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Best mattress in the world

The term “best mattress in the world” can differ for different people. For instance, some people prefer sleeping on firmer surfaces while others prefer sleeping on softer ones. 

Some people like innerspring, while others prefer the enveloping feel of a memory foam mattress. While others look for high responsiveness and better breathability. In contrast, others look for low motion transferability and lower thermal regulation. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine what makes the best mattress in the world.

Let’s find out what the best mattress in the world looks like and what type of features it has (also check 10 great mattresses). 

What’s the Best Mattress in the World? 

Top 10 Mattresses brand in the World

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

- Recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors
- High-end mattress
- Organic latex

Organic latex mattress for luxurious comfort, superior support, and soothe pressure relief with multiple customize options

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress is one of the most popular mattresses because it is an organic latex mattress. This mattress is fully certified by GREENGUARD GOLD, GOTS, and GOLS. Thus, the company ensures high-quality materials like organic latex and wool. 

These materials provide customized comfort along with superior support and soothe pressure relief. The best feature is choosing its firmness option according to your sleeping position. It is available in medium and medium-firm firmness. If you are a side sleeper, medium-firm is the most suitable option

Apart from that, medium-firm support is ideal for back and stomach sleepers (also check 10 amazing mattresses for stomach sleepers). Both firm mattresses have Talalay plush comfort layer and organic supportive latex core. This combination makes this mattress more supportive in all types of sleeping positions. 

You can choose its height from 9, 10, and 12 inches, and also available in twin to Split Cal King sizes. So, you can opt for firmness, size, and height according to your preferences

The PlushBeds offers multiple bedding accessories for maximizing your comfort and support (check 10 mattresses with great comfort). Those bedding accessories are mattress toppers, latex or wool pillows, memory foam topper, natural or wool topper, adjustable bed, foundations and frames, comforters, blankets, and sheets. 

Your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty and 100 nights of free trials. The top cover of the mattress is made of organic cotton, making the top surface more breathable and softer. It also absorbs moisture and circulates air to keep you dry and cool during sleep.

Each mattress layer is made with organic latex and certified by GOLS, providing an ideal level of support, comfort, and pressure relief. Furthermore, this multi-layer mattress prevents your body from sinking into the mattress and keeps your spine in a natural shape

In a nutshell The PlushBed Botanical Bliss mattress is one of the best organic latex mattresses that give you customized luxurious comfort. The best feature is choosing mattress height and firmness level according to your sleeping positions. The Talalay plush comfort layer relieves your pressure and gives a comfortable and cooling good night’s sleep.

Ghostbed luxe mattress

- Made in USA
- The Coolest Bed in the World
- 7 Layers of Comfort

The coolest, supportive, durable, medium-plush, contoured mattress is suitable for back and side sleepers. 

The GhostBed Luxe mattress is the coolest mattress in the world and is suitable for hot sleepers (check the top rated cooling mattresses for hot sleepers). It comes with a Ghost Ice cover designed with phase-change material, which absorbs heat and gives you a cooling surface

It comes with 3-inch gel-infused memory foam that has the most comfort layers. So, the plush and cool surface contours your body, relieves pressure from your sore muscles and gives you body-hugging support and a comfortable sleeping experience. 

This GhostBed mattress comes with highdensity and durable base foam that keep your spine in a natural shape. Plus, distribute your body weight evenly for enhanced support. Additionally, it comes with medium-soft firmness that makes it more supportive

This base layer makes it a more durable and reliable mattress. You can enjoy contouring and luxurious comfort without sacrificing proper support. On the other hand, it is CertiPUR-US certified, so it is a suitable mattress for your children’s room too.

This GhostBed Luxe mattress is the best choice if you are a back or side sleeper. Side and back sleepers will love the sleeping feeling on this mattress through the night. The firmness level also helps to relieve pain in your hips, shoulders, and neck (check the best selling mattresses for shoulder pain). 

GhostBed also gives you multiple bedding accessories to enhance your comfort and support. Those accessories include luxury GhostPillows, memory foam topper, adjustable base (check 10 great mattresses for adjustable bed), all-in-one foundation, luxury pillowcase, GhostSheets, and GhostProtectors. 

Your purchase gives you a 101-night sleeping trial and a 25-year warranty. It has a 7-layer of comfort to make it a cool and cozy mattress without a sweat.

In a nutshell The GhostBed Luxe mattress is made with the coolest technology, making it the coolest mattress in the world. The hot sleepers would love to sleep and enjoy a more supportive, comfortable, and cool sleeping experience. It comes with medium-plush firmness, making it the best option for side and back sleepers.

Transformation hybrid by Diamond mattress

- Hotel quality mattress
- Highly breathable
- Pressure relief

A top-quality mattress that contours your body to get better sleep.

Diamond transformation hybrid mattress is one of the best mattresses in the world. The company manufactures high-quality and durable products for its customers. This mattress is available in three firmness options medium, plush, and firm, so choose wisely.

The Diamond mattress has great longevity and comes with a 20 years warranty. The manufacturer uses hyper-conductive sparkle foam that regulates airflow. It maintains a temperature that provides a natural and healthy surface.

If you are sleeping with your partner, it is a great option for you. The mattress is prepared with a zoned supportive system that minimizes motion transfer. This system improves body alignment by reducing pressure on the hip and shoulders.

The mattress is eco-friendly and suitable for people of all skin types people. The mattress material does not harm your health. It is safe to use because this mattress is certified with CertiPUR-US.

The Diamond transformation mattress is perfect for all types of adjustable frames. You can purchase good adjustable bed frames from Diamond Company to enjoy your sleep. These bed frames have multifunctional properties that enhance your sleep.

This mattress delivers superior edge comfort for entering, exiting, and sitting on the side of the mattress. Overall, this mattress is breathable and offers extra support and stability.

Furthermore, you can choose Diamond Graphite pillows for better sleep. It relieves pressure from the neck and shoulder and gives you pain-free sleep. As a result, you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the night.

This mattress is available on the market in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. You can buy the exact mattress according to your bed size. 

In a nutshell This Diamond Transformation Hybrid mattress has exclusive features to increase comfort. It contours your body and relieves pressure from pressure points. The 1000 micro coils create a natural environment for sleeping. You can get comfortable and luxurious sleep throughout the night.

Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress

- Organic cotton & Merino wool
- Hypoallergenic cover
- For all sleep positions

Great combination of comfort and support and is perfect for all sleeping positions.

The Leesa Hybrid mattress uses organic cotton that delivers a more welcoming surface for sleeping. The company uses 100% pure wool to maintain body temperature and keep you cool and clean overnight.

This hybrid mattress has two supportive layers. The first layer is high-density memory foam that offers a softer surface for sleeping. The second layer has pocket springs for edge-to-edge support.

These micro coils relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders. And makes you feel energetic throughout the night. The top memory foam layer offers medium-firm comfort with perfect hugs and bounce.

The cushioning of the mattress keeps your spine aligned and offers deep sleep. You wake up fresh and active in the morning.

The Leesa hybrid mattress is perfect for back and side sleepers. It provides great stability and prevents sliding on the bed while sleeping. You can purchase its foundation to support your mattress’s longevity. 

Furthermore, you can use luxury or branded bed sheets to create a softer surface for sleeping. These luxury bed sheets will increase bedroom beauty and give your bed a unique look. 

This hybrid mattress delivers the best relaxation and pleasant experience to you. It will give more support and stability than the Diamond Transformation Hybrid mattress (check the top rated hybrid mattresses). So, you can pick up the mattress and its bedding accessories to increase the comfort level.

All these classy features will take this mattress to the next level. The company gives 100-night trials to ensure it’s the right fit for you. Apart from that, a 10-year warranty will provide you with complete peace of mind.

The mattress is available in Twin to Cal King sizes with a different firmness. You should choose the right one according to your preference. 

In a nutshell This Leesa mattress is suitable for all sleepers. It provides great support to your body and helps to relieve pain. It will allow you to sleep comfortably throughout the night. The top mattress cover creates a cooling surface for better sleeping.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate

- HD memory foam
- Perfect level of all-night support
- Breathable materials

A highly durable mattress that reduces muscle stiffness and pain.

The Lux Estate mattress comes with pure memory foam. It will deliver a great comfort level to restless nights. 

The upper cover of the mattress is hypoallergenic and decreases allergy triggers. The cover is breathable and moisture-wicking and keeps you cool and in a good mood all night.

The Lux Estate Cassatt includes an innerspring that makes movement easy. Your sleep can not disturb by other bedmate motion, so nothing will hinder your sleep.

The mattress consists of copper air vents and elegant embroidery. It will give a sophisticated and unique look to your room. Memory foam supports your spine and back pain and decreases tension. This mattress is a great choice for people with joint and shoulder pain

You can add a mattress topper for more support and softness. It will protect your mattress from dust particles and ruining. Furthermore, this mattress topper will cuddle your every joint and make you feel pleased.

The mattress comes with 90 sleep trials and a 10-year warranty. This hybrid mattress is more affordable than the Leesa Hybrid mattress.

In addition, you can purchase other bedding accessories with this mattress for more luxury sleeping. The pillow top plush firm will enhance pressure relief. This mattress is carefully handcrafted by master craftsmen. They use high-quality materials to produce this classy mattress.

This mattress supports all body and sleep styles (check the top rated mattresses for light people). It will conform to your body and provides unlimited support during sleeping. You will remain fresh and calm all day.

In a nutshell This is one of the best hybrid mattresses that is great for all skin types. It will come with a combination of cooling and comfort layers to deliver complete alignment to your spine. The manufacturer gives 10 years warranty on their products.

Hästens Vividus Mattress

- Finest Natural Materials
- Traditional Craftmanship
- Ergonomic

The unique features of the mattress upgrade your lifestyle.

The Hastens Vividus mattress is prepared from different types of horse hair. A-Lyx horse and J-horse hair create a springier and firmer bed. In addition, these horse tail hair will make the mattress softer and spongy. 

The horse hair used in this bed is free from allergens and harmful bacteria. It is worth noting that horse hair is an organic material with anti-mite properties. All these properties will contribute to healthy and hygienic sleep.

The top cover of the mattress is made of pure cotton that allows air to circulate. It will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night. The company also uses wool that absorbs moisture from your body.

The wool can keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. So, you can stay healthy and sleep at just the right temperature. The wool fiber’s spring-like structure offers flexibility and stability during sleeping.

The company also uses flax in the mattress layer that removes static electricity from the body. It allows your body to remain comfortable and calm all night.

The Hastens frames are made of pine trees. It gives stability and strength to the Hastens mattresses. All the wood frames and headboards are certified with FSC

This Hasten Vividus mattress features Bonnell spiral system that reduces stress levels. It offers support to your body and relieves pressure from pressure points.

You can use a mattress protector to protect your mattress from children. It also helps to prevent dust and makes cleanliness easy.

In a nutshell The Hastens Vividus mattress is prepared from the finest material. The horse hair will make the mattress softer and more durable. It will offer better and more comfortable sleep throughout the night. The pocket spring system provides extra stability and longevity.

Hypnos Cypress Firm Mattress

- New Zealand natural Wool
- Advanced Steel Encased Coil design
- Outer tufting

A luxury mattress for a luxurious sleep.

The Hypnos Cypress Firm is a handcrafted British mattress designed for those who like a firmer sleeping surface. Every Hypnos mattress is handmade and manufactured from the finest natural components. This mattress includes no latex; thus, it is suitable for anyone allergic to latex.

This mattress composition contains cotton, a silk-wool blend, and New Zealand wool. In addition, the mattress is covered in the finest Belgian damask for a pleasant and calm sleeping surface.

New Zealand wool provides all-year comfort, regulates body temperature, and repels allergens. Soft cotton batting is airy and helps maintain body temperature and heartbeat. It also has soft support, good moisture absorption, and wicking qualities.

This luxury mattress features the innovative Q Spring® pocket technology with over 1,000 coils. They are zoned in the center third of the bed for added support where it is most needed. In addition, this high reactive super soft coil system tightens up as you apply weight to it. 

The pocket spring support adapts to the body to relieve pressure where needed. Three rows of enclosed coils provide the mattress’s resilience and long-term edge support. Hand tufting helps avoid sagging over the 20-year non-prorated guarantee.

To increase the look of your bed, use cozy earth bamboo sheets on this luxury mattress. This set is made entirely of bamboo viscose and feels smooth and soothing to the touch. 

In addition, the sateen weave of the fabric imparts a sheer gloss and an exquisite drape. The Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set is a beautiful choice for shoppers looking for a genuinely elegant solution.

Hypnos mattresses contain a chemical odor that lasts about a week. But it might be overpowering for you if you are sensitive to smells. So you must expose this mattress to air for some days before sleeping. 

In a nutshell This mattress is available in the size of TwinXL, Queen, and King. Hypnos mattresses last for many years if kept clean and well-maintained. Hypnos mattresses are economical and supportive without sacrificing comfort, allowing you a perfect night’s sleep.

Simmons Precious Diamond Mattress

- High resilience foam
- Natural luxury materials
- Floating sensation

A good mattress for spine alignment

Simmons Beautyrest is well-known for producing high-quality hybrid mattresses. The precious Diamond mattress is among the most sumptuous hybrid mattresses available. 

It is available in various firmness ranging from ultra-plush to medium. It implies that any soft mattress fan can choose a firmness that suits their needs.

Beautyrest’s InfiniCool cooling technology is used in the precious diamond mattress. An excellent bed covering, gel-infused foam, ventilated foams, and spring coils help hot sleepers keep cool.

The mattress contains Quallofil Dacron® wadding and hydrophilic and helical fibbers for increased ventilation and ultra-soft comfort. It has a great first contact, absorbs body pressure gradually, and its more extensive base works well with No Flip®.

The Twinsoft® suspension comprises two layers of pocket springs stacked on the other. The pocket coiled support system increases the durability of the mattress. The T2 Pocket Coiled support system has 9.5″ coils that provide targeted support. In addition, it indicates that your spine is perfectly aligned.

For extra comfort, three foam layers are present on these springy coils. The precious Diamond mattress offers enough cushion to ease pressure points with this much foam.

It provides excellent movement isolation due to thick foam sections and individually enclosed coils.

The precious diamond Mattress necessitates a robust, well-maintained base. Therefore, the DreamCloud Bed Frame is made entirely of heavy-duty steel. A powder coating protects the frame from accidental nicks, extending the bed’s longevity. In addition, you can choose between black and white frames to fit your bedroom design.

The precious Diamond mattress is appropriate for those weighing below 230 pounds. Heavier persons are more prone to have excess drooping at the hips, which can cause lower back pain.

In a nutshell This mattress is far softer than the standard mattress. With large foam layers, it’s ideal for side sleepers and anybody looking for more cushion. Back sleepers who like a soft bed would also benefit from this mattress.

Helix Midnight Luxe

- Great for side sleepers (and others)
- Good option for heavy people and couples
- Hotel standard

Helix midnight luxe provides a soothing sleep all night. 

The Helix Midnight Luxe is a luxury hybrid mattress with cooling and targeted support. The cushioned upper layer has a breathable TENCEL cover that increases ventilation to keep you dry.

The top layer is soft foam, contributing to the mattress’s cloud-like appearance and feel. There is a layer of Memory Plus Foam behind it. This material gives a gradual, pressure-relieving feel like memory foam mattresses.

A base of Gel Visco Foam supports these upper layers. As a result, it improves shaping and flexibility while also providing support to the body.

Between the comfort and support layers is a layer of high-quality polyfoam. It transitions you from the delicate top layers to the tougher base layers.

Pocketed coils serve as the Helix Midnight Luxe’s primary support layer. These help the body while maintaining the spine neutrally oriented. In addition, the center line of springs is firmer than those towards the head and foot. As a result, it helps support the lower back, avoiding back pain and aiding spinal alignment.

A layer of Duradense foam supports the coil layer. This dense foam supports the coils and keeps them from sinking into the bed frame

After unboxing, you may discover that Midnight Luxe has a solid off-gassing odor. But amazingly, the smell will disappear in a day or two after unboxing the bed.

Helix includes cleaning instructions to help you keep your mattress in good condition. One of the most important things is to cover it with a mattress protector.

Layla Full Encasement Mattress Protector offers comprehensive mattress protection. The six-sided zipper on this model allows you to encircle your mattress entirely. The waterproof backing of this protection is a thermoplastic polymer that wraps around the protector. 

The Helix Midnight Luxe has near-perfect cooling technology, making it a terrific alternative for overheated sleepers.

In a nutshell Mattress responsiveness is how well the bed responds to your motions. It is especially vital if you frequently switch positions or use your bed for sex (also check the best selling sturdy bed frames for active couple). The Helix Midnight Luxe’s coils make it springy and easy to move on.

Saatva HD mattress

- Hotel mattress
- Lifetime warranty
- One of the best on the market

Enjoy a restful sleep with this thick hybrid mattress. 

The Saatva HD is a hybrid focusing on heavier people’s performance and durability. The mattress is organic cotton and features a 3″ foam pillow top. Hand-tufted for outstanding durability, this cover connects every mattress layer.

Talalay latex is a sensitive substance that adapts to the body’s curves without hugging. Five density zones buffer pressure spots and support heavy body components (check 10 great mattresses for overweight people). In addition, this layer is quite airy, allowing for better breathability and keeping sleepers cool and dry.

High-density memory foam provides cradling and strain relief without being overly soft. A thin, elevated polyfoam protects the hips from touching steel coils underneath. This layer aids in coil stabilization and motion transfer, allowing couples to sleep peacefully together.

It has a coil system made of thick and durable 12.5-gauge recyclable coils. There is also an additional zone of strengthened wiring along the center for increased stability. With lumbar wire reinforcement, it’s one of the most remarkable mattresses for back discomfort.

Firm and durable foam covers the coils to strengthen the mattress and provide solid, comfy edges. In addition, this mattress design aids spinal alignment, which helps back pain sufferers (also check 10 great mattresses for back pain). 

You must pair this mattress with a Saatva adjustable base for more comfort. The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Platform is a versatile base with various flexible features. For example, you may control your favorite head-and-feet positions for resting, writing, or watching TV.

The Saatva has a higher initial cost but is a durable, premium mattress. Furthermore, it is composed of solid materials that last for many years.

In a nutshell The Saatva HD emits minimal to no off-gassing. For the first few hours after installation, you may notice a slight odor of the new mattress. Its design involves only a few foam layers that are the most typical off-gassing culprits. However, Saatva HD off-gases less than other hybrids and all other foam mattresses.

What is the Comfiest Mattress in the World?

As we have mentioned in the beginning, “comfortable” means something different to different people. Some people sleep on a contouring surface, while others prefer a flatter one. 

And then some people prefer the feel of memory foam but then sleep hot, so they go for innerspring. Couples look for less motion transferability if one partner moves a lot at night. In contrast, other couples look for more responsive surfaces for better sex. 

Some also prefer cheaper mattresses due to budgetary restrictions. But if you are looking for the most comfortable mattress in the world generally, you would have to go for the option that features luxury as its most significant factor. 

These mattresses offer medium to medium-firm configurations and are also highly breathable. You won’t have to deal with any off-gassing issues; of course, breathability is right up there due to the sheets and toppers they have. 

Therefore, you must choose a mattress with just the right option for you in terms of firmness configuration. Medium and medium-firm mattresses are the best for most sleeping positions and body weights. 

Suppose you sleep hot, use a gel-infused memory topper or a mattress that has this in its comfort layer. A latex comfort layer or mattress topper is another good option. In the end, if comfort is your highest priority, consider choosing a mattress that caters precisely to your sleep requirements.

What Mattress Do Celebrities Use?

Most celebrities prefer to sleep on a surface that makes a statement. So they prefer sleeping on a mattress that is made of environmentally-friendly materials. Celebs like Sandra Bullock and Eva Longoria prefer to sleep on eco-friendly mattresses. 

Celebs also prefer to sleep on mattresses that offer unique luxury. One such type of mattress is the Vividus mattress that hails from Sweden by Hastens, and it’s an expensive mattress (check the most expensive mattress in the world). 

This mattress is handcrafted with horse hair, and it is made of top-quality materials. Celebs like Kelly Osbourne and Angeline Jolie prefer to sleep on a comfortable surface like the Vividus. 

Some celebs prefer to sleep on mattresses constructed with detail and handcrafted to cater to their unique needs. For instance, Demi Moore and many others prefer Kluft Bed, and Hypnos Co develops that. This company also makes beds for the royal family in England. 

These mattresses might be expensive, but they do justice to all your money. They offer plenty of comforts, making them one of the comfiest beds in the world. 

Which is the Best Quality of Mattresses?

If the beds for celebs are too expensive for you to consider, you always have the option of lowering the bar in terms of price without compromising on quality and specs. 

If that is what describes you best, then some high-quality brands on the market also produce fine-quality mattresses at pretty good prices. 

PlushBeds and GhostBeds are two brands that you will find in the list of most comfortable mattresses in the world every time you search the internet. It is because these mattresses are made of quality materials, and they are made with modern technology. 

These beds will enable you to sleep on them with maximum comfort, and they will continue to perform for many years. 

These include comforters, mattress toppers, sheets, and pillows to make your sleep surfaces even more comfortable for you to sleep on. Therefore, you will be able to get the most out of your bed but not by spending like some celebrity. 

And the best part is that these mattresses are also available in different firmness levels, and you can also go for different sizes according to your preferences. Therefore, you can get all the customization you need in your sleep surface, and still, you are not spending as much as those celebs. 

What are the Three Top Rated Mattresses?

There are so many mattresses that are rated right at the top for various reasons. However, if you want luxury and premium quality, you should consider going for a Vividus mattress. 

And if you are looking for a quality handcrafted design that caters to your unique sleep requirements, Kluft Beds, developed by Hypnos Co, is the best option. 

Most hotels in North America go for mattresses that Serta Simmons Bedding develops. So, the mattress lines this brand offers are pretty good to consider. 

But two brands with high-quality mattresses available at pretty reasonable prices and with top-notch bedding accessories at good value too are PlushBeds and GhostBed. 

Which is the Best Mattress for Sleeping?

Different mattresses are suitable for different sleep requirements. For example, innerspring mattresses offer better support while memory foam provides that contouring and conforming feeling. But gel-infused or latex foams are better if you sleep hot. 

Of course, you also have to consider other factors like motion transferability, edge support, durability, and quietness. You must determine your preferences and look for a unique mattress that is just the right option for you. 

PlushBeds mattresses and GhostBed are one of the best available on the market, but there are so many other options that you can explore based on your budget and other specific requirements. 

What is the Most Luxurious Type of Mattress?

The most luxurious type of mattress is the Vividus mattress by Hastens. The Swedish brand makes this high-quality mattress using horse hair and other premium materials. 

This bed is extremely comfortable to sleep on and designed according to the user’s unique demands and sleep requirements. It is the most luxurious and excessive sleep surface in the world. 

Our Recommendation

You don’t have to be a royal or a celebrity to find the most comfortable mattress. However, you must determine your unique sleep demands and choose a mattress that caters to them pretty well. 

There are a variety of other brands you can also consider that can address your unique sleep requirements, and you don’t have to pay out half of your bank balance to get them.