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How to Secure a Mattress to a Murphy Bed with Mattress Straps?

A murphy bed is a type of compact bed that can be stored vertically inside a cabinet or against the wall when not in use. The bed is also known as a wall bed, a pull-down bed, and a fold-down bed. Murphy beds are extremely useful for small-bedroom or studio apartments with limited floor space. Murphy beds can also be handy for guest rooms to maximize floor space when no guests are staying over. This type of bed will provide additional floor area during the day while offering exceptional comfort at night. Although murphy beds are popular throughout the world, there are several issues linked with the use of such beds. The primary concern of people owning a murphy bed is that it is difficult to stow the mattress, as well as its cover and pillows when the bed is folded up. We’ll discuss how to secure a mattress to a murphy bed with mattress straps in this article. 

To secure a mattress to a murphy bed with mattress straps, first choose elastic and adjustable straps, then secure the straps to the frame, and finally tighten the straps around the murphy bed mattress. 

In this article we will cover additional information about the following topics:

  • Will mattress straps secure the mattress cover?
  • How to choose a mattress cover that fits over a murphy bed securely?
  • How to use a mattress wedge to secure murphy bed pillows?

If the mattress on a murphy bed needs replacing then read our article how to replace a murphy bed mattress where we offer some tips on changing a murphy bed mattress. You may also find more useful information in our article on should you fold a mattress in half to move it as well. Keep reading to discover the step-by-step guide to securing a mattress to a murphy bed with straps. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Securing a Mattress to a Murphy Bed with Straps

Properly securing the mattress to the murphy bed will ensure the mattress is safely folded away, and protect the mattress from getting damaged and worn. For more information on murphy beds read our article entitled what is a murphy bed.

Step 1. Choose The Murphy Bed Straps That Are Elastic And Adjustable

The essential first step is to choose the right murphy bed mattress straps that firmly hold the mattress in place and do not allow it to sag, lean or hang down limply.  

It is recommended to use elastic mattress straps that are adjustable to almost any mattress size. This will eliminate additional measurements and make it easier to find the correct straps. Elastic straps usually comprise one fixed end and one adjustable end to better tighten the mattress to the murphy bed frame. 

In the case of nylon mattress straps, always go with the option that includes a quick-release clip. This will make the straps fully adjustable and suitable for any type of murphy bed mattress.

One of the best mattress straps is considered to be adjustable Velcro straps. These straps come in different sizes ranging from 18 to 36 inches—depending on the size of the mattress, and the desired length. Check out these velcro straps from Amazon which are suitable for murphy bed mattresses.

Step 2. Prepare All The Needed Materials To Attach The Straps

After choosing the right straps for the Murphy bed mattress, proceed by preparing a couple of basic items to help attach the straps to the bed frame. We recommend the following list of essentials, available from  Amazon:

  • A measuring tape to take measurements and mark the points where the straps should be attached.

Step 3. Attach the Mattress Straps

Install the mattress straps at around 20 inches from the foot end of both sides of the bed frame so that they properly hold the mattress in place when the bed is in a closed position. Use an electric or manual screwdriver to secure metal brackets or washers on top of the straps. Make sure the straps hang freely on each side of the bed. 

Step 4. Put The Mattress On The Murphy Bed Frame

Most murphy bed straps come with a quick-release clip. After attaching the straps to the bed frame, unfasten the clip and—with the frame in a down and open position—put the mattress on the frame. If you are curious about the murphy bed mechanism, read our article to find out more about the mechanics of the murphy bed.

Step 5. Tighten the straps around the murphy bed mattress

Tighten the straps around the mattress. Take the two straps, one from each side of the bed frame and fasten the quick-release clip. If the straps are too loose to hold the mattress properly, then simply adjust them to the desired length. Make sure that the straps are tightly wrapped around the mattress. 

To get a better idea of how one should secure a mattress to a murphy bed frame, watch these YouTube video tutorials by Easy DIY Murphy Bed USA and MurphyBedsHardware. 

Will Mattress Straps Secure the Mattress Cover?

You can secure a mattress to a murphy bed with mattress straps. Also use mattress straps to secure the cover.These bed sheet straps with elastic bands and clips help keep the mattress cover in place. Image from Amazon.

As we have discussed earlier in the article, mattress straps can be used to secure the murphy bed mattress while the bed is folded up against the wall. 

Mattress straps can secure the mattress cover after covering the mattress with a bedsheet. The bed sheet straps secure the sheet from underneath the mattress, so the sheet fits snuggly on the mattress. Then the mattress straps are fastened over the bed sheet to keep the mattress in position when folded away. 

Different types of bed sheet straps include a 3-way mattress cover straps, a single 360-degree strap, and four individual regular straps.

The 3-way mattress cover straps like this one from Amazon consists of a total of four triangle bands. Each band attaches to a corner of the mattress cover using 3 separate clips. A single 360-degree strap like this one, can also be used to secure a mattress cover. In case you want to use four individual straps like this one from Amazon, then two straps are attached to the cover vertically and the other two are connected horizontally. 

How to Choose a Mattress Cover that Fits Over a Murphy bed Securely?

Elastic covers can fit securely over a murphy bedFitted bed sheets with elastic corners are ideal for murphy bed mattresses. These mattress covers can be securely wrapped around the mattress and the elastic will prevent the cover from sliding while the bed is folded up. Image from Ikea.

Although there are different types of mattress covers, not every cover is designed to securely fit a murphy bed mattress, which hangs vertically against the wall while not in use. For a mattress cover to properly fit a murphy bed mattress and stay in place when the bed is folded up, it is essential to consider several key aspects while shopping. 

To choose a mattress cover that fits over a murphy bed securely, measure the mattress’ length, width and depth, then choose a cover with elastic bands and deep pockets so it stays securely on your mattress. 

Step 1. Measure Your Murphy Bed Mattress

The first thing to do before purchasing any type of mattress cover is to measure the length, width, and depth of the mattress with a measuring tape. Mattresses usually have standard length and width dimensions. The depth is where it gets tricky. To measure a mattress depth, measure from the top of the mattress—place a wooden stick horizontally on top of the mattress, then use a measuring tape to measure the distance between the bottom of the mattress and the wooden stick. 

Step 2. Choose A Mattress Cover With Dimensions That Fit The Mattress Completely 

If the dimensions of a mattress cover don’t match exactly those of your mattress, then pick a cover that is about 2 inches bigger. A tight cover puts stress on the fabric from a cover. Extra fabric can be neatly tucked away and secured with bed sheet straps. Read our helpful article on murphy bed mattress sizes, frame sizes and bedding for an in-depth guide to murphy mattress sizes.

Step 3. Choose a Cover with Elastic Bands and Deep Pockets for a Secure Fit

Make sure that the material and additional features of the selected mattress cover are suitable for the specific murphy bed mattress. Some covers have elastic bands—and are categorized as bedding with deep or extra-deep pockets—which helps keep the mattress in place. Another option is a dust mite proof mattress cover which tends to last longer than other covers. To learn more about the effect of allergen-proof mattress covers, read this article in the European Respiratory Journal. For the ultimate in sleeping luxury choose a higher thread count bed sheet like these egyptian cotton sheets from Amazon 

Recommended Mattress Covers For Murphy Beds

Below are 3 recommended mattress covers that will fit securely over a Murphy bed:

Recommended Mattress Covers Benefits of this mattress cover Price of this mattress cover
LeakMaster – Full Sized Fitted Elastic Waterproof Mattress Cover This waterproof mattress cover protects the bed from spills and stains, and repels dust mites. The elastic bands keep the cover snugly fit on your mattress.
Note: This cover uses vinyl so it might be loud and sleep hot. Read about the alternative covers as well.
Utopia Bedding Fitted Mattress Cover and Pad This cover has a deep pocket so it fits most mattresses. It’s also waterproof and includes a built-in mattress pad for extra comfort. ~$20
Mellanni Fitted Sheet  This deep pocket mattress cover is breathable and keeps moisture away.  ~$20

Make sure to learn more about Murphy bed safety in general too. Are Murphy beds safe? Check out our related article to find out! Additionally, you might find use in our article detailing slide-away bed measurements when shopping for your next mattress cover.

How to Use a Mattress Wedge to Secure Murphy Bed Pillows?

Use a mattress wedge and mattress straps to secure a mattress to a murphy bed along with pillows.This mattress wedge serves as a gap filler between the pillow and the headboard of the murphy bed, which prevents the pillow from falling through the gap and keeps the bed tidy. Image from Amazon.

Using a mattress wedge, also known as a wedge pillow, helps prevent the pillow from falling through the gap between the mattress and the murphy bed’s headboard by simply filling the gap. 

To secure a Murphy bed pillow with a mattress wedge pillow, first measure the gap, then select a mattress wedge pillow that is big enough to completely fill or cover the gap and keep the pillow in place.

Step 1. Measure The Gap Between The Mattress And The Frame/Headboard Of Your Murphy Bed

Check to see if the gap between the mattress and the murphy bed frame is big or small to assess the size of the mattress wedge that needs to be purchased. For more information about the comfort level of a murphy bed, then read our article entitled “are murphy beds comfortable in studio apartments and RV’s?

Step 2. Choose A Mattress Wedge Pillow That Can Fill The Gap Between Your Murphy Bed and the Wall or Headboard

Select a mattress wedge that perfectly fits in the gap. It should be placed between the mattress and the frame, to avoid sleeping an uncomfortable foam wedge instead of the sleeping pillow. Make sure to select a mattress wedge that extends across the top of the mattress from end to end to fill the open space. 

Step 3. Close The Gap

Place the selected mattress wedge between the frame or headboard and the mattress. It should extend across the top of the mattress from end to end to close the space. The mattress wedge serves as a “pillow stop” and prevents the pillows from falling through the gap. 

For more information, be sure to take a look at our related article, what are slide-away beds? You might also find interest in these seven most popular slide-away bed designs to help you choose the right one for your home. Be sure to take a look at that article too.

In a nutshell

A murphy bed is the perfect fold-away bed solution for small rooms that serve multiple functions, because valuable floor space can be freed up when it is not in use, but it also provides a comfortable place to sleep when guests arrive. The beauty of a murphy bed is its ability to stow the mattress away in the bed enclosure—and with the use of helpful mattress straps—the mattress is secure and protected from unwanted sagging, which will also help keep the mattress in good condition for longer. You might also like our article on the mattress topper hack which will help make your murphy bed more comfortable for guests.