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Are Murphy Beds Comfortable in Studio Apartments and RVs? Pros/Cons, Tips & Reviews

Murphy beds are beds that fold out from the wall or from a cabinet or another piece of furniture, allowing the bed to be put away when it’s not in use. Murphy beds free up a significant amount of floor space because they aren’t in the way when they’re not needed, and they allow you to use your bedroom for other purposes during the day. Some types of murphy beds even incorporate storage options or furniture like shelves, desks, and sofas. These features make murphy beds very convenient for small spaces such as studio apartments and RVs. However, you may be wondering if murphy beds are comfortable in studio apartments and RVs.

Murphy beds are comfortable in studio apartments and RVs if you choose a proper frame size, mattress material, and mattress thickness. A 12-inch thick memory foam mattress on a queen-sized mattress will fit into most studio apartments and RVs.

Below, we’ll discuss some different aspects of murphy beds and give some tips on how to choose a murphy bed that is comfortable for your studio apartment or RV.

Different Types of Murphy Beds

Murphy Bed Frames Come In Vertical and Horizontal Formats to Fit RVs and Studio Apartments.Murphy beds are good for small spaces because they come in horizontal styles as well as vertical ones. Image from The Spruce

Different types of murphy beds include traditional murphy beds, bi-fold murphy beds, murphy bunk beds, murphy beds with side cabinets or shelves, and murphy beds with furniture on the other side. Some Murphy beds fold out vertically, and some fold out horizontally. Similarly, some murphy beds are wall-mounted, while others are freestanding.

Murphy beds are available in many different styles. Traditional murphy beds (like this one from Amazon) don’t have any additional furniture or features attached; they simply fold out and away when you want to convert your space. Since traditional murphy beds come in both vertical and horizontal styles, they are suitable for many different spaces. Vertical murphy beds like this one are best for spaces with high ceilings, whereas horizontal murphy beds (here’s a great example) are good for rooms with low ceilings that may not be able to fit a traditional vertical murphy bed. Bi-fold Murphy beds are similar to traditional murphy beds except that they are tucked inside a cabinet with doors. 

Murphy bunk beds have two bunks that can be folded up and put away, just like a regular murphy bed. Kids or even adults can use them, so they are a great solution if you need to accommodate multiple guests and also save some space. You may also be interested in our Murphy bed weight capacity guide to learn more about Murphy beds before making a purchase.

Some Murphy beds come with side cabinets, shelves, sliding bookcases, or extra furniture on the other side of the bed. Murphy beds with furniture on the other side (most commonly desks or sofas) are ideal if you want to convert your bed into a workspace or lounge area during the day when the bed isn’t being used. These multifunctional murphy beds serve a dual purpose and provide extra functionality, so they make a great piece of furniture for small living spaces. This makes them especially good for tight spaces like studio apartments or RVs. We’ve got a great article on multifunctional murphy beds for RVs and Tiny Houses and 5 Murphy beds for rooms with low ceilings too. 

Pros and Cons of Using Murphy Beds in Studio Apartments and RVs

Murphy beds have advantages and disadvantages like any other type of bed. However, there are some specific pros and cons when it comes to using murphy beds in studio apartments and RVs.

Using murphy beds in studio apartments and RVs allows you to maximize the use of your space. You can also utilize accessories such as storage cabinets that make them convenient for small spaces. Unfortunately, murphy beds are expensive and complicated to set up, they are heavy and require special installation, and they might need to be drilled into the wall in order to keep them in place. 

The main advantage of using Murphy beds in studio apartments and RVs is that they save floor space in small rooms. Murphy beds allow you to convert your sleeping space into a home office or an area for relaxing when your bed isn’t in use, especially when the bed incorporates extra elements like shelves, a desk, or a sofa. Since studio apartments and RVs are very small, using a murphy bed allows you to get the most out of your space. You can even put a Murphy bed in a closet!

On the other hand, murphy beds can be expensive and difficult to set up, which can pose problems in small spaces like studio apartments and RVs. They may require special installation, and murphy beds may also be difficult for older adults to pull down and put away. For more information about how lifting strength is affected by age, see this study.

Pros and cons of using Murphy beds in studio apartments and RVs include the following. We’ve also reviewed all the pros and cons of murphy beds in our detailed article.

Advantages of Using Murphy Beds in Studios and RVs Disadvantages of Using Murphy Beds in Studios and RVs
Murphy beds take up less space than regular beds during the daytime Murphy beds are more complicated to set up than regular beds, and they can be difficult to pull down or fold up, especially for older adults. 
Maximize utilization of space with the help of accessories like shelves, storage, desks, and sofas. More expensive than traditional beds
They may require special installation, and they might need to be drilled into the wall or floor to keep them in place.
There are a lot of different configurations available that can fit your style and needs You need to pull them down and fold them up every day 
Much more comfortable than futons or sofa beds because they have full thickness mattresses  

You may also be interested in 15 Murphy bed ideas for studio apartments, campers, and RVs as well as our in-depth guide to Murphy bed mattress sizes, frame sizes, and bedding for more information. You may also choose to use an air mattress in your studio apartment or RV. If so, make sure to check out our related article explaining if an air bed is good for your back and how to choose the right one.

How To Choose a Murphy Bed Comfortable Mattress for Your Studio Apartment or RV

Murphy Beds Are Comfortable In RVs and Studio Apartments.A murphy bed can be a great option for an RV. Image from Camperism.

As we mentioned before, the comfort of a murphy bed depends primarily on the mattress and the size of the bed. However, it also depends on how well it fits in your living space. Below, we’ll discuss how to choose a murphy bed that’s comfortable for your studio apartment or RV. You should also consider buying some mattress straps to secure your mattress to your murphy bed. We’ve discussed more about how to choose the right straps and how to use them in our article.

To choose a murphy bed that is comfortable for your studio apartment or RV, follow these tips:

  • Choose the size of your murphy bed so it fits all the sleepers comfortably
  • Get a murphy bed that’s light and easy to pull down or push up
  • Select a mattress made of memory foam or innersprings so that it doesn’t get lumpy over time
  • Get features like shelves for additional storage or a desk so you can also utilize your bedroom as an office

1. Choose a Murphy Bed to Fit all Your Sleepers and Make Sure It Fits Folded Up or Pulled Down

First of all, it’s important to choose the right size for your murphy bed. Murphy beds come in all sizes, including twin, queen, and king sizes. Choosing a size is a matter of personal preference, but be sure to consider how much space you have for the murphy bed when it’s opened up inside your studio apartment or RV.

2. Get a Murphy Bed Frame That’s Light

Then, be sure to consider the weight of the bed and the mattress. In order to be folded out and put away easily, the bed and mattress should be relatively lightweight. If the bed and mattress are too heavy, it may be uncomfortable to use your murphy bed every day.

3. Buy a 12 inch Thick Memory Foam or Innerspring Mattress To Avoid Lumpiness Over Time

In general, the mattress is the most important element when it comes to determining the comfort of your bed (for more information about the effects of different mattresses on sleep quality, pain reduction, and spinal alignment, see this study). Because of this, be sure to select the right mattress for your murphy bed. First, determine the dimensions of the bed and select a mattress that will fit securely inside. Make sure that the thickness of the mattress doesn’t exceed 12 inches so that the mattress and bedding fit properly and stay in position when the bed is closed.

The best types of mattresses for murphy beds are innerspring mattresses or memory foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses distribute weight evenly, ensuring a comfortable sleep. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are thinner than other types of mattresses but mold to the shape of your body. Memory foam mattresses immediately return to their original shape once the pressure is released; this means that they do not deteriorate quickly, which makes them good for use with murphy beds. Choose the level of firmness that you prefer, and don’t forget to consider any features you might need for extra comfort, such as cooling technology and motion separation. For more information about how features like these can affect sleep, see this study. And when you’re ready to replace your Murphy bed mattress, make sure to take a look at our guide.

You may also be interested to know that you can use the ever-popular Tempurpedic mattress with your Murphy bed

4. Get a Multifunctional Murphy Bed With Shelves or A Desk

Lastly, select any additional elements that you’d like to have with your murphy bed, such as shelving units or a built-in desk to convert the bed into a functional office. Depending on what your needs are, there are many features that you can choose from. 

Below, we’ve listed 3 examples of murphy bed mattresses that are comfortable for studio apartments and RVs.

Product Name and Link to Amazon Why Is This Comfortable In A Studio Apartment or RV Price
Live & Sleep Resort Classic Queen Memory Foam This Memory Foam mattress is 10 inches thick so it fits most murphy bed frames. It’s also “short” which allows it to fit RVs and Campers particularly well. It has a cooling air foam top layer along with firmer core mattress material. ~$450
Signature Sleep 12″ Memory Foam Mattress I personally use this mattress and love it. It does get warm in summers but my wife doesn’t have any issues with the extra heat (so it’s up to personal preference). At 12 inches thick, it fits most murphy bed frames and the memory foam + high density foam give you the right amount of support and comfort. ~$320
Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress 10 inch thick memory foam in a “short” format that’s perfect for RVs and campers. The ultima combines a pressure relieving foam along with things like green tea and charcoal so that it absorbs sweat and moisture and continues to smell nice for a long time. ~$450

Reviews of Murphy Beds from RV Owners To Demonstrate That Murphy Beds Are Comfortable for RVs

To help you choose a murphy bed for an RV, we’ve included some reviews of murphy beds from RV owners. Below, see what RV owners on Forest River Forums have to say about whether murphy beds are comfortable in RVs.

Review 1. A Murphy Bed with an Integrated Couch Is the Perfect Bed Combo

“I don’t like people on the bed during the day, so we have a couch.” 

For this reviewer, having a bed with multiple functions is a great investment for an RV. The bed is out of sight during the day, and the couch provides a seating area. Then, when it’s bedtime, the bed can be simply folded down over the couch in seconds.

Review 2. A Murphy Bed Saves Space, Energy, and Time

“It allows for a lot more living space and your bed is always made!”

This reviewer’s murphy bed is foldable and therefore saves floor space when folded up against the wall. This allows them to move easily inside the RV without bumping into other furniture. Since they have straps that help keep the bedding from moving when the bed is put away, their mattress, pillow, and bedding stay in place when they close the bed.