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How to Roll Up A Mattress Topper – Tips and Tricks

A mattress topper is a removable cushioning layer that serves as an extension to the mattress, providing it with extra cushioning and support. If an existing mattress needs an extra layer, a mattress topper can give it a new lease on life, as well as offering an alternative to buying a brand new mattress. The additional layer adjusts the firmness of the mattress and provides extra support. Mattress toppers are used to alter the feel of a bed, which is why a mattress topper must be rolled up instead of folded when moving it or storing it, so that the topper maintains its supple surface. Wondering how to roll up a mattress topper?

3 great options if you want to change your mattress topper.

To roll up a mattress topper, first clear all the bedding from the mattress topper, then pack the topper in a storage bag, and finally carefully roll it up without putting any creases in it. 

Never fold a mattress topper because the pressure from folding can cause creases that can ultimately damage the foam and render it useless. Instead, always roll a mattress topper when storing it to prevent creasing and damaging the foam. 

Here are steps to properly roll up a mattress topper:

Step 1. Clear Everything Off the Mattress Topper

Clear all the bedding that rests on the mattress topper including pillows, cushions, sheets, and blankets. Remove any additional mattress pad or protector as well. This will make it easier  to roll up the mattress topper. We like these storage bags for bedding, to store bedding items that aren’t in use. 

Step 2. Pack the Mattress Topper In a Storage Bag

Clean the mattress topper and then put it back in its original packaging or in a plastic bag, or in a mattress vacuum storage bag to protect it from dust and dirt. The size of the bag should match the size of the mattress topper. These mattress storage bags from Amazon are great because they can accommodate thicker toppers.

Slip the end of the mattress topper inside the bag and pull the bag along the length of the mattress topper until it is completely inside the bag. If the mattress topper is too big and heavy, ask someone for help with this step.
Seal the bag tightly with tape so no air can escape. If the mattress bag is larger than the mattress topper, then fold the excess plastic and seal it with tape securely. Some plastic mattress topper bags are designed to be resealable so the tape won’t be needed.

When using vacuum storage bags, insert the vacuum’s valve into the bag’s hole to suck the air out of the bag and to save storage space by compressing the topper. This vacuum has a lift away pod that makes it easy to position the nozzle on a vacuum bag and quickly remove the air for compact storage. 

Step 3. Roll the Storage Bag Up With the Mattress Topper Inside

Enlist the help of a friend to roll up a large mattress topper especially if it’s a queen or king-sized mattress topper. This mattress vacuum storage bag comes in sizes as large as Queen and King. 

When rolling up a mattress topper, press down and compress the end of the mattress topper as much as possible and roll the storage bag with the mattress topper inside. Secure the roll with straps or ropes and then finally store the mattress topper in a dry and cool environment where mildew is less likely to accumulate. For more information about the effect of cold temperature on the growth of dust mites, read this article by ATS Journals titled “Sensitization to Domestic Mites in a Cold Temperate Region”.  

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Vacuum Storage Bags for Mattress Toppers 

Vacuum storage bags or compression bags have become quite popular in the last few years as more and more people have started compressing mattress toppers and mattresses to save space. 

The benefits of using vacuum storage bags for mattress toppers include their ability to protect the topper from dust and dirt, and their ability to suck the air out of the bag to save more storage space. Vacuum storage bags help lessen the bulk of mattress toppers which makes it easier to  move them from one place to another. 

However, storing mattress toppers in vacuum bags for a long time—say six months to a year—is not advised as some materials need air to keep their shape and some other materials may develop severe creases due to excessive compression. Read our article on how to use a mattress topper, where we discuss the different types of mattress toppers and their materials, this knowledge will help choose the correct storage solution based on the topper’s composition.  You may also enjoy our article on the comprehensive list of mattress topper types.

Below are three examples of vacuum storage bags for mattress toppers:

Vacuum Storage Bags available on Amazon Price of the product
Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags ~$35
Ziploc Clothing Space Bag-Clear &, XL, Black, 2 Count ~$15
Simple Houseware 10 Vacuum Storage Bags to Save Space – Designed for Bedding, Pillows, Towel, Blanket, Clothes ~$25

Can You Roll Up Any Mattress Topper? 

The type of material used in the mattress topper will largely determine whether the mattress topper can be rolled up without getting damaged.

Some types of mattress toppers should not be rolled up, especially those that are too thick and heavy and are not designed to be rolled in on themselves. A memory foam mattress topper for instance can be safely compressed and rolled up because of its soft structure, whereas an innerspring mattress topper risks getting damaged when rolled more than one pivot because it is only designed to bend up to 45 degrees.

The thicker the topper is, the more difficult it is to roll it. When rolling up a magnetic mattress topper, extreme care needs to be taken to avoid destroying its structure. Read our article about how to properly care for a magnetic mattress topper. It’s also important to know what’s the weight of a mattress topper before trying to roll it up and move it. Make sure to take a look at that article for more information.

Reasons You Might Roll Up a Mattress Topper

To roll up a mattress topper store it in a vacuum sealed storage bagThis mattress topper is rolled up before packing it in a vacuum sealed storage bag to store it away easily. Image from MemoryFoamTalk.

It is advisable to roll up a mattress topper whenever storing it. Avoid folding the topper as this may damage the delicate materials. Once the mattress topper is rolled completely, place it in a plastic storage bag for protection. 

Rolling up a mattress topper leaves no creases on the mattress topper and makes the mattress topper easier to carry into another room. This prevents the mattress topper from being damaged during storage and moves. 

Rolling up a mattress topper protects the fabric and prevents the filling from getting damaged whereas folding a mattress topper might create creases which could ruin the coils, bend the edges, and damage the foam encasement. This tri-fold mattress topper from Amazon is the exception to the rule, because it is constructed in a way that allows for folding it up. But other than these specific types of toppers, it is always recommended that you roll up a mattress topper.

You may also want to bring your mattress topper with you if you travel a lot. Take a look at our article on how to make a hotel bed softer for more information as well as our 10 tips to make a hotel bed firmer and more comfortable too.

How to Roll Up a Latex Mattress Topper, Is it Different?

The vast array of materials used in mattress toppers means that each topper will require slightly different methods of storing or rolling, depending on its composition. A latex mattress topper can be safely rolled up and stored. Read this article where we compare latex and memory foam mattress toppers, and how to choose between the two depending on the type of support and comfort required during sleep. 

To roll up a latex mattress topper, first lay a large plastic sheet on the floor, then put the latex mattress topper on the plastic, and finally roll up the plastic and the topper carefully while exerting pressure. 

When rolling  a hybrid mattress topper, make sure that the latex portion of the mattress topper stays in contact with the plastic bag. Exert pressure while rolling the topper to ensure that it is rolled up very tightly. The pressure forces the air out while rolling the topper.

For more information about the structure and properties of latex, read this article from ResearchGate titled “ Novel Natural Rubber Latex Memory Foam”. You can find more information on how to store a latex mattress topper in our related article too.

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How to Decompress a Memory Foam Mattress Topper After Rolling It

Let a memory foam mattress topper expand fully when you unroll the mattress topperRoll out the memory foam mattress topper and let it expand completely before sleeping on it. Image from Amazon.

Decompressing a mattress topper means allowing it to return to its full expansion and size, this means giving the topper enough time to “fluff” itself back into shape. Correctly decompressing a mattress topper will help ensure optimum comfort and support when sleeping on it. Read our article on how to help a mattress topper expand where we offer tips on speeding up the expansion of a memory foam mattress topper. 

To decompress a memory foam mattress topper, first unpack the mattress topper, then unroll it out on the bed, and finally let it expand fully for the recommended 72 hours before using it. 

Step 1. Unpack the Rolled-Up Mattress Topper

First take the package to the desired location. Then unseal the mattress storage bag and take the memory foam mattress topper out carefully. 

Step 2. Roll Out the Mattress Topper

First place the rolled-up mattress topper on the bed. Then, roll out the memory foam mattress topper carefully. Once the topper is unrolled, it becomes more difficult to maneuver and reposition it. 

Step 3. Let the Mattress Topper Expand

Let the mattress topper expand completely for about 24–72 hours before sleeping on it. Sleeping on the topper before it expands fully could be uncomfortable. Read our mattress topper hack article, where we discuss the different types of toppers and their ability to soften or firm up a mattress depending on the sleeper’s specific needs and desired support.

How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Topper Take To Expand

The expansion time depends on the topper’s thickness and density, on the room’s temperature where the topper is placed, and on how long the topper stays wrapped and rolled inside its storage bag. A 2-inch gel infused mattress topper would be easier to roll than a thicker mattress topper.

A memory foam mattress topper typically takes around 24–72 hours to expand completely. 

A memory foam mattress topper expands faster when it is thin and placed in a warm room. Do not keep a topper stored for a very long time as this may damage its internal structure and slow its expansion process.     

In a Nutshell

The best way to safely store and move a memory foam mattress topper is to securely roll it up and place it in a storage bag specifically designed for mattress toppers. Correctly rolling and compressing a memory foam mattress topper will ensure that the topper is protected during storage and transportation, and that it is ready for use when needed. Read our article on using a mattress topper on an air mattress when surprise guests arrive and additional comfortable beds are needed. If you’ve noticed that your mattress topper seems to retain heat, or that you’re too warm when you sleep, you may also find valuable information in our article addressing how to fix a mattress topper that’s too warm.