, since it will be easy to move the furniture once in a while.

Depending on the dimensions of your room, you can choose between buying a horizontal or a vertical Murphy bed. Below are some examples of Murphy bed sizes, along with how much floor space they take up. Please note that these sizes can vary based on the design of the bed.

Murphy Bed Frame Size Floor Space Taken Up by Murphy Bed When Folded (in inches squared) Floor Space Taken Up by Murphy Bed When Unfolded (in inches squared)
Twin size 630 square inches 3360 square inches
Twin XL size 768 square inches 4630 square inches
Full size (double bed) 855 square inches 4560 square inches
Queen size 944 square inches 5292 square inches
King size 1312 square inches 7380 square inches

What Bedding and Sheet Sizes Fit Murphy Beds?

Murphy bed bedding and sheet sizes are the same as regular sheets.Ivory white sheets are a great bedding choice for a Murphy Bed. Image Source: Amazon.

Don’t worry: you do not have to get extra-special sheets for your Murphy bed. However, the depth of your wall bed frame and the height of your mattress are factors that you should consider while buying sheets for your Murphy bed.

Standard bedding and sheet sizes, like twin, queen, and king, usually fit Murphy beds. If you have an extra-deep bed frame and/or high mattress, you might consider buying sheets one size larger than your mattress (e.g. king-size sheets for a queen-size mattress), so that you can tuck the fabric fully under the mattress. However, this is usually not the case with the standard Murphy beds.

An important recommendation for a Murphy bed is to use a fitted sheet to keep your mattress protected. Even if you remove the top sheet when the mattress is closed, the fitted sheet will protect the mattress. If your Murphy bed mattress always has a fitted sheet on it, it will also be easier to make the bed when you unfold it at night.

The fabric of the sheet should depend on what season it is and what type of climate you live in. We recommend using cotton sheets in hot weather and flannel or sateen sheets in cold weather. This wrinkle-resistant, hypoallergenic Mellani Bed Sheet in queen size is perfect for a Murphy bed and very convenient to use. If you are looking for a fancier option, consider this super-soft and silky Charmeuse Satin Bed Sheet, which is available in a variety of different colors to suit your choice. 

At the end of the day, the best option for you are the sheets that make you feel most comfortable and look beautiful on your bed.

How Much Do Murphy Bed Frames Cost?

Murphy bed frames can vary widely in their cost. If safety and comfort are your first concerns, you should go for the most trusted options. To help you make the best decision, we advise you to create a shortlist from the various available frame options and then compare the best options from this shortlist with each other. This will allow you to see which Murphy bed frame will provide you the best value for your money.

The cost of Murphy frames varies based on a variety of different factors, particularly size, design and quality. Small Murphy bed frames with simple designs cost the least (as low as $275), while larger beds with fancier designs or custom mattresses can cost as much as $2000.

The Deluxe Murphy Bed Frame by Create a Bed is available on Amazon for ~$274.55 in Queen Size. Its price varies depending on the size of the bed frame. The design of the bed is very simple and compact, which makes it perfect for small rooms. If you want a fancier option, it will cost you more, but will definitely make a style statement. Consider the Cabinet Murphy Bed by Night & Day Furniture. When not in use, it looks like a beautiful wooden cabinet that you can keep in your living room or even a hallway. Although the bed costs ~$1997, it is a cool and stylish piece of furniture. Moreover, it comes with a memory foam mattress.

Another option that will look great with a farmhouse-style interior is the Queen Murphy Bed by Arason Enterprises. This bed comes in the form of a free-standing cabinet and has extra storage space for pillows and blankets. Available for ~$1854, this bed also comes with a memory foam mattress that does not have to be stored separately.

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