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What mattress does Hilton use?

Hilton Hotels are one of the top hotel brands across the globe. They are highly regarded for their quality customer service and comfortable bedroom where you can enjoy your stay for as long as possible (check 10 great hotel mattresses). But have you ever wondered how comfortable those mattresses are in these Hilton Hotel bedrooms?

In this guide, we will shed some light on what mattress does Hilton Use?

Which Mattress Do Hilton Hotels Choose for Its Bedrooms?

Fully certified, multiple customize options, lifetime warranty for superior support, comfort, and soothe pressure relief.

The PlushBed Botanical Bliss mattress is handcrafted with premium and organic materials that make it the best for Hilton use (check 10 amazing mattresses on the market). These mattresses are from natural latex foam, certified by GOLS. It provides durability, resilience, and a lifetime of luxurious comfort.

It is available in two firmness levels, medium-firm and medium, so you can choose according to your sleeping position. Both firmness is from Talalay’s plush comfort layer and organic supportive latex core.

If you are a side sleeper, a medium firmness mattress gives you more support (check the top rated mattresses for side sleeper). A medium-firm mattress is ideal for back sleepers that contours their spine and provides a natural shape. This mattress is fully certified by GOTS and GOLS due to the usage of organic materials.

Organic cotton in the mattress’s top cover makes it more breathable. This cotton cover circulates air and absorbs moisture to keep you dry and cool while sleeping. This organic material gives you luxurious support, comfort along with health.

The PlushBed Botanical Bliss latex mattress provides a customized option for supportive sleep. You can choose the firmness level and height of the mattress according to your comfort. It is available in 3 heights, 9, 10, and 12 inches.

It is also available from twin to Split Cal king sizes, so choose according to your bed foundation or base. Another good thing is that the PlushBed mattress gives you multiple bedding accessories for enhancing your sleeping experience.

These bedding accessories consist of latex pillows, wool pillows, adjustable beds, headboards, bases, frames, foundations, mattress protectors, comforters, sheets, memory foam toppers, latex toppers, and blankets. You can purchase any of them to maximize your comfort.

You can purchase a latex pillow to contour your neck and shoulder. Additionally, you can use a latex mattress topper to add a more comfort layer.

In a nutshell If you are looking for a customized and organic mattress, the PlushBed Botanical Bliss mattress is the best. This organic mattress contours and relieves pressures, plus gives you support and luxurious sleep. You can choose mattress height and firmness level according to your sleeping position.

The Exclusive Hilton Collection by Tempur-Sealy

Hilton mattresses are highly regarded for their quality construction and comfortable feel (check the mattresses with great comfort). Not many places can compete with Hilton in terms of comfort.

what type of mattress does hilton use

A significant part of this experience is related to your sound sleep experience. You feel more rested when you stay at a Hilton Hotel. In addition, tempur-Sealy has a whole line of Hilton Mattresses known as the Exclusive Hilton Collection.

This Sealy Posturepedic mattress has been developed and highly optimized to provide the best sleep experience to the guests. This mattress line is explicitly for Hilton Hotel to get rave reviews throughout the country.

This mattress combines the quality characteristics of Sealy Posturepedic mattresses with Hilton’s Prestige. These mattresses are durable, highly comfortable, and pretty easy for housekeeping.

Mesmerize 2.0

This one-sided, high-density mattress has an open-coil design and features gel-infused foams and all its layers. There is some additional layering of foam right in the center to prevent body impressions from occurring over time. This mattress handles motion transfer and thermal regulations pretty well.

Enchant 2.0

This is a dual-sided mattress with high-density construction and features an open-coil design. The mattress comes pre-compressed and has gel-infused foams in all its foam layers. And again, there is an extra piece of foam in the center to prevent body impressions from occurring with time.

Paradigm 2.0

It is a single-sided mattress with high-density foam and open coil construction. All foam layers of this mattress have gel-infused, and they handle thermal regulation exceptionally well.


This single-sided mattress features an encased coil system featuring DuraFlex coil edging that ensures densely packed coils at the edges to make the mattress more durable.

Apart from that, a piece of foam in the middle of the mattress prevents body impressions. It also comes with Chill technology to promote comfortable and cool sleep.

Which Serta Mattress Does Hilton Use?

Hilton Hotels use Serta Mattresses in many of its rooms, apart from Tempur Sealy’s Hilton collection. The Serenity Bed is another provided by Serta Simmons Bedding to Hilton Hotels across North America.

Serta is famous for its quality mattresses because it supplies its beds to Marriott and Hampton Inn. Hilton Serenity Bed by Serta comes with another name, Serta Suite Dreams Hilton.

Serta has claimed that they have developed the Serenity Bed according to the specific requirements that Hilton provided them with. It is a pretty common practice among large hotel chains. Hotels tend to get these customized beds for their rooms.

And that is why you tend to feel an immediate difference when lying on a hotel mattress. These hotels are never concerned about money. Instead, their entire focus is on quality and luxury.

what beds do hilton hotels use

Replicating the Hilton Sleeping Experience at Home

As we have just mentioned, these hotels get their mattress fully customized by mattress manufacturers according to their needs and requirements. And, of course, these mattresses have to be pretty top-notch in terms of performance and quality.

They can do so because they don’t have to worry about the price. Their entire focus is on quality and luxury. Going down this route can be pretty expensive for you.

So, there is a better alternative. If budget is not a big issue for you, you can always replicate that Hilton sleeping experience at home.

You can always consider going for the Exclusive Hilton Mattress line by Tempure-Selay or consider buying the Serenity Bed by Serta Simmons.

But you don’t have to compromise on quality and still go for a relatively cheaper deal if you consider going for Botanical Bliss Mattress by PlushBeds. It’s a good mattress with various bedding accessories to make your sleep more comfortable (also check the most comfortable mattress toppers).

It works with different adjustable bases (check 10 amazing mattresses for adjustable bed), and you can conveniently replicate that Hilton sleep surface right home to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

The Box Spring Bed Frame

You can always consider buying a box spring bed frame to make your mattress perform even better. These box spring bed frames enable you to place your mattress and use them according to your preferences.

Box springs also add more height to your mattress, almost turning your sleep surface into a free-standing platform, and you won’t even have to buy a metal frame to do that.

Adding a box spring to your Botanical Bliss mattress by PlushBeds will provide your sleep surface with additional support. It will significantly improve the longevity of your mattress to maintain its shape for a longer time.

Apart from that, these box spring bed frames make your mattresses even more breathable. If you have an innerspring or a hybrid, going for a box spring will enable you to sleep on it without feeling hot or uncomfortable, even in summers (also check the top rated cooling mattresses for hot sleepers).

Adding Other Bedding Accessories

If you want to replicate that true Hilton sleep experience right at home, make sure you use the same bedding accessories they use at the hotel. These bedding accessories include pillows, mattress toppers, comforters, and bed sheets.

Hilton Hotel uses these pillows, sheets, and toppers from Serta and Tempur-Sealy. And, of course, they are according to the specific requirements Hilton set forth for the mattress manufacturers.

You can improve your overall sleep experience using your Botanical Bliss mattress if you can go for bedding accessories, including sheets, toppers, pillows, and comforters.

You can even go for their bed frame to further enhance your overall sleep experience and appreciate what you receive when lying on a Hilton Bed.

You can enhance your overall sleep experience through the comfort of your home, and you don’t even have to buy those luxurious and expensive beds that the hotel uses in its bedrooms.

Bedding accessories are something that most people ignore in most cases. But these bedding accessories are designed to add to your overall comfort. You must always look for the best quality bedding accessories to go with your mattress.

Adding quality pillow, mattress toppers, and sheets makes your sleep surface breathable and comfortable. Moreover, you can use bases to make your sleep surface even more comfortable.

The Mattress Itself

And of course, how can you forget about the mattress! You must choose a mattress that is ideally suitable according to your sleep preferences.

You have to make the right choice based on your requirements. For example, do you want a more supportive surface due to back pain? Check 10 great mattresses for back pain. Do you prefer to sleep on your side or your back? Do you like bouncy surfaces or want more contouring?

Find out the answers to these questions before buying the right mattress that addresses all your needs. If you choose the wrong mattress, even with all the bedding accessories, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably on your mattress.

Our Recommendation

You need to understand that hotels like Hilton and others ask mattress companies to manufacture special mattresses according to their requirements. But you can replicate the same comfort level right at home by making smart decisions.

For the best sleep experience, make sure you also go for mattress toppers, sheets, and pillows. These bedding accessories enhance your overall sleep experience and enable you to enjoy the same level of comfort that you love in hotels.


What mattress does Hilton use? FAQs

Can I buy a mattress from the Hilton hotel?

The Hilton hotel mostly uses customized mattresses by choosing firmness level, height, foundation, sizes, and base. They always focus on the quality mattress, not the price, to provide luxury to their guests. However, purchasing the PlushBed mattress and bedding accessories can go closer to that comfort.

What mattress does Hilton Grand Vacations use?

The Hilton uses the most comfortable Serta mattress during Grand Vacations. Their mattresses provide outstanding support to all types of sleepers, including side, back, or stomach sleepers.
The Serta mattresses have a great cooling system that gives you comfortable and cool sleep throughout the night.

What is the Hilton Garden sleep System?

Before knowing about the secret of the Hilton mattress, first, you should know about the Garden Sleep System. A mattress that comes with the Garden Sleep System contains multiple air cylinders. These air cylinders work with non-electric valves, which control the air pressure to give you a comfortable sleep.
The Hilton uses these mattresses only for their Garden Inns as a patented product. It works with an adjustable bed with a custom dial to adjust the mattress firmness as softer or firmer.